Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid, Part 4

November 16, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Richard Bartlett, personal physician to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant

Ascended Master: Guru Ma

Topics: New forward to Kim’s 2014 book Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid channeled from Guru Ma.

Parthenia:(Very beginning not recorded.) It was sort like when I read The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, I kept reading it over and over and over and Baird just didn't give us any kind of clear-cut path to how we could do it. I just knew that it was possible. And when this book did it, I was just blown away. But, I was also blown away by Elizabeth Clare Prophet's candor and honesty about her own mistakes and what she learned from them. So, I think that that was very, very powerful and valuable to everybody on the path. To read that book and learn the humility and to know that everything that happens, there's a learning curve involved.

Richard:She was very clear in that book. And she was very clear with me. She spoke to me like that, actually. We were not just doctor-patient or guru-chela, but we were actually friends. And I spent probably more time with her than almost anybody for eight years. And so, I knew her extremely well. And she told me many private things that she talks about in that book.

Parthenia:Oh, Wow. Because, the information that she gave to us in hindsight in that book; I felt like that was something that you could only gain after the fact.

Richard:She knew a lot – she would admit to me things. But, she was kind of trapped by the organization. She was trapped by the expectations of the guru-chela relationship and all the people's projections on her. And her own psychology, as she so clearly states there.

Parthenia:And that was very, very powerful. Kim, I want to bring you in; because with a lot of the other books that you've done, in particular the ones that Jesus has dictated. He talks a lot about the importance of us healing our wounded psychology and this book definitely addresses that.

Kim Michaels:Yes, I think it is an amazing book; because, as you said, she is so direct and down to earth practical. And you said she is humble, but I actually feel it's not even really humility as opposed to pride. It's beyond that dualistic polarity, because she's just so straight forward. And what I realized when I took the dictations for that book is that that is just the way it is when you ascend. You've got nothing to hide. There are no games you are playing anymore.

Parthenia:Right. Yeah. Isn't that beautiful?

Kim Michaels:It is. It's amazing.

Parthenia:Because on the spiritual path I see that a lot, where people feel like: “Oh, there's this persona that they have to assume, because I'm so spiritual, now. And I can only act a certain way and talk a certain way.” And they're overly concerned about how other people perceive them. And I realized acutely from reading her book – And watching other people in all these different organizations (she list several) trying to get away from that in organized religion of being put in a box. And it was still there in that respect. So, I really like her talking about that in the book.

Kim Michaels:And I definitely feel it. When I was in her organization, which I was for a number of years, at least 15, 16 years. And I lived in Montana, where they had their headquarters for 10 years. And I very much felt that there was a certain outer almost like a mold you had to fit into, like there is in any organization, really, whether it's spiritual or not. And it was not until I took these dictations from her that I think I was freed from it, myself.


Kim Michaels:Because it was like I just realized how she had moved on. And that allowed me to move on in the way I looked at her and the organization.

Parthenia:Yes. Because I think, Richard, don't you think that everybody had their own unique perspective and expectations about Elizabeth that probably had nothing to do with the real Elizabeth?

Richard:I think most people couldn't possibly have known her, because they never even met her personally. She never shared more than a hand shake, at best, with most of the people in the organization. There was a very small group of people, I would say, that knew her well enough to say they actually knew her as a person.

Parthenia:Got it! Oh, so OK. So, she kept that separation there as the teacher and then them as the student?

Richard:Well, it was a practicality. When you've got, I don't know what, 10,000 students, maybe. When you've got so many people in an organization, the organization, itself, becomes a beast. It overwhelms you. And there really isn't any way to have those kind of personal interactions with everybody.

Parthenia:Wow. Yeah. If you open the door to one – I can only speak on a smaller scale with a thousand students a year, how they would just be lined up for hours. And I would stay on campus until midnight. Because when you open the door, they would line up wanting a piece of you. So, I can relate to what you're saying. (Loud feedback noise.) Richard, are you still there?

Richard:Yes, I am.

Parthenia:So, I'm also very curious, Richard, about you came into embracing this whole ascended master concept. How did you meet Elizabeth? Can you take us on that jouney?

Richard:I can try and do that in little sound bites. It's an arduous journey. (Parthenia laughs.) When I was very young, I remember walking and talking with Jesus. And I even told my parents: “He's not like what they're saying in churches, or even in the Bible.” He was much more fun than that. (Both laugh.) And then, I kept thinking that there was a place where I needed to form a church where Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus would come together.

