Ascended Masters and Shifting Consciousness


July 27, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Kim Michaels, in studio

Ascended Master: St. Germain

Topics: Ascended masters, St. Germain, and shifting consciousness.

Parthenia:OK. I am so delighted to have Kim Michaels back with us this week live in studio on Divine Love Talk. And today we’re introducing a new segment that will become a regular part of the show and it will be titled Messages from the Ascended Masters. Kim Michaels is a designated messenger and today I want to open up with allowing him to explain who the ascended masters are. He’s not a messenger for all of them. There are too many. There are ascended masters, and also angels and archangels. So, I’m going to hand it off to you, Kim.

Kim Michaels:For me, the whole journey towards what I’m doing today started when I realized that there was an alternative to the way I had been brought up. I grew up in the west. Denmark is not so different from the United States. We also have a Christian main religion. And the way it was always portrayed to me was that in the end you have to go to heaven, but there is a gap between where you are now and how you get there. In other words, salvation is dependent on a lot of factors outside yourself that you have no control over. And when I was 18 years old, I found a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. And I know a lot of spiritual people have read that book.

Parthenia:Oh, yeah.

Kim Michaels:And what it did to me, it introduced that for thousands of years, in other countries, they have had a tradition where you don’t see a gap between yourself and what we might call salvation, or a higher state of consciousness. You actually see that you can start right where you are and you can walk a systematic path that leads you to higher states of consciousness, a sense of awareness of who you are. And, for me, that was a revolutionary idea. I’d always sensed that there had to be something more than what I was told, because I could never identify fully with the remote God of the Christian religion or the remote salvation. And I, of course, could never identify with materialism.


Kim Michaels:I knew I was not a materialistic being, but I also sensed that there was something that mainstream religion wasn’t giving me. I needed an understanding. So, when I got that understanding that there is something I can do by changing my own state of consciousness, that was revolutionary for me.

Parthenia:Oh, I agree. Yeah.

Kim Michaels:So, what that did for me, it introduced a whole concept of a spiritual teacher or guru, as it’s commonly called. And (Recording skipped a section.)

Parthenia:(Part of skipped recording.) to in India.

Kim Michaels:I think in India they have a very old tradition where you have a guru who has an ashram. And he takes students who come in there and he tutors them personally.

Parthenia:And he’s essentially a teacher, right, who has reached a higher state of consciousness.

Kim Michaels:Hopefully, he has.

Parthenia:(Laughs.) Yes.

Kim Michaels:Because no guru can take his students higher than his own state of consciousness.


Kim Michaels:And that’s what I realized. And so, in India there is this very old tradition and you have the concept that the student becomes a chela, which actually means a slave; where you are supposed to do everything the guru tells you.

Parthenia:Without question.

Kim Michaels:Yes. And I don’t think that model is very suited for the western mindset.

Parthenia:Not for Americans. No.

Kim Michaels:Well, not for anybody in the west. Not really for anybody in the democratic nations, because we know that we have to question things. We know we have to question authority. That’s how we have moved from a totalitarian society to a democratic society. And, by the way, like we talked about last week, we need to continue to question authority, even in a democracy.


Kim Michaels:So, I think for the western mind, I don’t think we can adopt that Indian model. It never really worked for me. I love the book about the Indian tradition, but I never felt moved to go to India and find a guru. I always felt that I was born in the west for a reason and I needed to find some spiritual teachers that were talking to the western mindset. And so, that’s when I heard about the concept of ascended masters, which are beings who have been in embodiment like us.

Parthenia:They’ve been on the planet. They understand what we’ve gone through and what it takes to get to that next level of what people would call enlightenment, self-realization. Or, what would you call it? Ascension?

Kim Michaels:I would call it basically a higher state of consciousness where we are free from the human condition.

Parthenia:Oh, actually Christ consciousness, right?

Kim Michaels:Well, that’s one way to say it.

Parthenia:Yeah. Oneness with the Divine.

Kim Michaels:For a lot of people Christ consciousness is so associated with Christianity that it has lost its universal meaning. Originally it was a universal concept.

Parthenia:That’s true, because most Christians think if you say Christ consciousness, it excludes Muslims or Buddhists.

Kim Michaels:Most Christians will think it excludes everybody, because only Jesus could attain the Christ consciousness is what mainstream churches say.

Parthenia:Well, that’s true.

Kim Michaels:And that, of course, works against the concept of a spiritual path that all people can follow; if they are willing to do the work.


