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Topics: Spending Years Making Very Little Progress, Clearing Your Chakras

March 31, 2014

Parthenia:… Much of the information we’re going to be talking about today is coming from two of Kim Michaels’s latest books.  One is Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  And then, the second one on forgiveness, what’s the title?

Kim Michaels:It is: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

Parthenia:… So, let’s start out again with just basic 101 on chakras, Kim Michaels, because I think it’s important that we assume that people know nothing, absolutely nothing, about chakras.  Because I thought I knew a lot about it, until I read your book. …(3:10) But, I had never really put it all together on how important it was until I read your book.  So, I’d like for you to start out by telling the audience what the chakras do and why it’s so important to clear them.

Kim Michaels:Well, the basic is that we all have an energy field that surrounds the physical body and that in this energy field are certain centers that are called the chakras or chakras.  And it really means wheel or spinning discs.  And that’s probably because people who are clairvoyant can see the chakras as kind of a spinning wheel of energy.  And what the chakras are really, the openings whereby energy from your higher self reaches what we call the four lower bodies; which is your identity body, your mental body, and your emotional body, and then the physical body and the mind – for most people it’s the conscious mind.

So, really, the chakras are the openings, whereby creative energy comes into your lower being.  And without the chakras functioning well, you don’t really have the full creative energy that you could have.  And that’s why it’s so important to have them balanced, so that they can let the maximum amount of light through.

And that’s part of what the book you are talking about about clearing the chakras.  It is a workbook, where it contains a teaching about each of the seven major chakras.  And then, also, the eighth chakra, which is the secret chamber of the heart chakra.  And then, it has an exercise for clearing each of these chakras.  So, you give the exercise aloud and that’s helps invoke the energy that will clear the chakra of any blockages.

Parthenia:Well, I’d like for you to talk a lit bit about why it’s important to speak them out loud and power of the spoken word, because I’ve found that there is a lot of power in the spoken word.

Kim Michaels:Well, there is.  And you can say in a general sense, if you go all the way back through the various religious and spiritual traditions.  Almost all spiritual traditions use some kind of spoken prayer or chant or affirmation.  And even Genesis says that the first act of creation was that God said: Let there be light.  So there, the spoken word was the basis for creating something in the physical.

And basically, we have, of course, various ways whereby we can have energy come into our lower beings and direct that energy.  And some people can do this with their minds alone.  And they can just meditate and visualize.  But, many, many people, especially in the western world, if you are not used to meditating and visualizing; it’s very, very helpful to have a physical spoken ritual.  Where you are, first of all, using your voice, which is the power center; but it also gives you something to focus your mind on.  

And so, even if you are not so good at visualizing, which a lot of people are not used to.  And even if you find it difficult to meditate, because you can’t really concentrate; the spoken ritual actually gives you some structure for invoking energy.  And once you get over this initial resistance that a lot of people have to do something they are not used to, it’s like you said, you almost feel like it starts happening by itself.  You’re just sitting down and opening your mouth and then, it’s like you can feel the energy from your higher self flowing through the words.  And it is a very, very powerful experience.

Parthenia:… Well, I know that you’re absolutely right about – for someone like me – I’ve had so many problems with meditation and silencing the voice and all of the anxiety.  And I’ve had problems with the visualization.  And so, I know that for someone like me the spoken word helps quiet everything and I can focus on that.  So, I think for people that are more auditory that’s probably a more powerful method for moving ahead is sound.

Kim Michaels:Yes. It’s a very good place to get started.  Actually what you were saying with your own experience – I have met a lot of people – and I think it’s one of the things that goes with the territory.  Why are we spiritually interested?  It’s simply because we are more sensitive than most people are.  And the fact that we are more sensitive also means that it’s harder for us to meditate and concentrate and visualize, because our minds are more open to impressions coming from the outside.  And if we live in the west, especially if we live in or near a big city, there is a lot of inharmonious energy.  And it makes it much harder for us to quiet the mind.  And so that’s why, again, a spoken ritual.  You don’t need to quite the mind.  And it gives you a structure and it’s just a really, really good way to invoke spiritual energy.

Parthenia:  OK.  We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN.  I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant and I’m interviewing my co-host, Kim Michaels Michaels, joining us via Skype in Estonia about his book.  Give us the title again, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Heal yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Parthenia:… you’re not able to apply it in a meaningful way that makes changes in your life. … Until I went to Daniel and until I got your book, Kim Michaels; I didn’t understand that it was like pouring water into this big gaping hole and all of this information was just leaking out or not really getting through, because the chakras were not spinning properly and were not able to hold that light.  So I think, honestly, the chakra work is the work that everybody needs to do right now to get results.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, I agree.  That’s a very, very important foundation on the spiritual path.  And I can certainly recognize on my own 37 years that I have been on the path how easy it is to – you have this wonderful high experience, whether you go to a conference, or whatever you do, and then, you get back into your normal daily life and within a couple of day it’s like you’re right back where you were before.  And you’re wondering if you made any progress.