Parthenia:Yeah. Why not?

Richard:And when I found the Summit Lighthouse, there they were. I thought: “Oh, my God. Thank goodness. I don't have to do it.” (Both really laugh well.) Because I thought I might have to.

Parthenia:Well, Yeah.

Richard:The way I found Elizabeth was very strange. I found some old lessons by another group that had alleged teachings from the ascended masters. And I don't know if they really were authentic or not, but the vibration of the person who had studied the teachings was authentic. So then, when I got the new lessons, they didn't have the same vibration and I was crushed. And then, a week later, I actually was in a health food store and there was a door that was partially opened. And I'd been doing this candle concentration exercise, where you stare at a candle and you concentrate and try and focus your awareness. And so, I thought, when I saw this chart of the I Am Presence, it was an advanced candle concentration exercise. (Both laugh.)

Parthenia:That's understandable. I can see that.

Richard:Well, yeah. It looks just like that. For example, if you blur your eyes. And any way, I asked about it. And then, they told about Elizabeth Clare Prophet. And I saw: “I am Guru Ma.” And I thought: “Well, I am Guru Ma, who do you think you are?”

Parthenia:(Laughs.) How pretentious, huh.

Richard:So, what? I am Richard Barlett. I'm not impressed. But then, it's funny, because that night I had a dream – and I think I wrote this in the forward – But, I had a dream where I was running through the streets of Oklahoma City – That's where it was. And she was giving a talk there. – And I was looking in my dream for Elizabeth Clare Prophet, asking people frantically if they knew where she was.

Parthenia:Scared you were going to miss it.

Richard:Well, I did miss it. But at the time, I wasn't ready. I was a rotten musician.

Parthenia:Ah, gotcha. OK. So, I would like to also further this discussion, Richard, after Kim Michaels, after this next segment. Kim is going to five his message from the ascended masters. But, about recognizing authentic messages from the ascended master. How do we recognize truth? So, after the commercial break; I would like to do that. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And I have on line, Dr. Richard Bartlett, the personal physician to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, sharing his insights into the book and into Elizabeth. And Kim Michaels, who is the author of Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid. We'll be back with our message from the ascended masters after commercial break. You can find Kim Michaels at


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Divine Love Talk and Kim Michaels' message from the ascended masters. OK, Kim.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Guru Ma through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master, Guru Ma. I am once again drawn by the love of my friend, Richard, my two daughters, those of my students who have recognized me, and those of my students who have not recognized me. And this is what I wish to address today. How do you recognize an ascended master?

What does it mean to have spiritual discernment? Do you know, my beloved, why I entitled this book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid? Well, it was, of course, because I so often was accused of being the woman equivalent of Jim Jones, who was making all of you, all of my students, drink the Kool-Aid. But it was also because you cannot recognize an ascended master if you are drinking your own Kool-Aid.

Do you realize, as I’m sure you do, that we have had a number of organizations sponsored by the ascended masters. I, myself, recognize several of the previous dispensations and organizations. But, do you know that so few students of one ascended master organization have moved on to the next messenger and the next organization.

And why is that? It is because, as I talk about at length in the book, that you start forming an image based on the teachings of the organization you are following of what ascended masters are like. And you start forming an image of what you are supposed to be like as an ascended master student. What you do not realize is that there are two aspects of an ascended master message, dictation, teaching. There is the master and then there is the outer form of the teaching.

Why did you recognize an ascended master teaching? Surely, very few of you were brought up in ascended master teachings. You were brought up in traditional religions. And so you had to go against the mainstream to recognize an ascended master teaching. And you did this because you were open to considering something new. You also did it because beyond the outer words given by that ascended master teaching, you were able to tune into, to resonate with the vibration that was higher than anything you had experienced in these mainstream religions.

So, there are two aspects of discernment. One is openness. And that means that if you do not have openness you cannot exercise discernment. Of course, you cannot be open to just anything, or you would easily be fooled by false teachings. But, my point is that if you use one teaching to set up outer criteria for what the ascended masters should say or should not say, how they should talk through a certain messenger and how they should not talk; then you are drinking you own Kool-Aid and you are shutting off your openness. And when you are not open to reading vibration, you cannot read vibration. You cannot accurately read vibration through a filter of a set of outer criteria for what we of the ascended masters should or should not say and how we should or should not express ourselves.

