Taking Sex to a Higher Level


February 8, 2016  Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-hosts: Kim Michaels and Dr. Sarah Larson

Guests: Zarathustra. Second half, Dr. James Beard joins.

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Talking freely about sex. What does love have to with sex? Kim’s book, The Mystical Initiations of Love, is mentioned.

Parthenia:(First part of recording missing.) … 32 years ago created a paradigm shift for the way that women were looking at relationships. And what I've seen over the past 32 years is a lot of women decided: “OK. Well, if men want to play and be a player, I can play better than him at this game. And if they want to shut their heart down and be afraid to love again, I can shut my heart down and I can play, as well.” (Plays the song, What's Love Got to do With It, by Tina Turner.) OK. So, that song I thought fit this Valentine’s Day show, because I think we need to answer that question. What does love have to with sex? … So, Kim, I'm gonna deliver this to you to open it up from the ascended master perspective from your book, The Mystical Initiations of Love. So, what does love have to do with sex, from a higher perspective?

Kim Michaels:Well, I think we need to start by saying sex is not a sin.


Kim Michaels:That was not what caused the fall. Many Christians actually believe that was what caused the fall in the Garden of Eden and why we have been thrown out. And therefore, sex is a sin and it's dirty and it's something we shouldn't talk about.

Parthenia:Very good.

Kim Michaels:And I think that before can get anywhere, we have to get over this unwillingness to talk about it in a rational way. Just like we talk about any other topic.


Kim Michaels:When you think about it, why should this be a taboo? Why should this be different from any other topic in the world?

Parthenia:I'm with you 100%. Great lead in. Dr. Sarah.

(Sarah brings in a scientific view-point and she and Parthenia continue to talk about committed relationships and the effects on society.)

Parthenia:And it affects their ability to trust. And so, I think what we have to do is take the perversion out of sex and bring the sacred into it. And now, I'm going to bring Zarathustra into the conversation. And I'm sure you have to something to add.

Zarathustra:Well, if we go back to the ancient time, to tantra, and the definition of tantra sexuality, which is divine oneness through the union of the two opposites.

Parthenia:Ohhh. Alright. Thank you for that. Yeah.

Zarathustra:The two opposites come together. They melt into each other. And the two lose their identity as two individual, separate ones into the one. And they become that.


Zarathustra:So what happened is that, whether the church or the society or the religion connected sex, our sexuality to fear and shame. And I think mainly it's because of control. So, I think our sexual energy is our number one connection to God.

(They continue to discuss that we are born from sex.)

Parthenia:So, again it comes back to bringing back into the sex and into our relationships with each other. So, Kim, I'm going to bring it back to you. How do we do that?

Kim Michaels:How do we do that? I think we have to start by realizing that we are spiritual beings. And if we are walking a spiritual path, we have to overcome all of these lower impulses. And what you were talking about with men, who can compartmentalize and disassociate sex from love; I actually think it's a very unhealthy tendency, because it shows that there is a division in the psyche of the men. And you compartmentalize by shutting off your feelings. And that cannot possibly be healthy. Anybody who knows anything about psychology will tell you that.

Parthenia:Yes. And I'm a psychologist and I will say that that is absolutely correct. That if you cut yourself off from the flow of love – I've said this before on the show, that women will give sex in exchange for love. And men, in the old paradigm will tell a woman that they love her in exchange for sex. So, what I see, in terms of healing this wound, is that men and women need to be extremely upfront and extremely honest about who they are, what their expectations are, and what their consciousness level is about sex before they have sex. Not, after they have sex. …

(Parthenia and Zarathustra discuss the topic until they arrive at loving yourself first. Then Parthenia brings up the man being the hunter and hunting the prey in the relationship until he catches it. Sarah also contributes and it goes into not being our DNA, that our DNA can change.)

Parthenia:You're not a stereotype. Because you're in a male body, you're not limited to a particular role. Let me bring Kim in on this. So, Kim, what is your perspective about the male being hard-wired, created, DNA, to be the hunter to hunt women? …

Kim Michaels:I think we have to become more than our genes. I mean that may be a genetic programming, but, come on, that was the stone age. (Parthenia and Sarah laugh.) We have come a long way since then.

Parthenia:I hope.

Kim Michaels:There was a time when a man wanted a woman, he hit her over the head with a wooden club and dragged her into another part of the cave. And we're not doing that anymore, I sincerely hope. … We have to be better than that. I know there are men who don't respect women at all, but do they have no self-respect?

(An attempt is made to continue, but the music starts to indicate a commercial break.)

Sarah:drsarahlarson.com Find us on Divine Love Talk on facebook.

Parthenia:Absolutely. And Kim Michaels at transcendencetoolbox. And I am at doctorparthenia.com.


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Kim Michaels with his weekly message from the ascended masters. Kim Michaels.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I am happy talking about sex. We, in the ascended realm, have no reluctance to talk about a topic that is so important for so many people and that is so important to the dark forces, who seek to manipulate you and steal your energy.

Let me give you a hint, my beloved, anytime there is a topic that is important to people; but that they are reluctant to talk about, you can be absolutely sure that the dark forces have manipulated that situation. There is nothing they like better than creating a situation where there is a problem between two groups of people. And then, setting it up so that they are not able to talk about it; and therefore, can never solve the problem, or can never even become conscious of what is involved in the problem.

What has been going on in the western world is that more and more people have become more conscious of the topics of relationships and sexuality. And this is, of course, perfectly good. But, of course, the dark forces have not just sat back and watched this, whatever you call it, sexual revolution. They have attempted to guide it in the wrong direction. And they have done so in many different ways, too many to list here.

