Who Is Kim Michaels?

Kim Michaels is a prolific writer who has published over 50 books on mysticism, personal growth and esoteric spirituality. 

Kim has been on the spiritual path for more than 38 years and has studied a wide variety of spiritual teachings, has practiced many spiritual techniques and has been involved with several spiritual organizations. He has personally gone through every aspect of the path and writes from direct experience. 

Kim Michaels is an expert in the universal, mystical path beyond all outer religions, philosophies and gurus. He has a particular passion for the universal teachings of Jesus and how Jesus taught and demonstrated a mystical path to a higher state of consciousness.

Kim Michaels has conducted spiritual conferences and workshops in 14 countries and has counseled hundreds of spiritual students. He is also cohost of the weekly radio show Divine Love Talk on CRN. 

His books have been translated into 10 languages.

Kim started his own publishing company in 2002, www.morepublish.com.

Kim has since 2002 created and maintained websites that together contain the largest collection of free spiritual content available on the Internet. 


Two new books about evil

November 13-th 2014
Two new books about the origin and nature of evil are now available in the store. The ebooks are also available on Amazon and the Ibookstore: Psychology of Evil A profound treatment of the...

How to Communicate from the Heart

January 22-nd 2014
My latest book is off to a flying start. It is currently number 12 on the top 100 in Energy Healing and it is 23,000 overall in the Kindle store.

Two free kindle ebooks

November 17-th 2013
There is still time to get in on the Kindle campaign that runs for the rest of this week-end. You can download for FREE the following books:   Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus The Mystical...

Radio shows about Self-esteem book

October 24-th 2013
On the radio show Divine Love Talk we have now done three shows about my new book, The Spiritual Road to Self-Esteem.  You can find recording on the show HERE. You can find transcripts of all three...

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

October 06-th 2013
The teachings in this book have helped hundreds of thousands of people
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