Why do you think we call it progressive revelation? Why do you think we sponsor new organizations and new messengers? It is because the message is progressive. When we have a given organization, such as the Summit Lighthouse, we were not meant to say exactly the same or say it the same way as previous organizations. Then, the teaching would not have been progressive.

Likewise, today, I cannot say exactly the same things as I did when I was in embodiment; because it would only validate your image of me. And I cannot have you move on, unless you are willing to look beyond the image and stop drinking your own Kool-Aid. I may have been the trigger for you developing and creating that Kool-Aid. This is true. But, I did not create it. It was created in your mind. And that is where you need to overcome it, my beloved children and students.

Parthenia:Thank you, so much Guru Ma and Kim Michaels. We will be back after commercial break to discuss that amazing dictation that answered my question. I'm speaking with Dr. Richard Bartlett, the personal physician to Elizabeth Clare Prophet. And Kim Michaels' book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.


Parthenia:OK, we’re back with Divine Love Talk on CRN. And we're going to move right into discussing that amazing dictation from Guru Ma that actually answered my question about how we can recognize ascended master teachings. But, I also want to announce that Dr. Sarah Larson is going to be on the line at the end of the show giving us a quick little health secret. So, Richard, Dr. Bartlett, I would like your reaction to that message. 

Richard:Well, unfortunately I didn't get to hear most of it. The line cut me off at some point and I had to get back on.

Parthenia:Oh, I'm so sorry.

Richard:In my heart, I was pouring tears down my face when I heard her start talking; because I just have such a deep and abiding love for her, as a person, but also as all that she is and all that she represents. And it is just a deep devotional sense and I think you recognize an ascended master from the love in your heart that resonates with that truth.

Parthenia:Yeah. Speaking of tears. Last week I was moved to tears, Richard, when she came on the line. Because when Kim does the messages, we never know who is going to show up. And I had just said to her daughters on commercial break. I said: “Well, we don't know who's going to show up. Wouldn't it be just amazing if your mother showed up?” And bam! She did. I just felt her presence in the room. The door actually opened and no one was there. And the door closes very tightly. So, the room was just filled with her. And so, I totally understand how you feel. Richard, are you still there?

Richard:I am.

Parthenia:OK. Well, for me, in terms of recognizing high level teachings and that's what I would call ascended master teachings. My very first experience with that was, of course, reading that five volume set, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. And it was very – There was a lot of resistance to me reading that set of books, because of my programming in the churches that I had been brought up in quite a few. But, specifically, I had found the Jehovah's Witnesses when I was a teenager and they have this real prohibition against anything that has to do with Eastern Mysticism or anything other than the Bible. So, when an older lady gave me the set and said I should read it; I somehow didn't want to do it at first, but then I was drawn to it. And I was just blown away by the truth that was in it. I just knew that my heart just recognized that: Yes, I know this to be true. Kim, I think you read that set, didn't you?

Kim Michaels:Yes, many years ago. And I never actually took literally that this expedition had taken place. I know there are some that have denounced the books because it was a fake expedition, never took place. But that never bothered me, because I always looked at it as a story. But, I also, as you, I recognized the vibration in those books that was beyond what I had found elsewhere.

Parthenia:I didn't find that – I know you've seen that in your own teachings and, Dr. Bartlett, I'm sure you've encountered this, as well, where anytime you bring forth something that is different than the status quo or the norm; it's going to be denounced and it's going to be attacked as it never happened. But, that wasn't the feeling that I got when I was reading it, that it never happened. I felt that authentically this was an experience that had occurred and that he was bringing this message to the West to introduce us to the fact that there are these being who have this ability to ascend and also to communicate with us and to materialize from the fifth dimension and come back and show themselves on a third dimensional level. But, that was just my take on it. Richard, did you ever read that set?

Richard:I read those many, many, many, many years ago. I don't even remember how old I was. To me it might have spurred something, but I always had this search inside of me. I was an altar boy in Catholic school. I'm just an altar boy, as I like to say. (Parthenia laughs.) I grew up Catholic and I had a deep abiding love for Jesus to the point where I was trying to live those teachings and what I found out is: If you turned the other cheek, people just use it as an excuse to hit you. (Laughs.)

Parthenia:For sure.

