Help the Ascended Masters Stop War


December 21, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Kim’s book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.

Parthenia:OK. I’m delighted to be back here in studio at CRN with my host, Kim Michaels. Today we will be discussing his new book on war. The question that I have is: Is peace on earth and goodwill towards all men a real possibility or is it still a 2000 year old pipe dream? As we approach Christmas, 2015, in just a few days here on Divine Love Talk; I will be exploring whether or not humanity is capable, willing and able to put an end to war in the foreseeable future and actually experience peace on earth. Kim Michaels' new book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War, was written through direct revelation by Mother Mary. ( -ebook) We will answer the questions: Does humanity have the power to stop war? Or do we need help from above to put an end to war, once and for all? Historically, Christians believed in angels and Jesus, Mother Mary, and in unseen messengers of God, all of whom Kim Michaels refers to as ascended masters, who are invisible guides and teachers available to help us master the things that Christ did and even greater things. Early Christians also believed in direct revelation from spiritual guides and teachers. At Pentecost Peter proclaimed: Your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. Today on Divine Love Talk we will plant the root of peace on earth and hold the vision of its rapid growth. Goerge Washington stated that liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. The same can be said of peace. Today, share my dream of a world without war. Welcome, Kim Michaels. I'm so excited about this new book. And, as ever, I'm always impressed with how prolific you are and just the shear magnitude and volume of work that you're able to put out. Which leads me to the conclusion that you definitely are tapping into direct divine revelation.

Kim Michaels:Thank you. Yes.

Parthenia:I'm so happy to have you back on air and to be back on air.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. When you look at the volume of work I put out and the depth of the ideas that I presented; there is no human being who can come up with this. And so, the only logical explanation is that there is definitely help from somewhere.

Parthenia:Well, I'm happy to hear you actually own and acknowledge it, because you tend to be extremely humble. (Kim laughs.) And almost self-effacing. And so, to hear you actually own the fact that you really are tapping into a source of information that literally is coming from a power that is beyond anything that we could actually come up with here in this third dimension. I guess that's what I'll say.

Kim Michaels:And I think that ties into what you were saying. Do we human beings have the power to stop war? And I think the important realization is that: If we had the power to stop war, shouldn't we have done so, long ago?


Kim Michaels:And the fact that our track record kind of proves that we don't have the power. And the only logical conclusion to that is – You can either give up in desperation or you can say: “Well, let's look for somebody who has the power.” And that's exactly what the ascended masters are offering us. They are saying they have the power to stop war, but they don't have the authority. Because we who are in embodiment, we are the authority for what we allow to take place on earth.

Parthenia:And that is a very deep and very, very profound concept that I think a lot of people, even spiritual people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that our free will grants us authority and dominion over, not only our lives, but over what's happening on the planet. And, unfortunately, I believe it is absolutely true that we don't have the power to stop war, especially if you look at the history of war on this planet. I was thinking with your book – Years ago I read this book by an historian called William Bramley. It took him 12 years to research this topic, which he was trying to figure out: Why is it that in the written history of humanity we have always had war?

Kim Michaels:Um-hum.

Parthenia:And what was interesting about this book is that he came up with a lot of the same conclusions that your work brings forth. That there are other forces that are unseen that are at work in other dimensions that are literally promulgating and propagating war and that are manipulating people that are in power to keep war going for their own benefit.

Kim Michaels:Wow.

Parthenia:And actually, you'll be probably surprised and impressed to know that that book was my first introduction to the Count St. Germain, as he was referred to at that time.

Kim Michaels:OK. Right.

Parthenia:And he dedicated a whole chapter to Count St. Germain and how he attempted to influence, positively, Napoleon and other world leaders of his time. And how there were all of these reports that he didn't age and that he was immortal.

Kim Michaels:Um-hum. 

Parthenia:And that he'd have to leave certain cities that he was trying to influence, because he wasn't getting old. And he was capable of producing his own money and riches. And so, I thought it was just very, very fascinating. And so, after reading that book I was just: “OK. Who is this person?”

Kim Michaels:Right.

Parthenia:And that kind of led me on a whole nother jouney.

Kim Michaels:That was very interesting that he came to that conclusion. Because when you look at it logically, you have to say that it can't be that there is only a materialistic explanation for war. It just doesn't make sense.


