Help the Ascended Masters Stop War, Part 2


January 18, 2016  Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-hosts: Kim Michaels and Dr. Sarah Larson

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Kim’s book, Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.

Parthenia:Alright. Thank you so much for tuning back in this week. And I'm delighted, as always, to have the beautiful Dr. Sarah Larson in studio. And we have Kim Michaels? Eric? OK. I've got Kim Michaels on line. And this is the third (second, verified with Parthenia afterwards) in our series on what you can do to help stop war on the planet and literally, within our lifetime, for our children and for future generations, experience a planet without war. Now, I think that's something (Sarah laughs.) worthy of all of us participating in.

Sarah:That is such an incredible thing to focusing on and this segment on Martin Luther King's birthday. WOOOOOOH! (Parthenia laughs.)

Parthenia:We must give a shout out for an amazing human being. We quote him all the time.


Parthenia:We're honoring him today and everything he did so peacefully. Look at the changes he brought about.

Sarah:And one of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King is: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

Parthenia:YES! Hello. (Laughs.)

Sarah:And what could matter more than stopping war right now at this phase in our life. We have such access to great things on this planet.

Parthenia:Spiritual tools.

Sarah:Spiritual tools. Technical tools. Self-empowerment tools. Miracles being shown to us on a regular basis. And what a tribute to a man that walked his talk.


Sarah:And created without hurting a single soul. Such peace!

Parthenia:And put up with so much abuse peacefully.

Sarah:Peacefully. Yes.

Parthenia:That was the whole part of it. Being spit upon. Being hosed down. Having dogs attacking them. And, Kim Michaels, let's being you in right away on that; because one of the big things in your teachings of the ascended masters teachings is turning the other cheek. And who was a better example, modern day, than Martin Luther King and ALL of his followers? So, Kim, welcome. Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:(Chuckles.) Thank you. Yeah. I'm glad you said modern day; because, otherwise, I would have said there were a few others.

Parthenia:Oh, of course! (Sarah laughs.)

Kim Michaels:He was a great example. And I remember, as a child, being profoundly shocked when he was killed.


Kim Michaels:It was, to me, even a greater shock than Kennedy.

Parthenia:Of course. I was a kid, too. And I remember the day Kennedy was shot and I remember the day Martin Luther King was killed. But, I'd like for you to talk about that. I think the reason why a lot of people won't speak out is because they remember the history of people like Martin Luther King and Gandhi being shot and President Kennedy. And so, people are just kind of – it did something to our DNA. It kind of shocked our DNA. And so, I think people are like: “Oh, my God, if I say something and if I speak the truth, they might shoot me or they might come for me.” So, could you address that whole fear that's in our DNA and calming it down?

Kim Michaels:That's very understandable. But, we have to realize, as spiritual people, this was a Piscean Age phenomenon.


Kim Michaels:That we are now in the Aquarian Age. The problem with it was that in the Piscean Age, there were only a few people that were ready to speak out against the power elite.

Parthenia:That's true.

Kim Michaels:And, therefore, they could easily be killed. What we need to do in the Aquarian Age is have so many people speak out, that they can't possibly kill all of us. And that's what we can do with the internet. That's the power of the internet.

Parthenia:And Anonymous is doing that. I mean, God, a great group of young people that are putting their freedom on the line, their lives on the line, their jobs on the line. I hear people say, well Edward Snowden was a – What do they call it?


Parthenia:A traitor. Yes. For exposing how our government were traitors to the people. … (Parthenia and Sarah discuss being constructive about efforts to speak out.) I have worked very hard to build a constructive community on my facebook page of people who really care about social issues, who care about other people, and who are not just tearing each other down. 

Sarah:That's Divine Love Talk on facebook, a facebook fan page, that's got great commentary. And we're really excited about Kim Michaels' book (Help the Ascended Masters Stop War).

Parthenia:Kim, I notice someone created a new facebook page with the cover of your book, called Stop War. And so, I posted on that this morning, as well. Are you aware of that?

Kim Michaels:No, I'm not. No.

Parthenia:But I think it's beautiful. I just wanted to make you aware.

(Everyone talked at once and the transcriber missed some words below that Kim said.)

Kim Michaels:Well I think that's the (?) of it. I don't have to be aware of everything. You can't be aware of everything. (?) take it and run with it.