Richard:Which is fine. But, I actually tried to live that and I was abused as a gift. But, it's OK. I still have that peace in my heart.

Parthenia:Of course. I can totally relate to that. Actually Kim's teachings are the first encounter that I've had with actually getting a higher understanding of turning the other cheek. Because I also felt that it meant you were supposed to be a door mat and just leave yourself open for abuse. So, Kim, could you – Since you brought that up. – could you shed a higher understanding on the spiritual meaning behind: Turn the other cheek?

Kim Michaels:Obviously you have a right to stand up for yourself and your own free will and make your own choices. But, the essence of the message is that people who attack you are in a dualistic frame of mind and what you need to do is not react to that, not go into a dualistic fight with them. Because when you don't do that, then the energy they're sending out, the karma, if you want to call it that, is returned to them. And you don't take it on. Otherwise, you take it on. You make karma, as well.

Parthenia:And that was profound for me, Kim. That was very simple, but it was very profound. And it was profound enough for me to find a way to be compassionate towards people that are dualistic; but also, to understand that it doesn't mean that I don't stand up for myself or have boundaries. It didn't mean that I should not stand up for children or people that are being abused and say something about it. But, what I got out if it is not to do it from a place of anger or reactiveness.

Kim Michaels:Exactly.

Parthenia:Or negativity. When you're standing firm, just because it's the right thing to do; I don't feel like you're creating karma. Versus if I hit someone and I'm really angry about it. Or a verbal hit.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Exactly.

Richard:Well, of course, it's a lot different when you're a little kid and you don't know any of that.

Parthenia:That's very true. And, Richard, I can totally relate to being abused as a child. And that whole turn the other cheek with an abusive adopted father. That was very, very tough for me to learn not to react to him. But, at the same time to stand firm and not capitulate to his madness. Because his was very emotionally abusive. So, I think we all need to find that balance. And find our own understanding of turning the other cheek. But I certainly don't like givning my energy away to people that are just – when I become angry, then I don't feel good about it afterwards. Does that make sense, Richard?

Richard:Sure. What I can say about that is I was uniquely the person I am, even now, back then. And I will tell you. I'm having a lot more fun than anybody that was making fun of me or abusing me back then. I definitely got the last laugh. I feel like it contributed to my growth. Everything I experienced, even back then was towards my growth. And I look at it that way. And I have no feelings of need for forgiveness or remorse or anger over anything. It was actually just perfect the way it was.

Parthenia:And that's a powerful place to get to, Richard. Because it's only been over the past few years with the work that I've done on myself via Kim Michaels' books that have helped me truly own that whenever something happens and I think it's a bad thing, because it's different than my expectations, or it's abusive, or it's just mean-spirited or hurtful; that it's really for my own personal growth. And everything that has happened to me, I can honestly say that I've become a better person, a better teacher, a better writer; because of all of the adversity that I've gone through. (Talks about a dedication she wrote in one of her books.) But, I've grown beyond even that dedication. Kim, were you getting ready to say something?

Kim Michaels:No. I was just wondering if Richard had anything he wanted to share about his time with Elizabeth?


Richard:What I was reflecting on is something she told me. She told me so many things. I could spend hundreds of hours telling you what she told me, if I could remember it all. But, she told me: “You know, Richard, I think more people would make it on the path if they had the kind of experience that you've had. (Laughs.)

Parthenia:So, specifically meaning what?

Richard:I'm still here. And I did recognize when she left. I left that behind, but ii immediately recognized the thread of the teaching and the thread of the heart when I saw it with you. And so, I kind of understand what she means.

Parthenia:Can you elaborate just a little bit, what whe meant about if they had your experience?

Richard:Well, I'm not sure exactly what she meant. Let's just say I got very trained, very disciplined and very loved. I was exposed to – You would see all the – All the sides of her character; I saw everything, and then some.

Kim Michaels:Don't you think that's what she meant, though, Richard? Don't you think that might have been what she meant? That you got know her behind the facade?

Richard:I did. Absolutely. But, more so that that, something El Morya said to me, Master More, now, he said: “The reward for service is more service.” And that and somethings St. Germain said to me personally in a dictation. He said: “You think, beloved hearts, it is because of your techniques that people heal. Nay, I tell you it's not so. It is in spite of your techniques. It is the grace of God.” It's those little pearls that get deposited in your heart that are like a single drop that can start an ocean. It's just an amazing thing to have that kind of experience.

