Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid

September 29, 2014 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: none

Topics: Kim Michaels’s new book Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.  

Parthenia:OK, welcome and I’m delighted to be back with you today, along with my co-host Kim Michaels, joining me to discuss some topics that I found pretty fascinating in his new book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.  Welcome, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels: Thank you.

Parthenia:  OK.  Kim Michaels, I’m loving this book.  And it’s very deep and very profound and I’m resonating with it on a lot of levels.  And I think that the audience – I chose a few topics today that we could discuss, relating to kind of piggy backing off of what we talked about last week about evil and its existence on the planet.

Kim Michaels: Right.

Parthenia:So, some of the questions we’re going to be covering for the audience today is: Is it really possible to banish evil from the earth?  That’s one that we’ll be covering in this hour.  We also are going to look at the covert plans of the dark forces on the planet.  And we’re going to be asking: Will God save this planet from evil?  And is it even possible to banish evil from the planet?  And I also want to look at the earth as a way-station, this whole concept of the earth as a way-station.  So, hopefully we can cover all of this in this hour, Kim Michaels.

So, let’s start with the big question.  When you look at what’s going on around the world, the wars and the protests, and the whole concept of ISIS being composed of people from all over the world, and so, you can’t really contain this possible threat.

Kim Michaels: Right.

Parthenia:Because you can’t put it in a border.  It has no borders.  So, this whole concept – I know that a lot of people are probably wondering – and especially people in different religious sectors really believe that God will save this planet from evil.  So, let’s start with that question, Kim Michaels, as covered in your book.  Will God save this planet from evil?

Kim Michaels: Well, God will do so; but only through us.  Because we are the ones who have the authority over this planet.  This is a common misunderstanding that actually comes from the traditional religions, where it’s all portrayed that God is the all-powerful being up there.  And so, you get yourself in a philosophical bind when you say that God is all-powerful.  If you actually look at it historically, there has been a lot of discussion among theologians and among religious people and non-religious people about the whole question of evil and the existence of evil and how God fits in.  Because if God is almighty and at the same time good, then how do we explain evil?

Parthenia:  Yeah.

Kim Michaels: If God is almighty, shouldn’t he be able to remove evil.  And if he hasn’t done so; that means he can’t be all good?  Right?


Kim Michaels: And if God is good, he should want to remove evil.  But, since he hasn’t done so, he cannot be all-powerful.


Kim Michaels: And the solution to this, to me, is the most philosophically satisfying I’ve ever come across is from the ascended masters.  And they say that yes, God is almighty; but God has given his almighty powers away, at least temporarily, for the earth.  Because we, who are in embodiment, have been given free will.  And we have been given very, very wide orders for out-playing that free will; so that we can, hopefully, choose not to do some of things we still see being done here on this earth.  And that’s why God won’t just come in, because we make a prayer.

Parthenia:  Yeah.

Kim Michaels: What we actually have to do is we have to identify – It was actually interesting what you said about ISIS.  You can’t really define them.  Where are they from?


Kim Michaels: And this is what we tend to do with evil.  We tend to want to say: Evil is that group of people, who’s doing this and they live there.  And now that we have identified them.  Now, we think we can destroy them.


Kim Michaels: But, the reality is that evil is a state of consciousness.

Parthenia:  Right.

Kim Michaels: And a particular manifestation of evil that we see in the physical will not be removed from the earth until a critical mass of people transcend that state of consciousness.  That’s the equation.

Parthenia:Well, I’m following you on this.  And I’m looking at the huge epic drama that is unfolding and I’m just specifically talking about ISIS right now, because that’s on a lot of people’s minds.  And, of course, the Middle East and the protests that are taking place against Palestine and Israel, simultaneously. …  Because God seems to always get given this bad wrap of: Well, Why isn’t God going to do something?  And you’ve got people on one side of the equation saying: Well, I’m going to do nothing, because I’m just going to put it in the hands of God and let God take care of it for me.  And then, you’ve got people that get caught up in the epic drama of: I’m going to save the world and I’m going to crusade and save the people and save the earth.  And I wanted to talk about - 

Kim Michaels: Or, destroy the evil people.

