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January 6, 2014 Divine Love Talk

Book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus 

Parthenia:OK, we’re back with more of Divine Love Talk and in this half hour we’re going to have Kim Michaels Michaels talk to us about how you can walk the same mystical path that Jesus walked.  Kim Michaels, I know that there are a lot of people who are going to think that it’s blasphemous that we could actually walk that path, but I find your book extremely comforting and very, very practical.  One of the things that struck me, one truth that you point out in the book, is that it’s a tragedy that people in the west are not brought up with the understanding of how to heal their energy fields and psychology.  And there’s so many amazing practical tools in this book that have literally helped me reach a tipping point in a much more positive direction in terms of my emotional healing.  So, I want to thank you so much for this trilogy of books.  I finished the Mystical Teachings of Jesus.  And then I just found out over the weekend that you had this other book and I’m so excited to share it with people.  As I said, my daughter can’t put it down.  She just started reading it, yesterday.


Kim Michaels:Yeah, that sounds great. There is a lot of stuff in it.  And the trilogy of the books really gives a very good overview.  And, as you said, a lot of practical tools, also, about the mystical path or the spiritual path.  And it really is a pity that we have grown up without any awareness of that.  I remember when I was 18 and I found a book and I became aware that in the East they have known about this path to a higher state of consciousness for thousands of years.  Not everybody, of course; but a lot of people have.  And I thought: “How is it even possible that we don’t know about this in the West.  It just blew my mind completely.

Parthenia:I agree.  And, you know, when I just opened up the table of contents to the book, I went Oh my God, this is exactly what I need at this point in my life; because it’s just so practical.  And another really practical thing that I read last night is that when you’re emotionally traumatized, you need to break off from your daily routine, take care of yourself, and heal your mental and emotional bodies the same way that you would heal your physical body.  And the point that was brought up right after that was that if you don’t take the time to really heal your emotional and mental bodies, that that can be one of the main reasons why we can find it difficult to meditate and to pray.  It’s because our emotional energy field has been wounded and the toxic energy can actually just stream into the field and overwhelm us, making it difficult for us to meditate and pray.  And that just struck me, because I’ve been having such a hard time with meditating and couldn’t figure out what was going on and the suggestions in the book about calling in more light and calling on the ascended masters really does help.  So, I am just so grateful to this book, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, it really is amazing when you think about it.  We grow up in the West knowing that our bodies have an immune system and we know we need a certain amount of protection from bacteria and viruses from the outside.  But we are not taught that we also have an energy body and it is also vulnerable, not to bacteria that are physical, but to non-physical emotional and mental energies.  And once you have an opening in your energy body, you are open to all kinds of things from lower forces from the mass consciousness.  And this, I believe, is one of the main reasons why many western people find it difficult to still the mind.  Because there are just so many thoughts and so many turbulent emotions that people have.  I mean, what is the main ailment we are dealing with?  It’s stress, we call it.  But stress, to me, is simply an opening in the emotional and mental bodies so you are flooded with these emotional energies and all of these thoughts are really not your own, but are just being projected in.  And you need to be aware of that and you need to also put up a shield, a protection.  We might call it your psycho-spiritual immune system that you need to strengthen and build.

Parthenia:(Repeats this and relating it to her personal situation.) (40:15) I’ve just been at a loss, you know, using every kind of tool available to me to help mitigate the stress.  And reading this book, Kim Michaels, literally in one day I had so many perceptual shifts that all of the anxiety and panic attacks that I’ve been dealing with in association with, not the work here at CRN, my other job.  It just kind of calmed down, because all of a sudden I could see a way that I could begin to manage it.  I’m not saying I’m solved it, but let me tell you I feel so much more capable now of dealing with it.

Kim Michaels:Well, it’s almost impossible to deal with something when you don’t know what it is.


Kim Michaels:You go back 150 years and people would die of cholera, because they didn’t know what caused it.  And it’s the same thing now.  We have so much stress.  We don’t understand where it’s coming from.  And you are a little bit of a special case, but I’m sure there are many other spiritual people out there who are under attack from various sources.  And all of us are certainly being bombarded with energies about buy this and buy that in our consumer culture.


Kim Michaels:Yeah, financial stress and work-related stress, where people are feeling more and more of the pressure, because you have to produce so much more today than people did 10 or 20 years ago.  And if you don’t know what is happening in the emotional body and in the mental body and how you are vulnerable to things that you cannot see with your physical senses, then how can you protect yourself?  You’re just like the people who were drinking water with cholera bacteria and didn’t know why they were becoming ill.

Parthenia:Exactly.  And another thing I agreed with in the book is that in the west we just deny that there is such a thing as evil people or dark energy.  As if, when you walk into a room, you can’t feel when there’s animosity.  …  (43:35) And your book was very, very comforting in that it was validating what I knew to be true.  And it also helped me not to feel so victimized and so powerless with what I’m going through; because it pointed out that when you are on a spiritual path, especially as a child, that these dark forces will come after to you to prevent you from ever fulfilling your divine plan. … (44:11) I’m really grateful that I had this spirituality inside of me and I just knew intuitively to go inward and ask for help.  And the beauty of it is that it always came.  But then, when we become an adult; we forget that we have that connection, we get moved away from that.  And this book brought me back to that connection.

Kim Michaels:That’s wonderful to hear.  I definitely can log into what you are saying about the Holocaust; which, for me, has always been kind of the ultimate proof of the existence of evil.  And I don’t see how anybody can deny this.  But, of course, it’s all because of scientific materialism, which wants to deny anything beyond what it can detect with scientific instruments.

