About the teachings of Kim Michaels

This section contains discussions based on the  teachings of Kim Michaels from the Divine Love Talk radio show.

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NEW BOOK about stopping poverty

October 21-st 2016
Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to...

NEW BOOK about the initiations of purity

October 21-st 2016
The Mystical Initiations of Intention Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming...

NEW BOOK about stopping war

October 21-st 2016
Help the Ascended Masters Stop War Direct revelation from Mother Mary about the spiritual causes of war with 13 invocations for stopping...

NEW BOOK about finding inner peace

October 21-st 2016
Warrior of Peace   The inspiring story of how a young man...
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