And you do see a lot of people who are very good at talking the spiritual game, but they haven’t really changed for ten or twenty years.  And the reason for that is partly, as you said, they haven’t really realized the need to clear the chakras so that they cannot just let light for a peak experience; but they can actually hold it on a daily basis.  And so you don’t have these ups and downs

And I have actually found that a lot of people – it’s like they want to live the spiritual lifestyle, but they really don’t want to look in the mirror and look at themselves and say: What is it I need to change in my attitude and my outlook on life?  And this very much ties in with the other topic we’re talking about with forgiveness.  Where it’s almost like you use the spiritual path as a way – you think that if you do these outer things, then you are automatically going to change.  But like you experienced yourself, you really are not going to change until you see something in yourself and overcome that.

Parthenia:… Now, Kim Michaels, in this half hour I’d like to talk specifically about which chakras we need to work on to prevent reactiveness and responding in anger, so that we can become more compassionate and forgiving.

Kim Michaels:Well, the primary one there is, of course, the solar plexus chakra, which is where most of us feel when we get upset.  When we are nervous, we feel the butterflies in the stomach.  And we can often even feel a physical pain there, if we are in a distressing situation.  So, that’s the primary one in order to calm your life down.

Each of the chakras corresponds to what the ascended masters call a spiritual ray.  And each of these rays – it’s a certain type of energy and it has certain qualities.  And the solar plexus chakra corresponds to the sixth ray of peace and service.  And so, what you really need to do to calm your solar plexus chakra is to invoke those energies.  And the way you do that is that you call to the masters who are the primary masters on the sixth ray and you invoke their energy.

The work that I’m doing is just that I’m being an open door for the ascended masters.  And what you do is that you don’t become a student of me, you become a student of the masters.  And you build your own inner relationship with the masters that doesn’t go through me at all.  So, you just use the tools that I have brought forth as long as you need them.  And then, hopefully, you get to a point where you can go on your own.

Parthenia:I do like the focus in all of your materials on going within and being independent and not following – we do need teachers on the path, but ultimately it is what you said.  It’s about becoming independent and developing a relationship with our higher self and with the ascended beings. … a Jehovah’s Witness came by.  … And we actually gave her a copy of your book, The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.  And she said that she would read it.  So, I just felt like – Wow - that’s a real sign of the times.  But, I also find that it very ironic that people who claim to be Christians; that they don’t seem to wrap their heads around a living Christ. That we can talk to and connect with on a higher level.

Kim Michaels:Well, the reason for that is that they are not quite ready to take responsibility for their own path.  And you have to look at humankind and see that we are on different levels of consciousness.  And you were talking about earlier, about how you do need a teacher.  And there is really a time on the spiritual path where you do an outer teacher, because you’re not yet ready to trust your intuition.  And maybe you haven’t cleared your chakras enough that you get clear direction from within.  And so you need an outer teacher.

But the thing is that if you are at the level of consciousness where many people are at, they actually – they don’t really want to follow a teacher, they actually want a teacher who tells them if you do a few simple outer things; then you’ll be saved and then you can live the way you want.  You don’t have to change your lifestyle and you don’t have to look at yourself.  You don’t have to look at the beam in your own eye, like Jesus told us we had to do.

And so, if you are at that point, that’s where people then often attracts to themselves a teacher who takes advantage of them in various ways.  And you have a lot of spiritual people who have had bad experiences with teachers or organizations.  And really, the way to deal with that is to look at yourself and say: why did I attract that situation?  And then, realize it’s because there is something you haven’t quite taken responsibility for, that you actually have to do something.

And you talked about earlier how you have many people who can’t understand that you put in so much work.  But, really, it’s a very simple path.  And Jesus even said it 2000 years ago in his parable about the talents, that if you bury your talents in the ground; there is nothing for God and the masters to multiply.  It’s the energy and the effort that you put into it, that’s what they can multiply.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And I’m finding you do get results when you are willing to do the work and you can figure out what questions to ask and even give yourself permission to ask for help.  I know for the longest I just didn’t know how to ask for help or that we could ask for help, because I kept confusing it with: OK, but we have free will and then, they can’t interfere with free will.  And so if I ask them for help, then am I actually inviting someone to interfere with my free will.  And it took a while for me to figure out that: But if I’m asking for help, they’re not interfering.  

Kim Michaels:Right, but there’s a trick there though with the asking for help, because I remember I was confused about the exact same thing.  And what we have to realize is that sometimes with our conscious minds we are in a situation that is unpleasant and we just want to get out of that situation.  And so, we ask for help: Please God, help me get out of this.  But, what we don’t realize is that we created that situation through something in our own consciousness.  And if we are not willing to look at that, then the ascended masters can’t actually help us; because that would be interfering with our free will if they took away the outer condition.  Because how would we learn our lesson then?  