Kim Michaels:But, it is a higher state of consciousness, where we are free from this human ego, the self-centeredness. We are free from playing all the games. Like you have talked about the movie, Revolver, several times and it’s a good example of the games that people play and how we are all trapped in playing some kind of game. And so, I think you are not going to be open to the concept of ascended masters until you realize you’ve had enough of all these games. You start seeing that so many things are just a game and why am I playing this.

Parthenia:Yeah, and until you’ve had enough teachers that you’ve worked under and you realize: “OK. I’ve gone as far as I can go with that teacher, because they can’t really teach me anymore.” That’s how I ended up finding ascended masters, because I just couldn’t find another teacher. And I did go to India, looking.

Kim Michaels:I think most spiritual people, we have all had to go through various forms of gurus or teachings. And sometimes I feel bad for people who get angry on their guru and feel they have been misled.


Kim Michaels:I’m not saying the gurus don’t abuse the office, because some obviously do. But, still, you need to look at it and say: “This was just part of my path. And I had that experience in order to increase my discernment.” Because, just like Revolver actually says, one of the ways you figure out what to do want is to go through what you don’t want.


Kim Michaels:And so, that’s just part of the experience and I think we’ve all come to that point of saying this is not the kind of guru I want.

Parthenia:OK. And so, now we’re very, very blessed to have someone on the show who can actually tap in directly to the ascended masters and bring us messages directly from a higher level of consciousness and we will be able to share that with the audience. And I’m so thrilled that you have agreed to be willing to share that every week.

Kim Michaels:Sure.

Parthenia:So, even though Kim is here in the studio today and he will be delivering a message during this hour; he will be recording them from here on out when he goes back to Denmark. And we will be delivering them every week on the show, whether he’s traveling or talking to us via Skype. So, I’m very excited to announce that today.

Kim Michaels:It’ll be fun.

Parthenia:OK. So, you let me know when you’re ready and you can start with your delivery.

Kim Michaels:Do we have time in this segment?

Parthenia:Let’s see. How much time do we have left in this segment? Four minutes?

Kim Michaels:Oh. Let’s wait till the next section.

Parthenia:OK. Alright. So, coming up in the next segment we will have the first message from the ascended masters. But, I’d also like to announce that Kim and I are also working on a series of videos called Practical Spirituality for People on the Go. And we’ve already recorded two of them. One of them is for people who feel that they are just too busy to be spiritual. And we’ve also recorded one for people who feel like they have just done too many negative or bad things in their lives and they’re just too far gone to be spiritual. And we will be recording, at least, probably four more before he leaves. And we will be uploading them to Kim’s youtube channel and to my youtube channel. So, I’m very excited to announce that. And also, I want to invite the audience to send us emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any ideas for topics that you would like to have discussed in our series of Practical Spirituality for People on the Go. …

Kim Michaels:That’s very, very true and I think one of the things we talk about in the series is that we can all find some way to fit spirituality into our lives. Because it is really not a matter of doing something to do necessarily; it’s a matter of shifting your awareness.

Parthenia:Yes. And that awareness into this understanding that I am a spiritual being having this physical experience on this planet. And I learned to see the Divine in everything, in particular, the way I did at first was in nature. … Even the people that are playing with the darkness and who are challenging me, they too have a spark in them that sometimes they forget.

Kim Michaels:And sometimes we forget.

Parthenia:We definitely forget when they’re behaving that way. But, I have to remind myself. And that’s how I’m able to forgive and move on.

Kim Michaels:I think it’s important, too, to see everything that happens to you as part of your path. It is an opportunity to grow. And this planet is very good at teaching us what we don’t want. But, that is still a positive lesson, if we turn it into this shift in awareness where we realize that we don’t want to attract more of what we don’t want. And the only way to avoid that is to realize that whatever has happened to us represents a certain state of consciousness, a certain mindset. And if we change our own minds, if we free our own minds from that state of consciousness; we won’t attract the outer circumstances anymore.

Parthenia:And that is very high level thinking; but I do know, having been through exactly what you’re saying, that it’s absolutely true. That when I get the lesson or the blessing in my mess, then it really doesn’t happen again. And so often, we just have to get to this place where we say: “OK. I don’t want this to happen anymore, so help me out.” We surrender.

Kim Michaels:When you start surrendering, you also become willing to look at yourself. I have noticed so many times that if I decide that I don’t want a certain kind of people in my life anymore, because they are negative. After I find out what it is in me that makes me react to these people and surrender that, then I don’t attract them anymore.