Parthenia:Well, I wasn't sure. Did Kim do this? I couldn't figure it out. But I think it's a great thing. And so, is the three, the trilogy that we've done on war. We're going to make sure that they get edited this week, get edited down, and then posted on that facebook page and on our facebook page.

(Parthenia and Sarah discuss other postings.) 

Parthenia:Yeah, Kim, I wanted to point out I did post on the facebook and I thought it would be best that you talk about the new dispensation for the Piscean Age, I'm sorry, for the Aquarian Age about us being able to call forth the judgment against the fallen beings who are behind the scenes instigating war. Because it's rather controversial and a little complicated. And I thought it best that you handle that discussion after you do your message from the ascended masters.

Kim Michaels:OK.

Parthenia:So, that will be coming up in the last half hour. I promise that and I think it's very, very important that people understand it simply and clearly. And, Kim, I know you'll be able to do that quite well. But, I am so excited that this year, this is my focus, is to get people to realize that this is a real possibility. And so, Kim, I'd like for you to address the fact that this is possible in our lifetime. Mother Mary says it in the book.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, that's one of the great messages in the book is that she says that within the foreseeable future, a matter of decades; we can bring an end to war on this planet, in the sense that it simply does not become a realistic possibility anymore.


Kim Michaels:And there are two things that will happen for that to take place and that is that there are certain lifestreams that are not all in physical embodiment, but some work beyond physical embodiment, that are trying to create war and they have to be judged and taken away. And then, before that, the other thing that needs to happen is that sufficient number of people – The masters all talk about critical mass. – have to decide that we no longer want war on this planet.

Parthenia:Absolutely. Right. And you know, that's really what it's all about is us creating a new vision. Because this is a new year. This is a new age. And I'm no longer in that Piscean mindset. And I know, Dr. Sarah, you're not. We're promoting that new dream.

Dr. Sarah:In the miraculous mindset.

Parthenia:Right? There you go.

Dr. Sarah:And the miracles that we're looking for really involve holding a new way of connecting with each other and a new way of being advocates for what we truly feel is the truth. Again, Martin Luther King says that the truth will set you free.

Parthenia:Hello. From the Bible.

(Sarah speaks about truth.)

Parthenia:… Kim, I think you can address this. You know how people will say: “The truth hurts.” But in my experience the truth only hurts your ego, that the ego just does not like the truth. So, Kim could you address that?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, of course, it's very, very true. But there are people that are so identified with their egos that they are being hurt by the truth. (Parthenia laughs.) You were talking about Edward Snowden being called a traitor. Well, every one of the founding fathers were called traitors by the British government. It's all a matter of perspective.

Parthenia:Yes. … Coming up in the next half hour we're going to be talking about the whole confusion about the scripture now, in the Aquarian Age, of: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” And the fact that we have the authority to actually call forth the judgment of these fallen beings and actual people in power who are choosing to embody that mindset. Right, Kim?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. That's very true. Unless we get some of these people off the planet, it will not happen. We will not get rid of war. And in order to do that, we have to realize why they're here. And that's because we are allowing them to, because we haven't looked at the state of consciousness that is allowing them to be here and said we will transcend it in ourselves.

Parthenia:I agree. And a big thing for me, Kim, since leaving the college, has been me stepping back into my authority. And that's one of the things that the ascended masters talk about is that we have the authority and dominion over this planet; but we've given our power away. And so, we have to look to the ascended masters to help us get our power back. So, you're listening to Divine Love Talk with Dr. Parthenia Grant, my co-host, Dr. Sarah Larson. And Kim Michaels, who will be back after commercial break with our weekly message from the ascended masters. And this discussion today is how you can stop war on this planet in this lifetime. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. You can go to, You can go to Dr. Sarah Larson on facebook. And Kim Michaels at More after commercial break.


Parthenia:We’re back with Divine Love Talk our weekly message from the ascended masters via Kim Michaels. So, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I am gratified to be able to honor Dr. Martin Luther King on this day. You see, my beloved, we of the ascended masters have throughout the ages worked with many people on this planet. Dr. Martin Luther King was one person who was able to tune in to the ascended masters, even though he was not aware of this consciously. Many other people have done so, as well.