But I can assure you, my beloved, that one of the ways they have done this, is to create a situation where the more openness about sexuality, that replaced the very closed attitude that you had before, has been taken advantage of by, not so much men, as the forces who are using men. Many men may think that they have been liberated sexually, and that they now have a free license to have sex with as many women as possible. But what they do not realize, is that this comes at a very heavy cost, energy wise.

You cannot, as was described, disassociate your feelings from sexuality, without having your energy stolen by dark forces. It cannot be done. If you are having sex and you have no deeper feelings for each other, whether you're a man or a woman; your energies are being stolen by dark forces. This will cost you, in the long run. And you will see that there are people who have lived the sexual revolution and also the freedom of experimenting with drugs, who look ten or twenty years older than their physical age. If you could see the energy fields of these people; you would see that many of them have become empty shells that have no vital energy within them.

If you want, as spiritual people, to transcend this pattern, where you are being manipulated by dark forces; you need to have respect for yourself and, of course, for you partner. There is absolutely no way that you can avoid having your energy stolen, if you have sex based on a superficial, sexual, physical desire. It cannot be done, my beloved. It cannot be done! I can assure you.

And so, you need to decide, as a spiritual person, that this is not the way you want. You do not want to be a cow that is milked for your energy by these dark forces, who have no respect for you, or any other human being. This then, necessitates that you get serious about a spiritual path. I am not here telling you not to have sex. I am telling you to take it to a higher level, where you do not disassociate it from love.

There is really no spiritual meaning in having sex, unless there is genuine love. What most people do, when they seek sex from a lower motivation, is that they seek to cover the emptiness inside themselves. But this is precisely what the spiritual path is all about, is discovering your true inner essence; so that you do not feel empty inside, because you know who you are, as a spiritual being. And therefore, you no longer need to have sex in order to cover emptiness. You can have it without having a deficit. And you can have it in a much higher way that would be much more enjoyable and fulfilling to both parties.

Parthenia:Alright. Thank you so much for that, Kim. And thank you, Mother Mary, for coming in and talking to us on this topic. We'll be back with Zarathustra clarifying some points. And definitely, we want to talk about Mother Mary's dictation. And James Beard will be coming up, joining us after commercial break. ...


Parthenia:Welcome back to Divine Love Talk. We've got James Beard joining us. James, are you there?


Parthenia:Alright. I'm so sorry you missed Kim's dictation. And I know all you know is we're talking about what's love got to do with sex.


Parthenia:OK. So, Zarathustra has a comment that he didn't get to finish. And then, I'm going to bring you right in. And then, we'll elaborate; because that was a wonderful dictation from Mother Mary. OK. So, Zarathustra.

Zarathustra:I'd just like to make a comment regarding what my co-host, Kim Michaels, made about the statement from Mother Mary. To me, it's like there is a lot of guilt and shame attached to that statement.

Parthenia:Which statement?

Zarathustra:He just made.

Parthenia:But which one. He made a lot.

Zarathustra:Regarding what Mother Mary has said that if you're having sex with somebody without love, you're getting pulled into a lower level of consciousness. To me, it's like there is a lot of guilt and shame attached to that statement.

Parthenia:Oh, the energy drain. OK. I just need you to clarify, because James didn't hear it.

Zarathustra:Right. But what I'm saying is: “OK. Why don't we just go to very basic stuff? What's wrong with just having sex with somebody? You don't have to be in love with them. And you just desire, your carnal desires, and you want to have sex with them. Why do we have to attach so many stories to it, that you have to be in love? …

(James talks about Kundalini energy.)

Parthenia:Now, Kim, can I get your perspective? And then, I'll get Dr. Sarah in on it.

Kim Michaels:I think there wasn't really any shame or guilt, as I read this, what Mother Mary said.

Parthenia:I agree.

Kim Michaels:I read it as she was simply saying you gotta realize it's going to cost you. And if you want to pay the price, there's no problem with it. You have free will. But you will pay the price energetically and there's no way around it, is what she was saying.

Parthenia:OK. I totally got that. And I'm in agreement. And I have seen exactly what she's talking about. People who are my same age, that I grew up with in the sixties and they were all into the free love, the sex, drugs, and rock and roll; they all look twenty to thirty years older than me. ...

(Sarah, James and Zarathustra continue the discussion.)

Parthenia:Kim, I'd like to bring you into the discussion real quick.

Kim Michaels:I'm not really an expert on this with children. It's a new concept to me. So, I don't really have a comment on it, at this point. I don't agree that it's too late for the adults; because, obviously, nothing is ever too late for us on the spiritual path. We need to change. And I don't think it's gonna happen, until we look at what Mother Mary was saying: “Why are we having sex? We're trying to cover over this emptiness.” And that is the essence of the spiritual path is that you learn to find that inside yourself, that sense of wholeness. I think you were absolutely right, Parthenia, that not only women feel empty or violated after sex; but men do too. They just don't admit it.

(The others continue the discussion until commercial break.)


Parthenia:OK. We're wrapping this up. … Kim, what would you like to leave the audience with on this topic?

Kim Michaels:First of all, that we have to be able to talk freely about sexuality. And I think that this discussion shows that. And I think it's very, very important to look at ourselves as spiritual people and say that: “If we feel reluctant to talk about it, if there's any kind of taboo; then we're being manipulated.” And we need to raise ourselves above it and just be able to talk freely. And think it's wonderful to be able to do that.

(They wrap up the show.)



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