Parthenia:And also, sometimes it’s a matter of why are we putting up with that kind of behavior from people and we get to a point where we realize: Oh, I don’t have to keep living up to other people’s expectations and other people’s demands.” Then, you don’t attract them anymore. I’m so excited to have Kim Michaels live in studio today and after commercial break we will come back with his message for this week from the ascended masters. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any special requests or questions that you would like for Kim or myself to address on this show. Divine Love Talk on CRN. And Kim Michaels, you can reach him at


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Kim Michaels and our new segment on messages from the ascended masters. Here is Kim Michaels with our message for the week from the ascended masters. 

St. Germain through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master using the name St. Germain. I am the original sponsor of this nation of America and I am very joyful in being able to speak this way. You may have many questions about what an ascended master is and whether we are real. But, I ask you to consider one question. Do you want to be free?

I am indeed free from the human condition, from the illusion of the separate self. I know I am one with all life. I am one with the formless God. And I am one with the God in form, which is you.

The separate self is almost like when you get into your car. But, the difference is that you do not believe that you become your car by getting into it. But, when you get into the separate self, you believe that you have become a separate being in a world of other separate beings. And therefore, you can no longer connect to the oneness behind the illusion of form and separation.

What you see going on on earth is nothing more than the games played by beings who are trapped in the illusion of separation and who are yearning to be free for it; and therefore, creating all of these manifestations that are so extreme, so painful, and create so much suffering that they finally come to the point of questioning whether this can be all there is to life.

Now, this way of learning to be free is what we call the school of hard knocks. There is nothing wrong with people having the experience of being separate beings. This is part of what planet earth is designed to facilitate. Butwe of the ascended masters, we who have been in embodiment on earth like you are and who have ascended, offer you an alternative to the school of hard knocks. And it is the systematic spiritual path of raising your consciousness.

Now, how can you do this? You need to realize that once you have stepped into the separate self, everything you experience through that separate self will reinforce the illusion of separation. That is why you need something from outside that filter of the separate self in order to realize, first of all, there is a reality outside of separation. And second of all, there is a way for you to overcome the illusion of separation and become free.

That is why we have stepped forward to offer our services on this planet. So that, through our direction, through our teachings, but first of all by receiving our spiritual light; you can walk that path of very gradually, as you are able to handle it without losing your sense of self, to a greater freedom from the human condition.

We are not expecting anyone to make this transition overnight, because we know how difficult it is to walk the spiritual path on planet earth. And that is why we offer a very gradual path, where you can gradually raise your sense of self without losing the sense of continuity that allows you to deal with everyday life.

This is our offering to you. We have offered it in different ways for people at different levels of consciousness. It is a matter of you finding a way that appeals to you. I ask you to consider that you have the ability in your heart to know what is real and unreal by sensing what it does to your energies, to your vibration. You can know in your heart whether this message has raised your vibration or lowered it. And if it has raised it, you will know I am real.

Parthenia:Thank you. Wow. That was powerful and very direct and simple. I think pretty much anybody would be able to understand that. Thank you, St. Germain. And St. Germain is definitely one of my teachers. I've been very much connected to you. So, thank you, St. Germain. And thank you, Kim Michaels, for being willing to be a vessel to bring this message to the masses. So, we will be back with more of Kim Michaels and his message from the ascended masters. We'll be discussing that. And more ways that you can enjoy practical spirituality for busy people who are on the go. You are listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And you can contact Kim Michaels at


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN and my co-host, Kim Michaels, who just delivered his first message from the ascended masters. I was rather surprised, but also delighted that it was St. Germain who showed up. I was kind of thinking it was going to be Mother Mary. I love her forthrightness, but it was appropriate that St. Germain would show up. So, why don't you introduce the audience to who is St. Germain and why he would have showed up today.

Kim Michaels:St. Germain is an ascended master. He has been in embodiment many times on earth and he ascended in the 1600s. So, he has been an ascended master for some time. And he is the primary ascended master who sponsors the United States. In the 1600s he was trying to work with the kings of Europe to create a United States of Europe.

Parthenia:Napoleon. And also, who was the other king?

Kim Michaels:Well, many of the kings. Louis XIV. And many of the kings at that time. And he was trying to get them to look beyond their self-interests to create a United Europe. And when that didn't happen, after he was ascended; he inspired the founding fathers. The founding fathers, some of them, were in a sense messengers for St. Germain, even though they may not have been consciously aware of it and they didn't state it outright. But the whole concept of Uncle Sam is actually the idea of St. Germain sponsoring the United States. And his idea, of course, was to create a nation that was a bastion for freedom for the world.