Parthenia:Yeah.  Or even destroy it.  And I want to talk about how these dramas kind of play right into exactly what the dark forces want us to do.  Could you explain what the covert agenda is for creating war and chaos and drama on the planet?  So that people will get that there is a big drama being out-played.

Kim Michaels: Yeah.  Well, if you go back to what I said; in a particular manifestation of evil is actually an out-playing of a certain state of consciousness.  There is a law of God.  There is a law called the law of free will.

Parthenia:  Right.

Kim Michaels: And this law defines the boundaries for what the inhabitants on a particular planet are going to be allowed to do with their free will.  And it’s almost unlimited.  So, until we demonstrate that we no longer want a certain state of consciousness on this planet; God will not step in.  And so, what the dark forces want to do is they want to keep us from identifying, keep us from seeing that state of consciousness and transcending it.  They want to keep us trapped in it.  And the epic dramas you were talking about – their primary goal is really to get us to fight each other, so that we always identify evil as outside of ourselves.  Never looking at it inside of ourselves.  Never identifying it as a state of consciousness.  But, we always project that it’s other people that are causing this.

And that’s what you can see out-played in ISIS.  I mean, what are they doing?  They are always projecting: It’s the others that are at fault.  And therefore, it’s justified that we kill them.

Parthenia:Of course.  And so, I’m kind of thinking we are being given an opportunity to look at our fears and our projections as we watch the epic dramas unfold around the planet.  Because, that whole concept of Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid – I think that we drink a lot of Kool-Aid here on earth, in terms of giving our power away to governments, to dictators, to authority figures.  And asking them to fix the world for us, to fix the problems for us.  And then, that way, we don’t have to take responsibility for anything.  So, we’re afraid of evil.  We’re afraid what the dark forces are doing and can do to us.  

But, at the same time we don’t want to deal with what’s inside of us – the fears and the reactiveness that’s inside of us that is pulling us into these epic dramas.  And I can certainly testify firsthand how I have allowed myself to get pulled into these epic dramas.  And I want nothing more than to do my part, as one person, to be willing to look at myself and heal these dramas inside of myself.  Because if you look at Gandhi or any of the great leaders, they all lead you within.  And they tell you that if you want to save the world, you’ve got to begin with saving yourself.

Kim Michaels: Sure.  Yeah, that is exactly what they do.  And they demonstrate that they have been willing to wrestle with this in themselves.  I mean Gandhi is a good example of a person, who - even if you watched this old movie about Gandhi, which is a wonderful movie to watch.  It gives you a good impression of how he was willing to look at himself all the time and the inconsistencies in his beliefs and those kind of things.  And I think what you are saying about why we want our leaders to take care of evil is I think we are afraid, but we also feel powerless.  And the fact is we only feel powerless because we don’t know what to do.  And we only feel that way because we don’t understand the problem.  And, of course, the problem with evil is it is so good at hiding and camouflaging itself.  But, when you see it; it’s exactly like the process you’ve been going through.  When you do see it, you realize you don’t have to fight evil to overcome it.  You simply have to transcend the consciousness behind it.

Parthenia:Right.  And I want to talk a little bit more about how you talked in the book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid, about how the dark forces want us to think that when we’re confronted with evil; that we only have two choices.  Would you tell the audience what those two choices are that we think are the only ones that we are presented with?

Kim Michaels: Well, we either submit or seek to run away or we fight evil.

Parthenia:  Yeah.

Kim Michaels: If I remember correctly.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And I think that that is the real problem is that if we go along to get along … and then they seek to get you to do the same thing.  … And so, you’ve got a huge mass of people that have drank that Kool-Aid.  They’ve said: ”OK, I don’t want any problems; so I’m just going to let you control me.  I’m going to let you abuse me.  I’m going to try to figure out how I can get along with you.”  And then, you have another element that says: ”No, I’m going to save the people or I’m going to try to save the planet from all of this.”  And certainly I got caught up in that at the school, thinking that I could save the students and save the good people over there from the reign of terror of the dark forces that were running the place.  And neither one of those work.  You become  - If you submit, then you become a slave and you give away your freedom.  