Kim Michaels:Because war destroys so much. And you can always look at who benefits.


Kim Michaels:So, who benefits from wholesale destruction? And there really isn't anybody on earth that benefits from that. And that's why you have to look – as Mother Mary also explains in the book – you have to look for non-physical causes of war, if you really want to understand it.

Parthenia:You can talk to people all over the world. And I just came back from Morocco and Southern Spain and Scotland – I was all over the place. And London. And talking to people, of course, first and foremost on their mind is terrorism, France, and the bomb threat and war. And there's still this very active mindset that war is the only solution. And that, in and of itself, can be rather discouraging for me to hear and to talk to people with that mindset.

Kim Michaels:Um-hum.

Parthenia:But then, I got back home and I saw someone had posted – one of my Israeli friends had posted this amazing video. And there's an Israeli organization that is all about promoting peace in the Middle East. And these are Israelis that are supporting Palestine. And I thought: Now, that gives me more hope than anything else I can think of.

Kim Michaels:Yep.

Parthenia:Because I know the ascended masters have said, in the past, that we won't really have peace in the world until we can have peace in the Middle East. And there's a part of me that goes: Oh, my! Peace in the Middle East?

Kim Michaels:It will take a while, then.

Parthenia:OK. I don't think that's going to happen in our lifetime. But then, when I saw this video; I was like: “Wow. OK. This is sort of like the hot bed of the whole Middle East issue.” And if you can ever get Israel to concede that the Palestinians actually have the right to the same privileges that they have; that would be pretty miraculous.

Kim Michaels:But, I think what makes us so hopeless about war, many times, is that we only look at the physical. And then, we look at: OK, what will it take to produce change in the Middle East, for example? And then, of course, we feel powerless to do anything about it.


Kim Michaels:You look at ISIS. You look at the mindset of many people. But, what Mother Mary says in the book is that once we understand the non-physical causes; we also realize that we actually – we have the authority to call the ascended masters to do something about the non-physical causes. And when you remove these causes in the three higher levels of the world; then, all of sudden, it isn't so difficult to change things in the physical.

Parthenia:OK. So, for people that are listening for the first time. We have four levels, which are physical and emotional, mental, and then what you refer to as identity.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:Which I think there's another term that other people would probably use.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Etheric.

Parthenia:Etheric. Yes. Other people would probably call it etheric. And so, you're talking about removing the cause of war in the etheric plane, the mental and emotional plane; which makes perfect sense to me. Because, everything that actually manifests on the planet starts somewhere in our head.

Kim Michaels:And the reason why I talk about the identity realm is that I relate it to our minds, because I think that's the easiest was to understand. We all know there are sub-conscious parts of the mind. And we all know we have feelings. We have thoughts. But, beyond feelings and thoughts, we have the deeper sense of our minds, which is who we are, our sense of identity. So, if you think about yourself; you want to change a physical habit. You can try to do something at the physical level. But, if you have an emotional craving for doing what you do. If you have a mental belief that: Oh, it's probably not so bad. Or if you identify yourself as: Nothing matters anyway, so why don't I smoke or drink or whatever. You're gonna have a really hard time forcing a change at the physical.


Kim Michaels:But, if you look deeper into your psychology and change the other levels, so you no longer have the craving, you no longer have the limiting belief, you no longer see yourself as a person that doesn't matter; all of a sudden the physical change is very easy to make.

Parthenia:That's so true. That's the only way that I've ever been able to affect change in my life is starting at the top. And it's just sort of like a domino effect. The physical just kind of follows. So, I appreciate you explaining that in a way that everybody can kind of wrap their head around it.

Kim Michaels:And that's why I think people can then begin to see that maybe it is possible for us, even though we don't have any power at the physical to stop war. Maybe there is something we can do, even in our own living rooms. And that's what Mother Mary says in the book. We can make the calls. And there are a number of these invocations in the book, specifically designed to remove the non-physical causes of various aspects of the war machine. And when we take that power away from them; the physical is not such a big hurdle to overcome after all.

Parthenia:Now, let's talk about the calls, Kim. From the standpoint of someone who I would say I'm still kind of a Johnny-come-lately to all of your work, in that it's only been four years for me.

Kim Michaels:Well, that's still a long time.

