A Little Bit of Heaven


October 12, 2015 Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Heather Powers and Jason Michael, also Jose Munoz, and Nandhiji.

Topics: Little Bit of Heaven, a song by Heather Powers (itunes)

Parthenia:… Heather Lynn Powers, who is live in studio. She'll be doing a song, live, called Beloved. And later on I asked her to – We'll be playing her amazing song called a Little Bit of Heaven, which is very Rumiesque and it's integrating perfectly the love of the beloved and the love of the divine. I don't think you're going to be able to tell the difference between the two with the song. She has a very angelic voice and I'm excited to bring her on live today on Divine Love Talk. And, of course, as usual, we have Kim Michaels, who will be delivering his message from the ascended masters. And I asked him to hang in there afterwards, so that he can add some insight about how we can bring a little bit of heaven into our lives and on earth. We talk about peace on earth, but how about a little bit of heaven?

Heather:Yes. I like that.

Parthenia:OK. And Heather brought her beloved with her in studio. What's your name again?

Jason:Jason Michael

Parthenia:Jason Michael will be joining us in the discussion. And, of course, on hold, I have Jose Munoz, who is our – He's a historian for the Mayan culture and the Timekeeper of the new Six Sun Calendar. So, Jose, I'll have you start it off with our glyph for today. I also have Nandhiji holding on and he'll be giving us a little sutra from his book, Mastery of Consciousness. We have a great show lined up.

Heather:So good.

(Jose gives the glyph. Nandhiji gives the Sutra. Heather sings Beloved. Parthenia, Heather and Jason discuss giving and receiving love.)

Heather:… For my own journey, when we think that love is something we receive from outside of ourselves; we have a hard time understanding really, truly how to give it. And so, I think life offers the opportunity to strip away and get to a point sometimes where we have no other source coming in so that we are rendered surrendered.

Parthenia:Oh. In order to surrender.

Heather:In order to receive that love that is only coming from within.


Heather:And so that we can give it and receive it from another and extend it and reflect it.

(They continue the discussion.)


Parthenia:Here we go. Kim? Alright, Kim?

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:You're on the air. Go ahead.

Kim Michaels:I'm ready. Thank you.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I have spoken several times about the topic of men and women. Let me go one step further and talk about why men and women cannot give and receive love to each other.

You cannot, of course, give and receive love when you are in a state of war or competition. There are many who will say that there is a war between the sexes on this planet. But I say there is no war in the real world. Men and women are both created by God and as extensions of God. The biblical creation story is not correct. Men were not created first and women as an afterthought. As the Tai Chi more accurately depicts, men and women were created at the same time.

Why do men and women have bodies that need to come together in a physical union in order to produce new life? It is a symbol for the fact that only when men and women come together in harmony can the human race fulfill its highest potential on both the personal level and on the level of society. How can men and women come together, unless they can give and receive love? How can they do this, unless they understand that there is no real conflict? That the conflict is artificially created.

Many of you have seen an old movie called The Matrix, which presents the idea that human beings are living in a world of illusion and that there is a real world outside of it. What is not correct in the movie is that the artificial world is not created through technology; it is created only in the mind. There is a parallel world to the physical/material world. In fact, there are three parallel worlds. We have given extensive teachings on this. One parallel world is the emotional realm, where there are beings that seek to control human beings and create conflict between the sexes through your emotions. Another parallel world is the mental realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your thoughts. And finally, there is the identity realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your sense of identity.

I have said before that men and women are not really men and women. You are universal souls who are only in this lifetime expressing yourself through a physical body that has a physical sex. So, you need to ask yourself: If there is no real conflict, where does the conflict exist between men and women? I have said there are forces in the three other realms that are seeking to control you; but they do not have physical power to control you. So, how do they control you? Only in your minds.

This means that the conflict between men and women exists only in your minds. It also means that it can be resolved only in the mind. Of course, it is important to do things in society to create greater equality. But, you will not truly resolve the conflict until a critical mass of people begin to awaken to the fact that most people live in a state of illusion; because they do not understand the basic dynamic of planet earth.

Planet earth is an educational institution that is designed to give you a specific experience. You start out as a being who thinks that you live in a real world and that this world has power over you; not only physically, but also power over your mind. This is the illusion that is still blinding most people on this planet. Those of you who are spiritual people are beginning to awaken from this illusion. And you can do much to awaken yourselves faster by making use of our teachings and tools that are designed for this very purpose. We need both men and women. We need a critical mass of them to awaken themselves by taking responsibility for your own state of mind, by overcoming systematically the illusions that separate men and women from each other by separating them from their higher selves. This is the very key to bringing in a golden age on earth.