The interesting thing is, though, that there are actually now scientists who have detected an energy field around the body that we can’t see with our senses.  They can measure it with several different kinds of instruments.  They can see it on digital cameras hooked up to computers.  It’s to the point where, just like Ellen was talking about with some of the archetypes or some of the old paradigms we have, - it’s just really a matter of there has to be that shift where we realize that we can no longer afford to ignore negative energy and how it affects us.

Because, like you were saying yourself, it really can’t affect us if we fully understand what it is and recognize it.  But, when we deny it; how can we recognize it and how can we say no?  It’s not that we’re stupid.  It’s just that we have been fooled into accepting a lot of things by having, for example, negative beliefs about ourself.  So many people I have met over the years.  They think that when something bad has happened to them: I must have deserved it somehow.

Parthenia:Yes.  Yes.  We’re taught that.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  And it’s actually really even in spiritual circles where people don’t really any more believe in the traditional Christian version of sin, but they believe in karma.  So many people still think when something bad happens: Oh, it must be my bad karma coming back.  And in some case it might be, but it can also be that this is not bad karma.  You’re being attacked by people who are abusing their free will or by dark forces and you just don’t know it.  You haven’t identified it, yet.  And so, if you have a subconscious belief that makes you vulnerable; then you can actually invoke spiritual protection and it doesn’t fully protect you, because at a subconscious level you still think you deserve whatever is being sent at you.  And so really, only when you make it conscious and then you think: Now, I see what this is and I will not accept it anymore.  That’s when it stops.

Parthenia:Absolutely.  And this book, Kim Michaels, clarified so many things for me; because there is this denial in the metaphysical community and the new age community about negative energy.  There’s this willingness to want to believe that it’s all good and that it’s your karma, that it’s something you are actually doing. … (48:05) But, I also want to say that the section in there on addictions – this is some of the most helpful material I have ever come across in terms of identifying the source of addictions and actually giving you a practical plan for freeing yourself from addictions.  So, I want to thank you for that part, as well.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  I think it’s very important for us to discuss this about why people deny this who are actually spiritual people, because I’ve met them over the years, of course.  And they are open to the spiritual side of life and I think it’s just a very little shift in consciousness that’s needed for them to really make a major leap forward.  And the first mechanism is simply that we will deny something that we think we can’t defend ourselves against.  If something seems too big, too terrible; then we go into denial, where we try to ignore it, pretend like it doesn’t exist.  

And you know very well that if you are having a bacterial infection, denying it is not the best way to deal with it.  And it’s the same with energy.  But, the other thing that comes into this is that a lot of - like you said, there are so many spiritual people want think: Oh, it’s all good.  And that is - in my opinion, it actually is almost like these people are so afraid of anything dark or evil, that at subconscious levels they have made a pact with the devil.  They are basically saying: Don’t (Parthenia sighs.)

Really, I honestly believe this.  They are basically saying: If I don’t rise above a certain level on the spiritual path, you will leave me alone.  And in that case the dark forces will leave you alone, because they are only attacking you when you become a threat to them by raising your consciousness beyond a certain level.  And that’s why there are many spiritual people who will say: Well, I’ve never felt attacked by dark forces.  And that is very true.  But that is because you have not risen to a certain level on your spiritual path.  Because when you do want to go beyond that level, you have to learn to discern between dark forces and light forces.

Parthenia:I am with you 100%.

Kim Michaels:It’s simply a necessary initiation.  And if people don’t want to take that initiation, that’s fine.  I don’t have a problem with that.  People have free will.  But, I am just saying just because you haven’t felt something, don’t deny that it exists; because it does.

Parthenia:…  Kim Michaels, very quickly, addictions – I thought it was amazing that you talked about the enemy within with the addiction, which is the ego and the enemy without, which is dark spirits.  And that the cause of addictions is an imperfect belief about yourself, about God and your relationship and that the solution is to strengthen your will.  And that you call upon the Christ within you to strengthen your will and to consume all of this imperfect energy.  The tools in there are just – all I can tell people is you gotta go out and empower yourself with this book.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, it’s a very good tool.  And the thing about addictions is that if you have ever been around people who are addicted, or if you have been into it yourself; you know that you can’t reason with people.  There’s really no rationality, because you’re not actually reasoning with the person.  And the reason for this is the person has allowed a lower entity to take over their mind.  And it’s this lower entity that uses the addiction to get energy from the person.  And you are reasoning with this entity.  And it’s just like reasoning with a computer that is programmed to deny everything you say.  That’s why you can’t really get anywhere.  That’s why what actually happens with so many people that go into addictions is that they come to this point of hitting rock bottom, where they say – But it’s actually not rock bottom, it’s actually the point where the real person decides: I have to take charge of my life.  I have to actually start making decisions again.  And that’s when the Christ can come in and help you.  Until you have made that decision, the Christ can’t do anything.  Because the dark forces will violate your free will or manipulate your free will; but the Christ will not.

Parthenia:You have to ask.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, you have to come to that point of asking.  And that’s the place where you will find many other spiritual teachers saying the same thing.  That you have to ask and you have to mean it.  It has to come from deep within you.

Parthenia:Yes.  And you pointed out that you have to find something that you love enough to realize that the addiction is standing in the way of that love.  And that is the challenge.  But, you also offer tools in the book that can help people learn how to love themselves out of their addiction.  And that’s really, really beautiful and very empowering.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  And it’s very true.  There must be something you love.  I remember we had, a long time ago – we had a person on this show who talked about addictions and he came to a point where he realized that he loved his kids more than what he was doing.  Or something like that.  And I think that’s a very beautiful testimony to the power of love.

Parthenia:OK.  Well, Kim Michaels Michaels, next week we’re going to go into more detail into Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus.  I can’t wait to share some of the other insights that I got out of the book.  And I want to thank you again for all of the work that you do.  I’m just absolutely amazed at the output of work that you are giving us.  Thank you for joining us on Divine Love Talk. …

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