Parthenia:(Laughs.) I've done a lot. And it's changed my life radically in the four years. And I would venture to say that finding this work has literally saved my life; because I was in a pretty bad spot over there at the school with all of those dark forces just literally sucking my light and attacking it. So, but what I will say is that the calls and the invocations, the rosaries, the decrees – They are extremely powerful from my standpoint, in terms of invoking light – 

Kim Michaels:Um-hum.

Parthenia:– that actually has helped to purify – oh, are we going into commercial break? Oh, my goodness. So, I'm going to talk about that coming up. After commercial break, we have our message from the ascended masters. And then, we'll pick this discussion back up about the calls. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And I’m talking to my co-host, Kim Michaels, about his new book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. We will return after commercial break and talk about what you can do to help stop war and bring peace on earth. 


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with our message from the ascended masters through Kim Michaels. Alright, Kim.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I would like to ask you to consider the question: Why do you, as an individual human being feel powerless to do anything about war, anything to stop war? It can only be for one reason. That you are ignorant of how the world really works. And you are ignorant because the very forces that are behind war are also behind keeping you ignorant of how the world works. 

Why do I say this? Because, if human beings knew how the world works; they would never, ever allow themselves or their nations to be pulled into the madness of war. You would know that there are other solutions. My beloved, if you think war is the only answer; then you are asking the wrong question.

You will never, ever need to resort to war in order to solve problems, if you know how the world works. That is why I and other ascended master have brought forth many books and many teachings, through this messenger and others, to explain to you how the world really works. If you will, as the spiritual people who are open-minded, make use of these teachings; you will quickly overcome your sense of being powerless. You will realize that even as one person, there is something you can do to stop war. And you can begin right in your own living room by giving one of the invocations I have provided.

These are very powerful tools. And I explain in the book why they are so powerful and why we need you to give them in order to authorize us to step in and do the work that we are here to do for planet earth. When you know how the world works, you know that free will is the one thing that rules how everything on earth works.

Free will means two things. Number one, you have a right, human beings, as a whole, have a right, to turn their backs upon God and the ascended masters and say: “We want to do our own thing.” In that case we are not allowed to step in. But, listen carefully, there is no choice you can ever make that could neutralize your right to make a different choice anytime.

This means that while we of the ascended masters cannot step in when you do not ask us; the moment you do ask us, we can step in. There is no possibility of ever creating a situation on earth where you are stuck, where there is no way out, where there is not a non-violent solution to a problem. You human beings can create situations that you cannot solve on your own. But, you could never create a situation that you cannot solve by the help of the ascended masters. But, again, free will reigns supreme.

 We can solve all problems on earth, but we must be asked. And that is why I ask you to use my invocations. Because when you give an invocation, you are doing two things. You are invoking spiritual light; but more than that, you are also saying no to war. And when you consider free will, you realize: Why is there still war on earth? Because not enough people have said: No, we will no longer allow war on our planet.

And that is because so many people have been deceived into thinking that either war is necessary, or unavoidable because there is no other solution. You may look at the current situation of terrorism and think there is only violence that will solve this problem, but it is not true. There is a non-violent, spiritual solution to every problem. And we of the ascended masters will give it to you, if you will only ask.

Parthenia:Wow! Thank you so much Kim Michaels and Mother Mary. That was succinct and to the point and it gives me great hope and great joy to receive that dictation today. You are listening to Divine Love Talk, with Kim Michaels. We're discussing his new book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. We will continue this discussion about how you can invoke light and use the invocations to bring about a peaceful resolution to all of the problems on earth. That is good news. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. We'll be right back after commercial break.


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk and Kim Michaels’ book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. Kim, that was an amazing message from Mother Mary. And I love the way that she is so direct and she keeps it simple.

Kim Michaels:Yep.

Parthenia:And easy to wrap your head around. And she's no nonsense. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Very much so. That's how the whole book is, really.

Parthenia:So, I love that about her and all of the books by Jesus. You introduced me to a Jesus that I could actually just love, actually relate to. Because, he is also – he cuts straight to the punch with all of his lines.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:But I'd like to continue the discussion about invocations. And my own experience with them was that I really, really was at a place where I needed to invoke the light to calm the stress and the anxiety that was coming up within me. That, looking back, it needed to be healed; because all of that is essentially fear-based. And so, where there is fear, there is really no faith. And it was through just hours and hours and years of invoking light that I finally reached this place of calm inside of me, where now, no matter what happens, I can still get a knee-jerk reaction; but I don't go into this place of panic or anxiety the way that I used to. So, I can attest to the fact that they really do work and they really are necessary to help clear out the three higher bodies, the emotional, mental and your etheric body. But, I'd like for you to explain for the audience Mother Mary's explanation of invocations and why and how they work.