Parthenia:Thank you so much, Kim Michaels and Mother Mary, for that amazing discourse. Go to www.transcendencetoolbox.com to get some of those tools Mother Mary mentioned. I'm Dr. Parthenia Grant with Divine Love Talk and Heather Powers in studio.


Parthenia:OK, we’re back with Heather Powers and her beloved Jason Michael. They were absolutely blown away by that dictation, Kim. Are you still on the line?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I'm here.

Parthenia:OK. So, I'll let you guys comment. 

Heather:Oh, my word! We sat here and listened and our whole ministry together, our whole message together, is divine balance and divine partnership and how significant that is to the shifting of the planet. Masculine and feminine coming into harmony with each other. And so, Kim, thank you! Thank you. Thank you.

Kim Michaels:You're welcome.

Heather:Mother Mary is SO present.

Parthenia:Yes. Thank you Mother Mary.

Jason:We love you, Mama.

Parthenia:Yeah. I saw tears crop into Heather's eyes. And Jason just went: “Alleluia!”

Heather:Yes. Yes.

Jason:My whole heart just expanded so big.

Heather:We are in the flow. So, thank you for being in the flow with us.

Parthenia:Always on time and on the money. So, Kim, since you won't be able to hear the actual song when it's played; I asked Jason to read the lyrics right quick. Because they're actually very, very powerful. And the song is done as a duet, balancing the masculine and feminine. I'm so sorry you can't hear it, Kim.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:But the actual harmony and blending of their voices is magical. So, would you give the lyrics right quick for Kim's benefit?

Jason:I would love to. I would love to. OK. “I've been missing a place ...”

(They discuss a little and Heather sings and they discuss her inspiration for co-writing it.)

Parthenia:Well, Kim, I'm so sorry you couldn't hear the music on Skype.

Kim Michaels:I could hear it. There's something called youtube, you know.

Parthenia:AHHHH! (Laughter.)

Heather:Very good.

Parthenia:Alright. You definitely want to check it out. It's really, really beautiful. But the fact that there's a man and a woman singing the song and it blends so beautifully. Kim, I want your thoughts on the whole theme today with bringing a little bit of heaven into our personal lives. And through that, I think that that's how we're going to bring it on earth.

Kim Michaels:That's what my work is all about, of course, is to empower us, each one, to reach for our higher selves. Because I think it was very beautiful what Heather said earlier about giving and receiving love. And I think we actually, most of us, are afraid of love. And I think one of the reasons why we actually often reject love is that, those of us who are spiritual – We may know this consciously, but we are actually pushing away from us everything that holds back our spiritual growth.


Kim Michaels:And there's nothing that hold back our spiritual growth more than the idea that there's something outside of ourselves that is going to complete us. 



Kim Michaels:And this can be anything from another person to a spiritual guru to money or fame or fortune, whatever.

Parthenia:Well, would you elaborate on that, Kim? That specific point.

Kim Michaels:I think we are sub-consciously pushing away the idea that there is another human being who is going to complete us. Because completeness can only come from within. And it only comes from oneness with our higher self. And I actually feel that until you reach a certain degree of oneness with your higher self, you can't attract a love partner that you can have a real relationship with. What we do most of the time is we attract people that we think are going to complete us. But then, after a short or long time, we realize they don't. And then, the relationship falls apart.

Parthenia:OK. So, Kim, I have a question. And Heather, I want your input and your beloved. OK. So, I appreciate what you just said, Kim. At the same time, though, you have so many people on this planet who have never received unconditional love from their parents. And so, our parents are sort of gods for us. And so, that, in and of itself, prevents the people from even trying to make the connection to the divine. And so, that's why there is this part of me that says: “Well, how do you actually help people like that receive love and open up to love; when they've never had that experience of it from another human being on an unconditional level?” And that's something that Rumi was very much trying to convey, that you've got to be able to experience that and fall in love with the beloved. And then, there's your direct connection to the divine. So, Kim, what's your thought on that before I bring Heather in?

Kim Michaels:I think it's not necessary that you receive unconditional love from another human being. It is certainly helpful if you do. But what is necessary is that you come to that realization that it's really – And Lynn said that beautifully, or Heather said that beautifully, in the beginning that you can really only receive it from inside yourself.

Parthenia:Well, and we know that's true. I'm still trying to get – So, maybe, Heather, you can address this. How do we get people to open and receive that there is love of the divine and it's inside of you? How do you connect with that when people have never experienced it?