Parthenia:And he is on the seventh ray of freedom, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

Kim Michaels:Yes.

Parthenia:And that's definitely my ray. I mean, those principles have always been so important to me. And I think people can figure out what ray. There are seven rays. Like this year, we are on the third ray of love. And I think it's kind of important for people to kind of figure that out.

Kim Michaels:There are seven spiritual rays, as you said. And on transcendencetoolbox you can find more teachings about the rays and their characteristics. But what's important to know is that if you are an American, you definitely have a special tie to the seventh ray of freedom. Otherwise, you wouldn't have chosen to embody here. And the United States really is – In St. Germain's vision it is the basis for freedom. And that's why, of course, he's very concerned about the fact that it has been turned into not quite being as free as he envisioned.

Parthenia:We have the illusion of freedom, but we still hear – Like the first thing you would hear a patriotic American say is that: “We are free! We are the most free nation in the world.” Because they know we should be.

Kim Michaels:Yes! People tie into that. I think many, many Americans tie into that flame of St. Germain. But what we sometimes lack is the wisdom of the mother to look at the actual conditions and say: “Are we really as free as we know we should be?” And I think that ties in with what St. Germain was saying in this message that freedom is in the mind. It starts in the mind and really, like we talked about, there is a spiritual path. And you could say that the goal of the spiritual path is to free yourself from the human condition.


Kim Michaels:Because, really, no nation can be more free than the consciousness of it's citizens.


Kim Michaels:And we have to realize that there is a collective consciousness in any nation. And that the kind of leaders we get is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the people.

Parthenia:I agree. There's a saying that you get the leaders you deserve.

Kim Michaels:And that's because that's all you can recognize. If a leader with a higher state of consciousness than most people decided to run for office, people wouldn't recognize him. They wouldn't be able to vote for him. I mean, some people would, of course. And that's why it is so important to have the concept of a spiritual path. Because if you want to change a nation, of course, you have to do an alpha and omega. You do have to work actively to change society and speak out and do other things. But really, the driving force behind any kind of change is a change in consciousness. And that means that some people must be the forerunners for changing their consciousness.

Parthenia:Right. Explain to the audience what you mean by alpha and omega. I know it's beginning and end, but that's our interpretation of it.

Kim Michaels:In everything in life there is usually two polarities. We have the masculine and the feminine, which is the alpha and omega. And the masculine is often the underlying cause and the feminine is the more practical, detailed. How do we deal with the practical conditions? So, that's what I'm saying, you have the alpha, which is shifting consciousness. And the omega is, of course, going out and working in society, being active, being aware.

Parthenia:The practical aspect of applying it and making it work. OK.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. And speaking out. Just like you've been doing all your life.


Kim Michaels:And many people are doing in this age. But it really starts with a shift in consciousness. Because you can't really get a momentum on all the practical things, unless there are some people that are the forerunners for raising their consciousness.

Parthenia:You're right. I've had to be willing to be the crazy one, who's coming up with the ideas that people aren't quite ready to accept. But sort of planting the seeds so that the consciousness can blossom. And if you're a forerunner, you can't be afraid of what people are going to think about you or what they're going to say. You just have to know that the time has come to put that idea out there. And just be patient and know that within a certain time span it will blossom.

Kim Michaels:But what you've also been willing to do, Parthenia, is you have been willing to work on yourself and face your own consciousness.


Kim Michaels:And that is where some people get stuck in always projecting that the problem is out there. And therefore, they start working against other people. And this is, essentially, what St. Germain was also talking about that people get trapped in these games of the separate self. And unfortunately, you see some people who are open to new ideas or who are open to the flame of freedom; but then they get trapped in thinking that the way to be more free is to defeat or destroy the forces of anti-freedom. And then, you go into this struggle against other people.

Parthenia:Epic battles.

Kim Michaels:And that really doesn't help to promote freedom. What helps is that you say – It's not that you become passive, but it's that you realize that I first have to free my own consciousness from the consciousness of the people that are opposing my freedom. Because when they can't touch me anymore in my consciousness, when they can't force me to react a certain way; then I'm free. And then, you can actually go and speak out in society in a much more constructive way, where you're not fighting other people.