Kim Michaels: Right.

Parthenia:… But, at the same time, trying to fight them, beat them at their own game; it’s a never ending drama.  And that’s exactly what they want you to do, is to stand up and oppose them.  So, when we come back after commercial break, I want to go further into how we can go further into how we can empower ourselves and help remove evil from this planet.


Parthenia:…In this segment, Kim Michaels, I wanted to talk about the concept of earth as a way-station for those who have not overcome the use of violence, force and control over others.  We’ve already established, previously, that God has given control of this planet earth to the free will of the inhabitants of the planet.  And you’ve also established that it is the beings in embodiment on earth who must set things right by embodying the Christ consciousness.  And we’re going to talk more about that in the last half hour.  But, this concept of earth as a way-station - how does that play into the out-picturing of the evil and the violence that we see on this planet and the inhabitants of the earth feeling so overwhelmed by the epic dramas?

Kim Michaels: Well, first of all, we’ve been given a very naive and inadequate picture of both the earth and cosmos as we grew up. 

Parthenia:  Exactly.

Kim Michaels: Whether we have listened to a traditional religion or scientific materialism; it doesn’t really matter.  The reality is, of course, as we know from the universe; we live in a cosmos that is huge.  I mean absolutely enormous.  


Kim Michaels: And planet earth is not the center of the universe.  It’s just one small planet among millions of planets with intelligent life.  And the vast majority of these planets have long ago transcended the kind of consciousness that allows violence.  They are completely violence free.  They are in an upward spiral where everybody is together building an upward spiral.  But see, because of what I said earlier, free will has to be allowed to out-play itself.  There is a small number of planets, where the consciousness, the collective consciousness is still so low that violence is possible.  And planet earth happens to be one of these planets, which it would have been nice if we had been told somewhere in our education so we knew what kind of a planet we are on and can prepare ourselves and can understand why this is allowed.  And, as I said, it is the consciousness of the people.

And a concept I find helpful here is you can divide the population of earth up in three groups.  There is what the ascended masters call the top 10%, the 80% in the middle and the bottom 10%.  And the top 10%, it doesn’t mean that they are superior; but they have the highest level of consciousness, meaning that they have freed themselves from the worst forms of violence in reality.


Kim Michaels: And, of course, the bottom 10% have not done that.  They are still trapped in what you call the dramas.  And they are always fighting somebody and they are always identifying evil as outside themselves.  They are very aggressive, very domineering.  So, they have a tendency to take over, especially to become dictatorial leaders.

Parthenia:  Um-hum.

Kim Michaels: So, the question for earth really is will the 80% of the population follow the top 10% or the bottom 10%?

Parthenia:And that’s it, isn’t it?

Kim Michaels: That’s really what decides where earth is going.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And you know when you make it simple like that: it really, I think, helps people understand that they do have a choice other than submitting or fighting.  That they can actually work on raising their consciousness to the level where they quit drinking the Kool-Aid that is poisoning their thinking and step into the truth about who we really are.  We’re designed to be co-creators with God.  … So, when we come back in the next half hour, Kim Michaels, I want to focus on how we, the 80% and the top 10%, can help remove evil from the planet.  It is possible. …


Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, in this half hour we’re going to give the audience ways that they can help to remove evil from this planet.  But, first let’s start out and reiterate some of the basic facts about life on earth.  We’ve already established that this is a free will zone and that in a free will zone we cannot expect God to save us.  We’re here as co-creators with God and we create our own reality.  And therefore, God is not going to come in and interfere with that free will, unless we ask.  So, you pointed out that we have the authority over ourselves.  We’ve given our power away, so we can ask for help; but we cannot expect God or any of the ascended beings to come in and interfere with that.  Am I correct?

Kim Michaels: Yes, that’s true.  Free will works in this way.  If we have a desire to out-play a certain state of consciousness, even if we are not aware of what we are doing; we are allowed to out-play it until we have hopefully have had enough of it.  But, we are never just left without direction from above, from the ascended masters, who are our universal spiritual teachers.  And so, there’s two ways we can learn on earth.  It’s called the school of higher direction, which is that we accept what is coming from above.  Or it’s called the school of hard knocks, which is that we keep out-playing the same thing over and over again until we have, finally, had enough.