Kim Michaels:I think the one aspect of this is what you just described. I think a lot of people are afraid of war and we have concerns. I know that from – I don't even know how early, but as a very young child, when I first realized there was war on this planet; I was shocked and I had a lot of fear associated with it. And you can kind of push it aside and you can rationalize it away; but then something happens like ISIS or whatever and all of sudden it can come up again. And this means that we who are spiritual people, we are tying into the enormous amount of fear that has been generated collectively by war for thousand of years.


Kim Michaels:And so, if we are to get out of that state of fear ourselves – Just like you were talking about. Because the situation you had, your personal situation; the fear that you felt was more than your personal fear.


Kim Michaels:It was also the collective. And that's the way it is with all of us who are spiritual people.


Kim Michaels:Because, we have many times volunteered to take on a certain burden for the collective. And we can either carry it and gradually transmute it, maybe. Or we can sometimes be burdened by it. But, what the invocations allow us to do is to invoke the spiritual light that can help us transmute that burden much quicker. And then, we are suddenly free to do the positive thing we came here for. We usually come in with two things that we want to take on. We want to take on a burden that we carry for other people. And then, we have a positive thing, new ideas, something we want to do that's positive. And many times, we are not really free to do the positive aspect of our divine plan until we have overcome the burden.


Kim Michaels:And that's what the invocations allow us to do. And then, Mother Mary said in the dictation that the other aspect is that they allow us to say no. That we don't accept war or any other condition, because there are many invocations for many other conditions. And that's an important aspect, too, of what allows the masters to step in and remove war or other problems.

Parthenia:That, in itself, is a profound gift that I feel very blessed to have found and received, because a lot of people still believe that they don't have the right to say no. That they just have to go along to get along with the crowd. Because, as some famous person said, there's nothing more immoral than a crowd.

Kim Michaels:Um-hum.

Parthenia:Because they will do things collectively that an individual won't have the courage to do. So, I think there's this fear that's in our DNA of that maddening crowd that will tear us apart in the coliseum where people are thrown to the lions.

Kim Michaels:That is a very good point. That is a really good point you are bringing up. Because, I actually had the thought during the dictation of how you think about – She's talking about, Mother Mary, an individual solution, where we as individuals can do something about war. But, war is always a collective endeavor. And you see how a whole nation can go into a negative fear-based spiral. She actually talks about this in the book, about how one of the major causes of war is just raw fear. Where so many times nations have gone to war, because they are afraid of being attacked by somebody else.

Parthenia:Exactly. Yeah.

Kim Michaels:Two nations are both afraid. And then, they build this negative spiral that ends up with a war. Where the main reason for it is actually fear. And this is because individuals are overpowered by that collective fear. So, what we're doing as spiritual people, we are actually pulling the collective up. But, we only do that by raising our own consciousness. And you are not going to pull the collective out of fear as long as you're burdened by fear. And that's where the invocations are a tremendous help. Because, in a sense you can say from a rational perspective: What good does it do that one person is sitting there doing an invocation?


Kim Michaels:But, the thing is, what you have just described is how you were in a very low place and you used the invocations to pull yourself out of there. And once you have experienced that they work in your own life; you suddenly realize they can also work on a planetary scale.


Kim Michaels:And that it does make a difference that you, as one person, are sitting there this. Because, if enough other people do the same; then all of a sudden there will be a shift.

Parthenia:Kim, I think for me, right now, because you just described my journey, and I know that they work on the individual level, and so now I'm moving into the collective. Because the truth is it was a blessing, the attacks that I went under at the school. Because it brought up things in me that I didn't know I was afraid of and that I needed to let go of and that needed to be healed so that I could focus on what I actually came here to do. So, I see the good in all of the bad that we think is happening at that time.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:But, when I look now at: OK – and I'm probably speaking for a lot of other people – It feels a little overwhelming and a little discouraging to know that I'm kind of at the mercy of a critical mass joining me in making this happen. And yet, there is a part of me that knows that I can't worry about the other people, that all I can do is just do my part and know that I can make a difference as one person. But, am I making sense? Where --

Kim Michaels:I understand what you were just saying.

