And a Child Will Lead Them All

January 28, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guests: Roam Diesel and Daniel James Franklin

Topics: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Indigo Children, suicide, drug addiction. 

(Parthenia introduces the topics and her guests.)

Parthenia:  We also have on the line Kim Michaels.  Kim, are you there?  Hello?

Kim Michaels: Yeah, I’m here.

Parthenia:  Thank you so much.  I’m so happy to have you join us.  We are going to be looking at the effects of fluoride on creativity and on our imagination.  And how it separates us from others and separates us from source energy.  And I know you are going to have some wonderful input for us tonight in terms of solutions to all of these problems that are created.  Like ADD (attention deficit disorder) with children, because of the poisons and the toxins in our food, in our water and in our air.  And I know, Kim, you guys are very blessed in Europe and 40 other countries not to have GMO foods.

Dr. Sarah:  Not to have fluoride.

Parthenia:  Not to have fluoride in your water.  But we’re suffering from being dumbed down in America because of fluoride.  And it’s causing a lowering of consciousness.  So we need some help with this.

(Parthenia and Roam talk about how Roam started as a social activist at age 5.  Parthenia discusses effects of fluoride in the water and what GMOs in food cause.)  

Parthenia:  For the audience in terms of fluoride in the water – fluoride make you docile.  It dumbs you down, it makes you apathetic, it takes away your will power to conquer addictions.  You kinda walk around in circles doing the same dumb thing over and over like a robot.  It also - and this is the real tragedy – is it stifles your imagination.  You suffer a loss of creativity and, not to mention, the ability to think critically.  And an inability to manifest - we came here on this planet as creators – and we’re unable to make positive manifestations.  And it, also, makes us feel separated from others and separated from source energy.  That’s just fluoride in the water.  And then you’ve got GMOs…

(Eight year old Roam gives his speech that encouraged the city council to vote unanimously to endorse California’s Proposition 37 regarding labeling foods.)

Roam:  And I did my own research.  I went to Dr. Mc Colloch’s website ( and I went to his library.  And I just sat there and I just kept reading and reading and reading.  And that’s how I learned all about GMOs.

Parthenia:  Alright! And you know what he made me think of?  Was that scripture that said: “And a child will lead them all.”  Yeah.  And unless you become like a child, you will not inherit the kingdom.

Parthenia:  Kim Michaels, I know you’re there in the audience.  Could I get your response to little Roam Diesel?  The Indigo Children that I wanted to discuss tonight.  They come here just aware and conscious that they have a purpose, that they have a divine plan.  And they want to help humanity.  And I believe that little kids like Roam and Daniel, that they and Dr. Sarah’s daughter last week, that they are here to teach us.  So could you comment on that for the audience?

Kim Michaels: Well I think we, obviously, all have a divine purpose and a divine mission.  And I think it is true that there are children being born that are more advanced or more mature spiritually.  And they remember this at an earlier age.  But I don’t think we should forget that we all have a child within us.

Parthenia:  Oh, absolutely.

Kim Michaels: We all have a potential to really go beyond what we have been brought up to think is humanly possible.

Parthenia:  And I think these children are reminding us of that potential that we have forgotten.  And the scripture about ‘unless you become like a little child’ – would you comment on that?

Kim Michaels: Well I think this scripture really refers to the fact that when we grow up, it’s like we put on a certain mind that’s almost so sophisticated, according to a worldly standard, that we forget the simple things in life, the simple truths.  And we all have the potential to go back to that.  And I think that was what Jesus was reminding us of.  We have almost the same concept in Zen Buddhism where they talk about beginners mind.

Parthenia:  Um-hum.

Kim Michaels: And where we have the ability to tune in in our hearts.  And this is what I think Roam was doing.  You know, he tuned into just a universal truth.  We can argue about it forever, but the reality is that there are just certain things we shouldn’t do.  And when we tune into that, that becomes obvious to us.  And all the arguments of the world don’t really matter anymore.

Parthenia:  And you know what I see in little kids like Roam is that they see potential.  They don’t see problems.  They see solutions.  And we get stuck in, ‘oh, it can’t be done, because the world says.’ 

Dr. Sarah:  Right.  There’s children at two and four, test out to be 98% creative in divergent thinking.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Dr. Sarah:  And as they get older, the more educated they are; the less divergent thinking, the less they are able to come up with different solutions to the same problem.

Parthenia:  Solutions, yeah.

Dr. Sarah:  By the time they are 14 to 16, they are, like 2% in that creativity realm.  And 72% of what most adults walk around believing is inaccurate.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Dr. Sarah:  They are false beliefs.  And that’s the beginner’s mind, or thinking like a child, goes back into creativity and allowing yourself to wonder:  Is this even true?


Dr. Sarah:  I have a great quote from Joseph Campbell.

Parthenia:  Love him.

Dr. Sarah:  We have heroes.  Our children are our heroes.  

Parthenia:  Yes.

Dr. Sarah:  “The work of the hero is to slay the tenacious aspect of the father, the over king.  And release from its band vital energies that will feed the universe.  This can be done either in accordance with the Father’s will or against his will.”

Parthenia:  Kim Michaels, I know you’re there and I would compare that ogre that we’re supposed to slay, that would be like Oedipus Rex to the ego.  What are your thoughts on that quote by Joseph Campbell?

Kim Michaels: I think it is very true.  I think we are brought up to limit our creativity.  Dr. Sarah was talking about this earlier – how so many children have this built in creativity.  And what happens to us is that as we grow older we stop being creative and instead we start adapting to these predefined systems.  And I think that’s one of the major problems in life, because how can we find solutions to the problems created by the system by thinking within the system?

Parthenia:  Yes.

Kim Michaels: I mean even Einstein, himself, said you can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.