Parthenia:  Yeah.  And hopefully we are getting to that tipping point, where, as I look at the epic dramas unfolding and I see the people protesting and rising up against evil; I see that as sort of a necessary step in the right direction of taking your power back.  And eventually getting to the point where you go within and own the fact that you are co-creating this reality and that it’s continuing to exist because you are giving your power away you’re reacting to the dark forces.

So, going back to the basic facts about life on earth.  We also have to acknowledge, as we talked about last week, that there are fallen beings on this planet, who have what we have named an evil agenda, that evil does exist on this planet.  And there is still a lot of denial about that.  And because of that denial people aren’t willing to accept that these dark forces aggressively and deceptively have crated schemes that are aimed at forcing us to react to them.  Now, this is coming from your book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.  

And you pointed out that any way that we react to the dark forces, that this will tie us to the dark forces and to their schemes and it will suck us into this downward spiral that can cause us to lose control of our life, our free will, our vision and our relationship with God.  And I think I want to point out that a lot of the fallen consciousness is embodied in people that we work with, family members, loved ones.  It’s not just the big – people kind of want to think it’s the devil that is just this big entity out there.

Kim Michaels: Right

Parthenia:So, could you elaborate on that aspect again about reacting to the fallen consciousness.

Kim Michaels: Yeah.  We have to really understand and really grasp this.  Evil is a state of consciousness.  And any time we identify evil with specific people, we are actually starting to react to evil.  Because the underlying scheme, as we talked about earlier with the epic dramas, is they just want us to fight each other.  And this is unfortunately a very, very sinister plot.  Because what the evil forces that are beyond the physical level will do, is that they will seek to use people in embodiment to attack you.  And then, you are forced to face these people with: What do I do, now?  And most people will instinctively either run away from danger or defend themselves, the fight or flight syndrome.

And what did Jesus come to tell us 2000 years ago?  He came to demonstrate that there is an alternative to the fight or flight.  And it is: “Turn the other cheek.”  It is the only way that you are going avoid entangling yourself with the fallen consciousness and the fallen beings.

Parthenia:That’s a tough one.  Well, I’m going to tell you Kim Michaels - 

Kim Michaels: This is really what Jesus told us, if you understand the essence of his message.  It’s the only way we can avoid this.

Parthenia:  OK, so, let’s talk about why most people find it so difficult to turn the other cheek.  And what does that really mean to turn the other cheek?  So I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from it and then, I want you to elaborate on it.  From my experience, you have to develop a high level of humility.  And you also have to surrender to a higher power in a situation where you’re under attack.  Because when you’re under attack, you’re whole sense of self and your pride in yourself says: “Well, turning the other cheek means that I’m a coward.  It means that people are going to laugh at me and people are going to think that I’m just a wimp.”  So how do you address that when people say well, if I turn the other cheek, then I’m just being a doormat?    

Kim Michaels: So, would you say Jesus was a coward and a door mat?

Parthenia:I wouldn’t say that at all.

Kim Michaels: No, most people wouldn’t, right?  So, what is the sense in making that you are a doormat for doing what Jesus told you to do?

Parthenia:OK.  I like that.

Kim Michaels: If you call yourself a Christian and you’re doing what Jesus told you to do, how does that make you a doormat unless it makes him a doormat, as well?  It’s just an inconsistency.  What Jesus was really saying between the lines, which he couldn’t really explain l back then, because people weren’t ready to understand it; is that you have to look at your priorities.  And if you understand what kind of a planet you are on, like you just said.  There are fallen beings here.  There are fallen beings in embodiment.  There’s an entire elaborate deception going on to try to pull us into a reactionary pattern.

You see the law of free will – it’s like the physical law of action and reaction - it’s what in the east they call karma.  If somebody hits you and you strike back.  Yes, the other person made karma for hitting you.  But, you still make karma for striking them back.  And that means you get involved in a negative spiral with these people.