Parthenia:So, how would you address that?

Kim Michaels:I mean, you're not really at the mercy of a critical mass joining you in the sense that part of what you are dealing with is your own burden that you have taken on and that you have taken responsibility for transmuting that burden. And if you do that, you are free of the burden. You are free of that consciousness of fear or whatever it is you are working on. And you can't loose that. It doesn't matter what other people do. Because, I started out like you, really needing some change in my life and wanting some change in my life and the invocations and invoking light came into my life. And I did it for many, many years. And I started feeling, very quickly, results on a personal level. I mean it just took me, for example, I had trouble going to sleep all of my childhood and youth. And as soon as I started invoking spiritual light from the ascended masters, after three months, I could suddenly go to sleep in ten, fifteen minutes.

Parthenia:Yeah. That's powerful.

Kim Michaels:And so, when I started seeing those kind of results; I started realizing: This actually works. And I knew, because I had studied enough science to know that all life is connected and there must be a collective consciousness. And that's how I knew that if I raise my own consciousness, I raise the collective and it will have an effect. But, I also realized that if I raise my own consciousness, I free myself from that downward pull of the collective consciousness. And that's an immediate benefit to myself.

Parthenia:And that is a very, very cogent point that I think all of us on the spiritual path have to keep reminding ourselves of so that we don't get discouraged by the fact that a momentum has to be built. I think that if we just focus on the momentum that we're creating around us and know that that's all we really can do. And be the change that we want to see, as Gandhi says.

Kim Michaels:And we have to realize that we are very sensitive people. Otherwise, we wouldn't be spiritual. We would just be following the crowd and just believing that there is nothing beyond the physical or that only the way that is described in the Bible. But, we are sensitive people; because we know there is a deeper reality. We know there has to be a deeper understanding. And so, when we gain the understanding we gain from the master's teachings and we use the tools; then we can, so to speak, avoid being pulled down. Because our sensitivity makes us very susceptible to feeling the burden of other people or being pulled down by the mass consciousness.


Kim Michaels:And it really doesn't help us. I'm not talking about getting into a point, like you and I have talked about several times on this show, where we just say everything is good and we just ignore the problems. That's not what I'm talking about. We know there are problems. But, it's just that when you are so burdened that you can't do anything; you're not helping the planet, either.

Parthenia:That's very true.

Kim Michaels:And especially with war. I remember as a child I could sometimes feel almost panicked by thinking about war.

Parthenia:Sure. Absolutely.

Kim Michaels:And I remember there was one time I was alone at home and I was looking through some papers in my parent's desk and there was a brochure, If War Should Come. And it was about what were you going to do if there was war. You'd find a civil defense shelter and go down there and put on gas masks and this and that. And I was just almost panicked by the thought that some authorities had put out this brochure to warn us against war, because then they must think it's a possibility.


Kim Michaels:And so, I think as spiritual people, we need to pull ourselves away from this collective fear.

Parthenia:And that's interesting that it's a conditioning. Because, I grew up where we had to do rehearsals, tuck and roll, in case Russia dropped the bomb on us. And in class we had these drills.

Kim Michaels:Yep.

Parthenia:And so, that's really instilling this fear.

Kim Michaels:Exactly.

Parthenia:And children are so impressionable. And then, it's so easy for children to start to feel hopeless. And then, when you get to that hopeless stage; kids can get angry and start to act out. And I think that's why we, as parents and as spiritual people, need to focus on the youth today and give them a sense of hope. And help them not get so caught up in this fear of a terrorist attack. That's all I hear people talking about. “Well, what if they drop a bomb.” And you can't even have rational conversations with people.

Kim Michaels:No. But, I think it's basic psychology that if you feel powerless about something; there will be a sub-conscious reaction that will come out somehow.


Kim Michaels:And it could be escapism. It could be denial. It could be anger. It could be many different things. And so, I think we were all brought up as children to feel powerless about war. 


Kim Michaels:And I think that for a spiritual person it's actually essential to overcome all sense of being powerless. And I know that my spiritual path over the last more than 40 years really has been about one thing, taking back my power.

Parthenia:Yes. Me, too. I feel you.