Parthenia:Right.  So, it is very tricky.  And I know that that’s why I’ve always had a problem with asking for help.  And yet, at the same time, there’s a fine line between thinking that you have to do it all by yourself and you have to go it alone; and then, learning to rely on divine assistance and your higher self.  And that has been very, very tricky for me.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, but, you can always ask for help in terms of getting more clarity, getting more insight, getting more understanding of the situation.  And you can especially ask for help for: What is I need to see?  What do I need to learn from this situation?  There’s never anything wrong with that.  Because, really, as the masters also say, that once you are trapped in a certain perception filter; you really can’t get out of it, unless you get some impulse from outside to help you see that there is a different way to help you look at things than what you have done so far.

Parthenia:… And what I’ve found is that whenever I get an answer that makes me feel good inside and that makes me feel more peaceful and that makes me feel relieved; then I know that I’m in alignment with source energy and the divine and I can act on that.  But, whenever I get an answer that makes me feel more anxious or less at peace; then I can pretty much be rest assured that that’s my ego trying to confuse the situation.

Kim Michaels:And that is the very best way to deal with this, what you’re saying.  I think many people, who have been on the path for a long time, have discovered the same thing.  You can even almost develop the ability to read the energy.  Does it raise your energies, or does it lower your energies?  Especially, if you tune into your heart center in the center of your chest, your heart chakra; you can feel there does it go up or down in vibration.

And what I generally tend to do is I will keep asking questions about what I haven’t seen until I get to that point where I get an insight where it’s like there’s no – the outer mind isn’t arguing with it, reasoning with it.  It’s just clarity.  And then, when you have the clarity, you don’t actually have to make a decision to act on it; because now you are spontaneously acting upon it, because you have resolved the issue that you needed to resolve.

Parthenia:… Because a lot of the times we get in our own way by wanting to rush things.  And I’m really learning patience with this whole process.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, you have to be patient with yourself.  And you, also, have to see that in our society, in our western society, we are exposed to an enormous amount of energies and projections against us that really have the purpose of stirring up the three lower chakras, the ones below the heart chakra.  Because, once you have – if you have a really tumultuous situation in your solar plexus chakra; you can’t really receive accurate inner direction and intuition.

And so, once you calm down the three lower chakras and calm down your heart chakra, somewhat; then you can start working on the three higher chakras.  And the one in the center of the forehead is called the third eye chakra.  And that is the seat of your vision.  So, in order to get accurate intuition, you have to clear that chakra.  And then, of course, the crown chakra at the top of the head is the seat of understanding.  And when you start clearing those chakras, you get much more accurate intuition and inner direction.  But, you can’t really do that until you’ve cleared the lower chakras.

Parthenia:So, now, in terms of feeling like a victim and feeling powerless, I know that whenever we go into this victim mode or we feel powerless, we literally open ourselves up to negative energy; because it’s sort of like an invitation.  And what is the connection with the heart chakra, or is it the throat chakra that’s connected with us feeling like a victim or feeling powerless?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, it can be both.  But, primarily the throat chakra, because that’s our power center.  And, of course, nothing is more disempowering than feeling like a victim.  You are basically – it’s just like I talked about, if people are not ready to take responsibility for themselves and their own growth; then they actually want to be in the victim consciousness.  Because then, you have the perfect excuse.  Oh, there’s nothing I can do.  What can I do?  I don’t know anything.  I’m just a human being.  I’m powerless.

And then, you are always waiting for some external savior to come and do it for you.  And what the ascended masters are doing, they are actually primarily working with people who have gone beyond that stage and said: No, I want to take charge of my life.  And that’s why they give us these tools that actually empower us.  And once you start clearing these chakras, and especially clearing the throat chakra, you will take back your power.  And that’s another reason why the spoken prayers are beyond any doubt, the most powerful way to clear throat chakra.  Because it is your power center and it is your speech center.

So, when you are using a spoken affirmation, it really clears that chakra.  And it’s amazing how that can give you this sense that you are no longer powerless.  And it’s just like you said, you know you have the tools.  And so, even though you still can feel that there is energy coming at you from the world; you realize that you can actually rise above it.  You can actually make yourself immune to it, really.  You can build a spiritual immune system.

Kim Michaels:Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  And the e-book is available only on Kindle right now.  But, the printed book can be bought in - any bookstore can get it home, if they don’t have it in stock.

Parthenia:And I might let people know.  My daughter bought me a Nook and I didn’t know that there was an ap where if you have a Nook, you can also download Kindle products.  So, you don’t have to have two of those e-book products.  And I’m just so excited.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, and the same with an i-pad.  You can also read Kindle on i-pad.

Parthenia:…   And we’ll talk more on forgiveness next week, Kim Michaels.  Thank you for joining us on Divine Love Talk.

Kim Michaels:Sounds good.


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