Parthenia:  That’s the truth.

Kim Michaels: So, what Jesus was saying is – Jesus said: “What is that to thee?  Follow thou me.”  Because if you want to attain what he came to offer, namely the Christ consciousness, which is the inner kingdom of God, a higher state of consciousness, where we are free from all this conflict – If you want to attain that, you have to do what he said.  Turn the other cheek.  Do not involve yourself in these negative spirals, by fighting other people.

Parthenia:Wow.  It’s such a clever plan that they came up with, because there’s something instinctive in our nature that wants to fight back.

Kim Michaels: Yes.  And what the ascended masters have actually taught is that there are two main groups of fallen beings on the earth.  There are the lower ones, which are the very aggressive one.  These are the ones that you would normally call evil.  There the ones like Hitler or like Osama Bin Laden, who goes out and aggressively attacks somebody, violates their free will, violates their peace.  Then, there are the deceptive fallen beings, who now come in and say: “These people represent evil and it is God’s will that we fight them and destroy them from the planet.  And therefore, you should follow us.”  So, in our attempt to get away from the aggressive, we make ourselves followers of the deceptive ones.

Parthenia:Right.  So, it’s like there’s a catch 22 there that they keep coming with: Well, if you don’t follow us this way, we’ll find another way that we’re going to get you to react to us.  But, at the end of the day, what I learned in terms of distinguishing when I’m being manipulated and when I’m being deceived by someone in the fallen consciousness is my gut reaction to what they’re saying to me and whether what they’re saying to me puts me in a state of peace about the situation or if it gets me agitated.  Could you add anything to help the audience with their discernment about when they’re being manipulated or pulled into a downward spiral?

Kim Michaels: Yeah.  I mean, it’s a very good measurement you said.  Are you at peace with it or not.  I usually say – I’ve gotten to the point where if I focus my attention on my heart, not my physical heart, but my chakra, my heart center; I can feel whether something raises the energy or lowers the energy.  I believe most people can very quickly, especially spiritual people, can very quickly train themselves to just place attention on your heart.  And if something happens to you, or even if you are reading a book and you’re presented with an idea; you can center in your heart and you can sense does this pull you up or does this pull you down?  And that’s a very, very good measurement on it.

Parthenia:  OK.  Because so many people come to me and they’re being pulled into downward spirals in their personal relationships with family members or their partners and I think those are the situations where you are most vulnerable.  And, of course, the third one is on the job.  Because you’re very vulnerable if you’re working in a place where you’re being pulled into confrontation and downward spirals, because you feel like your survival is being threatened there.  So, it’s really, really important that we give these skills, or these tools for people to discern …

Kim Michaels: Yeah, definitely.  And we have talked about it before on this show, about how Gautama Buddha was tempted by the demons from Mara, the dark forces.  And they were just trying to get him to react to them in some way.  And if he had done that, he couldn’t have gone into Nirvana.  And Jesus taught very much the same thing with slightly different words.  But, there is again this: If you react and allow yourself to be pulled into these patterns of fight or flight; then you’re not helping your own personal spiritual growth.  And that’s why Jesus said: “Leave all this behind.  Follow me.  If you’re willing to lose your life for my sake.”  It doesn’t mean losing your physical life.  It means losing your identification with all these outer personal things.  Jesus was actually saying: Depersonalize your life, because then they can’t get you to react.

Parthenia:Right.  What would you say to someone, who is living with, let’s say a parent, or a sibling, who is embodying the fallen consciousness and they’re constantly creating personal dramas at home that are specifically designed to pull you into a confrontation with them?  … So, what advice would you give when you’re dealing with that?

Kim Michaels: Well, I’ve also known people in my life who wanted to start an argument.  And it wasn’t really about anything in particular.  There was an argument.  And after the argument had been going on for a certain time and all of a sudden it was over.  There wasn’t any resolution.  And what I came to understand many years later was that these people are actually being controlled by certain dark forces that want to steal your spiritual energy.


Kim Michaels: And when the dark forces have had enough, when they’re full; then, the argument is over.