Kim Michaels:And definitely, that means that you have to look at: What is that we were brought up with that makes us feel powerless? And then, you have to say: “What do I have to do so I no longer feel powerless about war, for example?” And to me, this book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War, is a really important step for a lot of people, because it goes through all the different causes of war, including the quest for power, including money, war for profit and all kinds of things. And then, it says: Here's what you can do about it.

Parthenia:And, as with anything, ignorance – And Mother Mary pointed that out. It's not bliss. And we really have to educate ourselves. And I've always – even being a literature major, I ended up like my whole childhood and adulthood studying history. Because when you understand history, it's very easy to predict how people are going to act or react. Because it just goes in cycles. And the information in the book I think is so important for people to take the time to sit down and read. Or I don't know if you have it out on audio, yet. Is it coming forth as an audio?

Kim Michaels:No. Well, the dictations are there for subscribers on the site; but I don't have an audio. No.

Parthenia:Let's point out that they – Because there are a lot of people that are auditory, about a third of the population. They don't like to read. They'd rather hear the file. So, you can go to and become a subscriber a get the audio files to the book. Are they called the War Book? Is that what it's called, Kim? In the audio files?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I think it's called Stop War.

Parthenia:Yeah. Stop War. … We're headed into commercial break. I'm talking to Kim Michaels, about his book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. And we will be wrapping this up after commercial break. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And you can find me at


Parthenia:We’re back, wrapping this up on Divine Love Talk with Kim Michaels' book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. Kim, let me ask you very quickly, the invocations that are in the book, do you have those on audio, as audio files, yet?

Kim Michaels:Yes. 

Parthenia:OK. I think that's wonderful, because I need to order them.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:I love to download them to my i-pod and just kind of carry them with me. And I've gotten really good at just listening to you speak them and then mouthing them along with you.

Kim Michaels:Yep.

Parthenia:So, I would encourage people to order the audio files ( And you can put them on your phone or your i-pod and they are very, very powerful. But, as we're closing the show, Kim, what would you like to leave the audience with in terms of kind of calming their spirits during the Holiday Season and giving them hope about a world without war and so that there's not so much re-activeness and concern about the ISIS threats and terrorists attacks?

Kim Michaels:I think Mother Mary in the dictation gave a very, very interesting point. She said: If you think war is the only solution, you're asking the wrong question. And I think that as spiritual people, we have to realize that our society is ruled by two different mindsets. There's materialism and there's Christianity, mainstream Orthodox Christianity. And those two have not been able to stop war. And simply because they're asking –

Parthenia:They help war. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:Exactly. I was diplomatic and not going say that. (Laughs.) But, it is simply because they have asked the wrong questions. And we who are the spiritual people are really the only ones who are open-minded enough to help society start asking the right questions. And I think this is our primary role. It doesn't matter what spiritual movement or guru or teaching we are following. Just trying to help people ask different kinds of questions will really help us. And this book talks about the real causes of war. And I think any spiritual person, by reading the book, will be greatly comforted by realizing what the real cause of war is and therefore, also, what the solution is. Because you can't understand the real cause, without also seeing the solution.

Parthenia:I agree and I hate it when people do books or videos and all they talk about is the problem. It's like: OK, I'm already quite aware of the problem. Let's deal with this.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Yeah. There's no point in this, other than it generates more fear and it doesn't help.

Parthenia:Exactly. Go ahead.

Kim Michaels:I think Mother Mary has said in there how free will is SO important, because we can't do something with our free will that will neutralize our ability to make different choices. So, war is a result of choices and the only solution is we make better choices.

Parthenia:That is, in and of itself, probably the most powerful statement of the day is just make a better choice. And we can choose peace, especially this time of year. I just hate to see people going into the Christmas spirit afraid of being attacked. So, go out and get the book and enjoy your Christmas holidays and think peace and dream peace and know that it is possible and that you can call for help. Thank you, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:We'll back next week with more of your book on war. And thank you all for joining us at Divine Love Talk. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And you can check out Kim Michaels at



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Another conference for 2017

July 20-th 2017
We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:   Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe   International conference with the ascended...

NEW BOOK about stopping poverty

October 21-st 2016
Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to...

NEW BOOK about the initiations of purity

October 21-st 2016
The Mystical Initiations of Intention Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming...
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