One way you can tell whether a person is in attunement with the ascended masters is very simple. They have a message, of course. They have a cause. But they are non-violent. My beloved, non-violence is absolutely essential for bringing this planet to a level where war cannot take place. You are not going to remove war from this planet, unless a critical mass of people become aware of the entire dynamic of the dualistic mentality, where there are always two opposites fighting each other.

So many times, a war is a war between two warring factions. In some cases they each claimed to be working for a worthy cause. And therefore, they each claimed that the ends of killing human beings, the means of killing human beings can justify the ends that they have defined as being so important.

Dr. Martin Luther King knew from the bottom of his heart that no cause can be so important that it justifies the killing of human beings. This is an absolutely magnificent example that he set. Especially for the American nation, which has a government that to this day believes that there are many causes that justifies the killing of other human beings. And that is why this nation maintains the biggest military in the world, has the biggest military spending in the world; even though there is no obvious enemy to justify the magnitude of the military spending.

This, therefore, can only be explained because there are certain people who are manipulating this nation for various purposes that are not beneficial to this nation or to its people. These are issues I address in my book by those who profit for war, those who manipulate the economy and use war to justify having a skewed economy that does not benefit the people.

You may think that we of the ascended masters are always spiritual and that being spiritual means being nice. I am not a nice master in my book about war, because I very directly address the issues that need to be addressed at this point. If you have not encountered the true energy of the ascended masters and the Divine Mother; then, I encourage you to study my book, because it will give you an entirely new view of who we are and of who you are.

The most important conclusion that you can come to – is a conclusion that Martin Luther King also reached – is that, as an individual, you have the right, you have the authority on this planet to take a stand for a cause that is non-violent. And you have a right to speak out, no matter what it takes.

Of course, as has already been said, we do not look for people today to sacrifice their lives by speaking out. For, if enough people speak out; it will not be necessary. But, I offer you an alternative to speaking out in public and that is that you speak out in the privacy of your own home by giving the very practical invocations provided in my book. If enough people will give these invocations, and at the same time, make the shift in consciousness that I describe in the book; then, removing war from planet earth is a realistic goal within the next few decades.

You may not be able to believe this. That is why you are not the next Dr. Martin Luther King. He had to believe that speaking out mattered. And I can assure you that, regardless of what happened to him, it did make a difference, for the entire planet and especially for the United States of America, that he had the courage to speak out. And it will make a difference, if you do the same.

Parthenia:Wow. Thank you so much, Mother Mary. And thank you so much, Kim Michaels for being a clear instrument for the divine to send us these amazing messages. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. We'll be back with more of Dr. Sarah Larson and Kim Michaels, talking about how we can help end war on this planet. Join us after commercial break.


Parthenia:OK. That was such an amazing dictation from Mother Mary on the celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday and his significance. And I'm sure very few people knew that he had tapped into the ascended masters. I did feel that he had done that, Kim. So, thank you so much for that amazing dictation. You are listening to Divine Love Talk. We're talking about Kim Michaels' book on how you can Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. And I have Dr. Sarah Larson in studio. And I did promise that in this second half – Dr. Sarah, if you had any comments about the dictation.

Sarah:The dictation was incredible. The voice of Mother Mary and Martin Luther King intertwined. And truly, to understand it is a dream that leads us. And Mother Mary's words, Martin Luther King's words, though their lives are no longer in a physical body, their message lives on. And I believe it was Gandhi that said: “My life is my message.” And because their message was so consistent with the truth and those seeking the truth and seeking the light are able to tap in so clearly and hear for themselves. Many of the young people that we work with utilize and say: “I feel Martin Luther King. I feel Mother Mary come to me.” And it's in the songs of so many artists now, as well. And so, thank you for binding those together in a way that makes sense. In your book, Dr. Michaels, you talk about the four octaves and how we don't have to be aware; but just in the process of being on the path of allowing the truth to guide us, allowing this deeper knowing to guide us. And through the four octaves we get through all of these processes. And so, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., having gotten through all four octaves, because he knew who he was.

Parthenia:Yeah, and Kim, you might explain to people what those four octaves are.