Parthenia:  (Laughter.)  I’ve seen that.

Kim Michaels: Their purpose was fulfilled for now.  A couple days later or a week later a new one would start, but it’s not – but at least for the time being.  So, there’s no logical reason for this and that’s why you can’t argue with it.  You can’t reason this.  And that’s what you have to realize.  This is all a power game, where somebody is trying to force and manipulate you into basically releasing your spiritual light.  Because when you go into an argument, you are releasing spiritual light.  You’re mis-qualifying it as anger energy and that’s what the dark forces can lap up and then they get full of it.  You just have to learn to see some of these patterns here.  And then, you realize: I don’t want to do this anymore.  And then you either have to stop reacting or you have to simply say: I’m going to remove myself from this person.

Parthenia:OK.  Alright.  You know what it reminded me of was my favorite movie about the ego and how to deal with dark forces.  This is a Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Statham called, Revolver.  And in this scene where he’s fighting with his ego in the elevator, he’s very, very calm and he looks at his ego and he says: “I’m on to you.  You are not me.”  And it’s so calm.  I really recommend to the audience that you rent that movie, Revolver, the Guy Ritchie movie and check out those ego scenes in there; because it will be very helpful to you in not reacting to the dark forces. …


Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, in wrapping this up I think it’s helpful to remind people of the kind of planet that they are living on.  So, would you remind the audience of what the deal is here?

Kim Michaels: Well, the deal is that planet earth is one of the few planets left in the cosmos, where people are being allowed to out-play violence and aggression against others.  And those of us who are spiritual people are here to help the earth transcend that level of consciousness.  But, we can only do this if we transcend that state of consciousness in ourselves, first.  And you were talking about the movie, Revolver, before break.  There’s another movie, if people are out renting a movie, anyway, called Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.  And it really shows how he starts out.  It’s a good example of what you were talking about.  He was totally caught up in reacting to everybody.  He was totally playing this game all the time.  And then, by coming back over and over again, he transcends it.  And he ends up being, actually, a very good role model of somebody who is just out to help other people and do the right thing and doesn’t react to anything.

Parthenia:  I love that movie.

Kim Michaels: Yes.  It’s just great.

Parthenia:OK.  So, I think both of those movies would be very helpful to the audience to check out; as would be the Peaceful Warrior.  Because it also helps you look at the ego dramas and how you can take out the trash in your mind that is attracting the dramas.  Now, let’s also remind the audience, Kim Michaels, will God save this planet from evil?

Kim Michaels: No.  Well, God will; but only through us when we give God the authority.

Parthenia:God has the power, but we have the authority.  And we do have to give the authority to God and to the ascended beings to help us transcend this consciousness.  And we do need to reach a critical mass of people, who have freed themselves from being controlled or reacting to the dark forces.  And I know, Kim Michaels, your website and your books have really, really helped me become consciousness of when I am reacting from a place of anger or fear or negativity; versus love, which love is compassionate and understanding.  And from that place of being the observer, of observing that: OK, this is a drama that someone is out-picturing and I don’t have to participate in it.  Does that make sense?

Kim Michaels: Yeah, absolutely.  I mean you were talking about a little bit earlier how the dark forces want us to either submit to them and then you become a slave; or they want us to fight them.  But, the fact is you actually also become a slave when you fight them.  And that’s what you are saying.  You’ve learned to see that when you stay in that neutral zone, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily passive.  That’s the thing.  Jesus wasn’t passive and it’s very important to understand that.  But it just that you have to first be completely neutral before you can take the kind of actions that will actually improve things.

Parthenia:  OK.  Well, we’ll be back next week, Kim Michaels, discussing more concepts from your book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.  And in the mean time I think that was good advice that you gave, Kim Michaels, that sometimes you got to get out of the situation.

Kim Michaels: Yes.

Parthenia:I definitely had to do that for myself.  So, thank you for joining us on Divine Love Talk.  I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.  And thank you, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels: Thank you.

Parthenia:My co-host, Kim Michaels for joining us on Divine Love Talk on CRN.


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