Heather:Right. OK. So, I think that there are a couple ways that it kind of demonstrates in our life. I think for some of us, we get brought to a point where we realize that the way that our life has been and the construct of it isn't satisfying. And so, there is a dismantling, or a deconstruction, that happens where we just surrender: “There's got to be more. There's got to be more!” 

Parthenia:The dark night of the soul.

Heather:Yeah. And a lot of us who have come out of a Christian background, where Jesus or God, is outside of us. And we're being told about this abundant life that we're supposed to be living; but have no idea how to receive it, because we're wretched. ...

(Jason joins the discussion and the three continue.)

Heather:… I think that's where all of humanity is going is that for us to be channels of the divine love and then have it radiate is how the whole earth shifts.

Parthenia:OK. Kim, what are your thoughts on that?

Kim Michaels:I totally agree. I think we have to come to that point where we receive love from inside of ourselves. Then, we can have a relationship that isn't based on lack, that isn't based on wanting somebody else to complete us. Then, we can have a relationship that's based on giving, instead of taking.

Parthenia:But also, don't you find that a lot of people in the spiritual movement are really givers; but, at the same time, the irony is they have a hard time receiving?

Heather:Yes. Oh, my god. I can't you – 

Parthenia:What's that all about? (Laughs.)

Heather:This conversation is so critical and it's coming up over and over again. I think the idea that we have been trained with, that we are to be selfless means that we deny ourselves. And the truth is until we learn to love ourselves, which we are the beloved.

Parthenia:Yes. That's so true!

Heather:When love that truly and embrace of us, all of the shadows, when we really look at the truth of who we are; whether we feel that we're flawed in certain areas or not. When we start receiving that way, then we can give from a place that is a resource that is limitless. It's living water that now flows from us.

Parthenia:We are the beloved. Jason.

Jason:So, something that's really come out that's overwhelming my heart is that I think I lot of us don't know how to receive it because we don't trust it.

Parthenia:Right! Because we've been betrayed by it.


Jason.:Betrayed. Abandoned.

Parthenia:And let down. And deceived. With people who really didn't love, but they were masquerading as that. And we're afraid of that.

Jason:And that's the greatest work is to learn to trust again and again and again; because love will heal, true love will heal.

Heather:But it requires trust. Yeah.

Parthenia:I agree. Kim, before we go to commercial break, what are your thoughts?

Kim Michaels:I would like to say to Heather that if you go on my website, transcendencetoolbox.com; you will find a lot of verses there that rhyme and everything. And if you ever feel like putting music to any of them, you're most welcome to do so.

(Parthenia belly laughs.)


Kim Michaels:I think you should write a song about what you just said.


Kim Michaels:Because that was a very beautiful way you said it. And I think that there is a lot of material there for songs.

Parthenia:Alright. Yeah. That would be beautiful. Because her voice is angelic. OK. So, you're listening to Heather Powers. Her new album, you can get a Little Bit of Heaven on it. It's called.



Heather:You can get it on itunes. Yeah.

Parthenia:You can get it on itunes. So, go out and check it out. Oh my god. It's so amazing. I kept listening to it over and over. ...


Parthenia:… What would you say that we can do to bring a little bit of heaven into our every day relationships? Heather.

Heather:Oh, my word! That is a very multi-faceted question and answer. But what I would say is the biggest thing that we are discovering in our own journey is really committing to daily figuring out how to love ourselves and our whole being. And accept those things in us that are out of balance, in order to bring them in balance. And you can do that without a beloved.

Parthenia:Oh, for sure. You have to do that anyway. That's the work.

Heather:That is the work. And that's where it starts. It's so funny. There's so much about twin flame relationships and everything. And honestly, we don't really manifest the love, true love, until we've done some of that.

Parthenia:The work.

Heather:The work. And the outward is only a manifestation of what's really going on in the inside.

Parthenia:I agree. Well, you were saying though that, Jason, that you guys grow deeper in love everyday

Heather:We do.

Parthenia:How do you do that? Both of you were saying that. What's that about?

Jason:I think it's creating. Just truthfully, what's important to us is that sacred time with the beloved in the divine, the triad, the braid, that relationship that we share within in prayer and meditation. And I think that that is the glue that binds us.

(They talk about also being creative together and grateful.)

Parthenia:That's the word. Collaborative. Kim Michaels, close out with a quick thought for us.

Kim Michaels:I think the world forces us to be so many things we're not. So, if we can make our relationships a sanctuary where each of us can dare to be ourselves; that would be beautiful.


Parthenia:Oh, that was beautiful, Kim.


Parthenia:Woooh. (Laughs) OK. A sanctuary. I love that. (Closes the show.)



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels


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