Parthenia:I agree. And I had to get to that point. And I've been telling people the same thing, but the have to have their own experience of it. … And so, we have to know that we deserve certain basic human rights. And just stand up and say: “No.” And at some point the power structure, the authority figure will go: “Well, what am I going to do with this person? Because they've decided that they're not going to be oppressed anymore.”

Kim Michaels:Well see, that's the key to freedom; because what we see before the creation of the United States – We saw societies that had physical oppression and slavery and dictatorship. And, of course, we see it in the world today, also. But what we stepped up to with the United States and other democratic nations was really the necessity of us realizing that freedom starts in the mind. Because if you look at it, even in a totalitarian society; the power elite cannot physically suppress all people.

Parthenia:Exactly. Not enough jails. Not enough military.

Kim Michaels:You can't kill everybody. And you can't get people to kill their own family members. There will come a limit. So, even in a totalitarian society there has always been this projection, there's intimidation that you can't be free. And when people accept a certain condition; then it will trap them.

Parthenia:Oh, absolutely.

Kim Michaels:And that's what we have been manipulated into doing, even in the United States.

Parthenia:Is voluntarily giving up our freedoms.

Kim Michaels:Yes. Because we have been intimidated into thinking: “Oh, this is the way it has to be.”

Parthenia:And what are we going do? So many people say: “Well, it's impossible.” And even just the concept of being free of war or free of famine or free of oppression; it's still very difficult for people to wrap their heads around the fact that it is possible. But I know that I have to keep saying it. And if I keep saying it, because I know it is true. Because I've overcome so many forms of oppression as a female that you just have to step into it and own it. …

Kim Michaels:And I think we also have to realize we're not the only one. Because there are many other people who are at that level of consciousness where they are just ready to step out. Basically, it starts by recognizing, like St. Germain was saying in the message, you are not a material being. You are a spiritual being who has come into this world, but you have not become the separate self, the human self, by stepping into it. It's just a vehicle. And we can really raise our consciousness so we stop identifying with it. And when we stop identifying with the human self; there's going to be no power on this world who can really control us.

Parthenia:Oh. Absolutely. And think that when we realize that we create our own limitations; we can choose to stay inside of that box, or step outside of it. It's like those trained elephants where they chain them to a big heavy chain. And then, you can put them with a tiny little rope and they won't even try to break it; because they've accepted that I can't break this chain.

Kim Michaels:Yep. That's very true.

Parthenia:And we have to realize that nothing – When we move into that mindset: “With God, all things are possible.” That's a very powerful statement. Then, we can kind of step into the realm of the impossible.

Kim Michaels:And what the ascended masters offer us is basically – They are sort of the missing link between us and God. Because they're the ones who have been in embodiment on earth. They know what we're going through. And they are actually the link in the spiritual hierarchy that is right above us. So, it is their task to step down the spiritual light from God. Because the spiritual light that comes directly from God is such a high vibration; it would just burn us, just like if we got too close to the sun.


Kim Michaels:And so, the ascended masters step it down to what we can handle. And so, if we really want to change society; there is really only one way to do it. We have to bring more spiritual light into the material realm. But because of the law of free will, that can only happen through individual people who open our minds to receive that light. And that is one of the really important aspects of walking the path. 

Parthenia:One of the things I've appreciated about the ascended masters – And all Christians are familiar with Jesus and Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, but very few other ascended masters. – But they've always been there. I remember as a child, they were always there for me during very, very turbulent times. And I've always been able to rely on them. And I have this infinite gratitude for their patience with us and for their willingness to just be there, when we open up to their presence and to their help.

Kim Michaels:And that's important to understand. Because I've had people say: “Well, why don't the masters just prove that they are real so nobody can deny it?” But that's because the law of free will mandates that there has to be – on a planet like earth there has to be plausible deniability. Because one of the experiences that people want to have on this earth is that they are separate beings.

Parthenia:And to pretend that God doesn't exist.

Kim Michaels:And play the game. And so, it has to be possible to deny that there is a God or to say that God is only the remote being in the sky, portrayed by many traditional religions.

Parthenia:Thank you for bringing that up, because I remember encountering the law of – What? Plausibility? How did you say it?

Kim Michaels:Plausible deniability.

Parthenia:Oh. Plausible deniability. And I didn't like that when I first encountered it. I was like – But. Yeah. If they would just show themselves, then maybe people would stop acting so crazy. But you're right. Then the whole paradigm for earth couldn't exist anymore.