Parthenia:Wow. And also, maybe, it could be like with all the controversy surrounding the bomb shelter, which she talks about; you maintained your connection and understanding throughout it all.

Richard:Well, I was there with her when she found out what they did. And I was there digging the bomb shelters. I was there. I would dig the bomb shelters. I would be in the heart digging the bomb shelters during the day. And then, be treating her at night. And I never basically rested the whole time I was on staff. I was available 24 hours a day. And it was the best experience of my life. Absolutely.

Parthenia:So, you never had that disconnect from her?

Richard:No! (Laughs.)

Parthenia:That's pretty amazing.

Richard:No. In fact, when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's – Two years before she was diagnosed, she sent me – El Morya sent me to naturepathic school telling me – it's very funny what he said. He said: “You know, Richard, your soul is bored.” He said: “It is not a good thing when your soul is bored, Richard. You have done things in past lives. You need to go. I have need of you at a higher level.” And sent me to naturepathic school.

Parthenia:That's a wonderful thing.

Richard:The last day before I moved, she came to my house – had to crawl over boxes to get to the table – and I adjusted her for the last time I had worked with her. And the most bizarre thing, terrible thing, but the most bizarre thing happened. I heard a very strong voice inside me as I was with her, telling me to tell her that she had Alzheimer's.

Parthenia:Oh, wow.

Richard:And I had the tell her that. And: Oh, my god. That was not comfortable. That was the last words I ever spoke to her. She was not pleased. And then, two years later, she was diagnosed. So, to be put in that position, as the last words you ever said in embodiment to your friend and guru wasn't great. And then, I was banned later. I mean the medical staff took over. And I was banned from talking to her or seeing her or in anyway helping her. And I'd been near her side 24 hours a day for eight years. So, it was a very interesting thing.

Parthenia:So, that had to be very traumatic. So, how were you able to put that back together, not being able to see your beloved guru?

Richard:I lived on. I was pretty busy. When you're in a four-year medical school, 31 credit hours a semester, plus labs, plus I had to work as a doctor in another state on weekends. You really don't have time to commiserate a lot.

Parthenia:That was a beautiful thing. So, you were able to help her move into an acceptance of what was going on. And so, that, as painful as it was, it was also, I think, very helpful. Kim, what insights do you have on that?

Kim Michaels:I was moved by what Richard said that she had told him that if more people had that experience. And I personally feel I never really had a personal relationship with her while she was in embodiment. I did talk to her one time privately for a very short time. But, at that time I go a feel for her presence, her being as a human being. And I think it would be very helpful for people to know that behind all of the facade, she was a human being.

Richard:Extremely vulnerable. Extremely humble. Extremely afraid, at times.

Parthenia:And we have a tendency to put our teachers on a pedestal. And it takes them out of that human fallibility. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And, Dr. Richard Bartlett, if they want to get a hold of you, how can they reach you? Very quickly.

Richard:They just have to contact Matrix Energetics. It's very hard to get a hold of me personally.



Parthenia:OK. So, Richard, that's ending our segment with you. Thank you so much. We're going to be closing out with Kim and Dr. Sarah Larson at the end. So, thank you so much for sharing your insights on Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid and for writing the forward to that book. So, we want to encourage you to grab that book. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.


Parthenia:We're back with Kim Michaels' book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid. And coming up is Dr. Sarah Larson with Miraculous Holistic Medicines. Kim, very quickly, what's really miraculous about your book is that it's from a newly ascended master. And I think that that might be the first time, or an original. What was your reaction to taking this dictation?

Kim Michaels:I thought it was really a very unusual thing, because it's never really been done before. And I do feel that there is a certain cosmic experiment here of: Will people actually be able to recognize her and move on with her? Because, what you realize, like you said a couple times, that life is really an on-going process and death is not the end. And I also think what we ended up talking about with Richard is that she was seen by many people as a very highly developed spiritual being, but she also had a human side. And the wonderful thing about recognizing that in her is that if you don't idolize her, you can stop idolizing yourself.


Kim Michaels:You can stop pretending that you have to be this and that way when you're a spiritual person. And then, you can look at your human side and you can see that you are more than that. And that there are some human aspects that don't really even matter for your ascension. You can still ascend.

Parthenia:OK. Well, that's what I got out of the book. And thank you so much for that. We're end the show with Dr. Sarah Larson. ...



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