Kim Michaels:The most important consideration you can come to is that there is something beyond the material world that affects the material world. And this is something that I remember when I was a child and I first learned that first of all there was war on the planet, but I first learned also about the holocaust. I couldn't understand how this could happen. I couldn't understand, even in a person like Hitler, how one person could be so evil and so radically different from other people in what they were willing to do. And it was only when I learned about ascended master teachings and learned that there is a realm beyond the material. And there are three realms, the emotional, the mental, and the identity realm. And in each of those realms there are certain beings who are not physical, but they can affect human beings.

Parthenia:Um-hum. Yeah.

Kim Michaels:So, there are beings in the emotional realm that literally take over the feelings of human beings. And what you see, for example is a lot of people that act of anger. And whether it's serial killers, whether it's these terrorists you have these days, ISIS; their emotional bodies are simply taken over and they are acting like robots. Because there are beings in the emotional realm – And Mother Mary explains this in the book. – They want to get people to commit violence, because whenever violence is committed; a certain energy is released and these beings can simply drink it. And so, they are literally like vampires that drink the energy that we produce that is fear-based energy.

Parthenia:Um-hum. Well, that's a very important point to bring up, Kim. Because all of us in the microcosm, we've been around people, or have been in relationships with people or worked with people, that you could see them like literally transform into anger. And it's like who they are. The person that you know disappears and then, you see this entity in front of you and you're like: “Oh, my God. Who is that? Where did that come from?”

Sarah:And I think that is the root of Master Jesus saying: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Because this energy comes in from another realm. (Parthenia and Sarah discuss.)

Parthenia:So, could you talk a little more about that before we go into calling forth judgment?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I think it was a good point you brought up, Dr. Sarah, because forgiveness is extremely important. And it's very important for us to forgive other people. But it really only works when you have the awareness that the reason why the people didn't know what they were doing was that their minds were taken over by these beings in another realm. And these beings, they know what they are doing. And therefore, we don't need to forgive them. We need to call to the ascended masters to remove them the planet.

Parthenia:So they can stop.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. So they can stop stealing people's light and actually taking over people's minds, because it's a complete violation of free will. But the important thing here is that so many times – And I meet this all of the time. –people say well how can I forgive when this terrible thing happened. And I understand that; but you have to realize that if you go into anger against other people, you're actually feeding the dark forces who created the incident in the first place. And the only way to avoid that is you forgive. And the only way to really forgive is to realize you don't need to be angry at the dark forces. You just need to call to the ascended masters for them to be removed.

Parthenia:That's powerful.

(Parthenia and Sarah discuss.)

Parthenia:That's something that, what was her name, Ponder, she did these wonderful books. And she would say: “Cast that burden on the Christ within.” And Kim, I certainly learned how to do that, because I don't want to feed other people's anger and I don't want to feed their chaos and craziness. … So, Kim let's move right on into you explaining about the old Piscean Age and why we could not call forth judgment and now we can. So, let's start with: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” And explain to the people what that meant in the Piscean Age and what calling forth judgment means in this age, the Aquarian age.

Kim Michaels:I guess the main reason was that the level of consciousness, the collective consciousness wasn't high enough in the Piscean Age and people were still so trapped in this dualistic game. So, the reason why you don't judge and the reason why Jesus said that: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” is because if you are in a state of duality, you will judge in a way that is not neutral and non-violent.

Parthenia:It's angry.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. You will be angry and what you will do is, through the anger – Anger is one of the most effective ways to open your mind to the dark forces in the emotional realm, who can take you over and magnify the anger. It's almost as if if you have a certain degree of anger in you, then, these dark forces can come in and they can take the anger that is stored in the collective and sub-conscious mind, the collective unconscious, as Yung called it, and they concentrate at you and send so much anger that your own anger is accelerated to the point where you loose control. But it was your anger that was the inroad to begin with. And so, that's why you really want to practice this forgiveness and you really want to be clear that you are not calling forth judgment with any anger against the dark forces.


Kim Michaels:And Mother Mary makes many attempts to make that point in the book. She says it over and over again. It is not a matter of being angry with the dark forces. But it is necessary for us to know that they exist and to know that we can do something about it. And what she says over and over again in the book is that the ascended masters have the power to removed the dark forces from the planet; but they don't have the authority. Because we who are in embodiment have the free will. And we need to give our authority to the ascended masters so they can use their power.