Kim Michaels:And that's where we have sort of been brought up with a non-realistic view of the planet. We think this is the only world with intelligent beings. We have to realize there are millions of planets in the universe and earth is one of the lowest in terms of consciousness. And so, people are here to have that experience of the separate self. And it's perfectly fine that they have it. And they are allowed to have it for as long as they want it, within reason. And it is really a matter of coming to the point where you say you've had enough of it. Because the earth is meant to give us two experiences. One is the immersion experience. I'm a separate being. The other is the awakening experience, where you realize you are really connected to all life. And what is going to shift you is that enough people start waking up.

Parthenia:Right. Well, I had to laugh when you were saying that we are one of the lowest planets; because I've always found it so arrogant, even as a child, that we thought that we were the highest form of intelligence in the universe.

Kim Michaels:Oh, yeah.

Parthenia:And just look at this planet. It's laughable that we think that we're so evolved.

Kim Michaels:If you think there is a God and he's a benevolent God and you're looking at earth and saying: “This is the best he could do?”

Parthenia:(Laughs.) Right.

Kim Michaels:We have to realize this is the best we could do; but we can do better, if we're willing to raise our consciousness.

Parthenia:Exactly. And God gets a really bad rap. He gave us free will and then we want him to take it away. Thank you for joining us in this segment of our first message from the ascended masters. We'll be back, after commercial break, wrapping this up with Kim Michaels in studio, live and in person. Thank you for joining us. Be sure to send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. … And you can reach Kim Michaels at We'll be back after commercial break. Divine Love Talk on

Parthenia:OK. This has been so exciting launching our new segment on messages from the ascended masters. And I feel very honored and very blessed to be able to share this amazing source of knowledge and growth with my audience. So, be sure and send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know what topics you would life for us to cover and any questions that are burning on your mind that you would like for the ascended masters to address in their weekly segment. And Kim, I'm so grateful that you are willing to be this vessel and this messenger for this material.

Kim Michaels:It's an honor and a privilege for me to serve in this way.

Parthenia:You're heading back this week and it's been whirl wind. The conference has been wonderful. We've released a lot of light. I mean the ascended masters released a lot of light over America and, in particular, Los Angeles. I can feel a lot of shifts happening within me and in the environment.

Kim Michaels:It's was a really powerful conference. And it's always powerful when people get together. And I think that's where we have to realize, like you said earlier, we are not alone. And if we can come together in some way, even coming together and agreeing that we want a new paradigm; this is very, very powerful.

Parthenia:And I think we do forget the power in numbers. And that scripture where Jesus said: “Where one (two) or more of you are gathered in my name, that there I am.” And the multiplication of our intentions and our efforts.

Kim Michaels:And that's where we have to realize that when he said my name, he didn't mean you just go in and say: “Oh, Jesus, Jesus.” He meant in the Christ consciousness, which is when you see the oneness of all life. So, when you are in that state of oneness and then you decide that: “We will no longer tolerate these conditions in our nation.” It has a very powerful effect.

Parthenia:And I've seen that throughout my life. It's always been a very, very small group, and sometimes just a couple of individuals, or one person who has come, who has just come into this mindset, this intention that – If you look at Gandhi, look, he set an intention and millions of people helped support him in that, getting rid of the oppression of the British rule. And Martin Luther King did the same thing here with desegregation. So, it does just take one person to wake up.

Kim Michaels:It does. Yeah. But there is also really a power in people coming together, like you saw with the founding fathers. None of them could have done it alone, because they needed to support each other.


Kim Michaels:And it's again this – I think the law of free will – It is powerful that one person changes his or her consciousness. But it is not going to shift an entire nation, unless more people do it.

Parthenia:Join together.

Kim Michaels:There needs to be a certain critical mass of people who are deciding we've had enough of the old. We want a new paradigm.

Parthenia:And I think we need to remember it doesn't have to be millions in the beginning.

Kim Michaels:No.

Parthenia:It can just be this small little mass that comes together. And we're beginning that right here on Divine Love Talk on CRN. The two of us creating this mastermind, deciding that we wanted to do it, and opening the door for the ascended masters. And for all of you to join us in this effort to raise our consciousness and, thereby, raising the consciousness of the planet. Thank you so much joining us for this special segment and for joining us every week on Divine Love Talk, where we're so privileged to be able to speak freely on all subjects of the heart. We will be back next week sharing another message from the ascended masters. And we will also be bringing in new guests every week, as well. So, thank you joining us and thank you Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:And thank you, St. Germain, for showing up. Alright. We'll see you guys next week on Divine Love Talk.



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels


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