Parthenia:… ”The only way to fight terrorism is through terrorism.”

Kim Michaels:To fight terrorism. Yeah.

Parthenia:(Laughs.) Which makes no sense!

Kim Michaels:No. And that's why, again, you see Jesus. He said: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” But he also said: “For judgment I am come.”

Parthenia:Yes! Absolutely.

Kim Michaels:And the difference there between Pisces and Aquarius is that in the Piscean Age there were only a few people who had reached that level of Christ consciousness. Today, there are millions of spiritual people who are very close to reaching the Christ consciousness and who can reach it in this lifetime by being more aware of what it means. And one of the things it means is that you aware of what is going on in the world, but you don't go into judging it with anger or with fear.


Kim Michaels:And one of the things that Mother Mary points out in the book over and over again. We don't need to fear these forces, when we know that the ascended masters can take care of them.

Parthenia:And that was the other point I wanted to bring up, Kim, is that in the same way that anger is an inroad; fear of retaliation or fear of being attacked or criticized, that's another inroad for the darkness to come in and suck your energy. And so, can you talk about how we can use the ascended masters to help us overcome our fear?

Kim Michaels:Well, Mother Mary dedicates an entire chapter in the book to dealing with fear. And she points out that there are many times where wars have actually been started, because both sides were fearing that the other side was going to attack them. And finally, one of them said: ”We're gong to attack first.”

Parthenia:We did that with Iran, not Iran, Iraq. A preemptive attack.

Kim Michaels:And it was, unfortunately, a very obvious modern example of how fear grows. A nation who really shouldn't have had to fear this. But if you look back at what happened in the rhetoric coming from the neoconservatives and even from President Bush, it was so fear-based and there was so much: “We have to strike them before they strike us.” And what were they afraid of? Well, the big thing was those weapons of mass destruction that never materialized. So again, it was just something in thin air. The fear had actually driven them. Either that, or they had some motives we're not even aware of still. But that's another matter. (Kim and Parthenia chuckle.) But from the official line, you would have to say they were reacting out of fear.


Kim Michaels:And, of course, that's the problem when you have – And she points that out in the book, as well, in much more detail than I can do it here. – But when you have two nations that start interacting based on fear, they create a spiral, a downward spiral of energy, of fear-based energy. And what happens is that the energy can become so strong that it takes over the minds of both the people and the leaders of those nations. And suddenly, they are blinded. They can't see an alternative to going to war.

Parthenia:Alright. That is so true. And I'm going into commercial break. I will quote Michael Franti, who said: “You can bomb the world to pieces, but you cannot bomb it into peace.” ...


Parthenia:OK. We're back, wrapping this up on how you can help the ascended masters put an end to war in our lifetime. (The book is Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.) Dr. Sarah I think you have a quote.

(Sarah describes subscribing to the Divine Love Talk youtubes.)

Parthenia:And we want to dream a new dream, too, of a world without war.

Sarah:Yes. And Martin Luther King said: “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” We want you to have peace. …

Parthenia:… Kim, what would you like to leave the audience with? We have these powerful tools in the book. I am personally working on the one to clear the astral plane of fear, because I think that's very, very important. So, I'm kind of doing one at a time. So, I'd like for you to close out the show.

Kim Michaels:There are so many tools in the book that I think most people who are spiritually inclined can find one invocation that addresses an issue that they are really concerned about. It can be the economy. It can be war. It can be fear. It can be anger. It can be non-forgiveness. There are so many things there. One thing I was kind of feeling Mother Mary wanted me to say is that we have the nation of America that prides itself on being the greatest country in the world. And I don't disagree with that. But we have the biggest defense budget in the world, but the lowest level of public health care of any developed nation.


Kim Michaels:And right there you can see that something has gone wrong with our priorities somewhere. It just can't be. I know that there are people who say: “Well, the defense industry provides jobs.” But so would a modern public health care system like you have in just about every other developed country.

Parthenia:Thank you. Thank you, Mother Mary, for that. …

Sarah:And I have faith in this nation. And going back to Martin Luther (King, Jr.) –

Parthenia:The people.

Sarah:The people of this nation. “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.” And the first step is finding ways in which to stay connected to the leaders that invite leadership in you. ...

(Parthenia and Sarah close out the show.)



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