Parthenia:  Absolutely.

Kim Michaels: And it is very, very true.


(Daniel James Franklin talks about the book Red Devil that he published at age 16.  It deals with suicide, drug addiction and redemption.)

Parthenia:  Kim, I know we spoke of this in a previous episode.  So after the break, I wanted you to talk about the energy drain and the entities that are attached to alcohol and drug addiction, when we come back after commercial break.  And Daniel we will back and we will go into more depth on addictions and so will Dr. Sarah.  And we’re also going to be looking, later in the hour, at solutions to cleaning your body and your mind and your spirit of all of these toxins that are weighing us down, literally.  So we’ll be back.

Dr. Sarah:  And as my daughter says, being strong to be useful.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Dr. Sarah:  From an eight year old, as well, or seven almost eight year old.  Physically being strong to be useful.


Parthenia:  Thank you for joining us.  We’ve got Daniel James Franklin.  And, Kim Michaels, you were going to comment for us, right before commercial break, about drugs and the energy drain.  Because what we are looking at, and in Daniel’s book, he covers very clearly how certain drugs – maybe you can expound on that before Kim.

Daniel: Definitely.  I think drugs in general, anything, over-the-counter drugs to street drugs - it really puts you in a different state than you regularly are.

Parthenia:  Yes, it alters the mind.

Daniel: I think when it comes down to everything, it’s really a sedative.  You are stifling your creativity, your imagination, all these things.

Parthenia:  And some of them make you suicidal, like the Red Devil pill.

Daniel: Right.  Right.  In the book it is a fictional drug.

(More discussion.)

Dr. Sarah:  Suicide, just our urge as a society, or a person’s urge to suicide, is the result of when children are not allowed to be creative.

Parthenia:  Or when it’s suppressed like with fluoride.

Dr. Sarah:Or when it’s suppressed.  There is a basic human need for significance.  That’s one of our basic human needs.

Parthenia:  Yes, to be original.

Dr. Sarah:  To be significant.  And so it induces the state of suicide so that you’ll feel significant.  This thinking process takes over so that you yourself recognize your significance.

Parthenia:  OK …

(A couple points about freedom to be creative in dreams and rewiring our thinking while reading books and tuning into the author’s logic.  Discussion about distractions.)

Parthenia:  Now, Kim, I’ve held you off long enough.  Because I know you have something to add to this discussion.

Kim Michaels: Well, let’s do it very simple.  We all know that our physical bodies have something called the immune system.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Kim Michaels: And what it does – it prevents us from taking in bacteria or viruses that are harmful or that can kill the body.

Parthenia:  Right.

Kim Michaels: Well, let’s say that our minds, also has an immune system.  And our minds are really energy fields.  And so what can happen is that there are certain things that will neutralize our immune system.  And drugs is, obviously, one of them; because what we do with the mind is – you know the physical body, the immune system functions almost without us being consciously aware of it - but that’s not the way it is with the mind.  We have to be conscious in order to say ‘no’ to certain things.

Parthenia:  There you go.

Kim Michaels: But, of course, there are many things in the society, like Dr. Sarah was talking about.  We all grow up.  Basically we are programmed to neutralize our mind’s immune system, because we are programmed to neutralize our inner knowing, our intuition of what’s right and what’s not right.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Kim Michaels: And I really feel that has a lot to do with what you were talking about, Sarah, because if we are not brought up to know who we are as spiritual beings -

Dr. Sarah:  Yes.

Kim Michaels:- where we think we are either sinners, or we think we are just sophisticated animals - we have no sense of purpose in life.

Parthenia:  Right.

Daniel: Yeah.

Kim Michaels: And what we have seen with these two, Roam and Daniel, is that even at a very young age you can know that you have a sense of mission and purpose in life.  But, we are not actually, in the western world, brought up with that.

Parthenia:  Yeah.

Kim Michaels: And so most children don’t realize that.  And when you become a teenager and you think: well, it doesn’t really matter what I do, so why should I say no to drugs?  This is just the adults saying ‘just say no,’ but they don’t tell you why.

Parthenia:  Yeah. Right. Yeah.

Kim Michaels: And one of the reasons to say ‘no’ is that it really limits your creativity.  And it actually destroys your psychological immune system.

Parthenia:  And your will.

Dr. Sarah:  Yes.

Parthenia:  And not to mention your brain cells.

Kim Michaels: Yeah, because that is part of your immune system is that you can consciously say ‘no, because I don’t want to do this, because I know this affects me and limits my choices.’


(Parthenia tells of her childhood around alcoholics.  She chose consciously not to do drugs, because she didn’t want anyone taking over her free will.  She and Sarah talk about alcohol.  Seeing talented children on drugs and throwing their potential away or being unable to apply their gifts.)

Parthenia:So Kim, that’s one of the real reasons why I’m so passionate about the physical body and treating it and honoring it as your temple; because, you know, Buddha did say that this is our vehicle for enlightenment.  And how are we going to get back to one with the divine if we cannot – because of fluoride, we don’t even have – we know better, we want to do better – but because of the accumulation of the fluoride in our pineal gland specifically, with it encasing it and shrinking it and putting this hardened core on it; we literally lack the willpower.  I see so many people who say: “Yeah, man, I hate these cigarettes.  I don’t want to be smoking this, but I can’t stop.”  They literally can’t.  So Kim, once again I’m calling on you to address that.  You know we need some help and I know you have the transcendence toolbox.  So, talk to us.

Kim Michaels: Well, what we have on transcendence toolbox ( ) is a lot of practical tools for people who are spiritually inclined.  You have to be somewhat spiritually open, because what you can do is you can invoke spiritual light as a defense system around your energy field, and around your mind; so you don’t take in all of the negative energy.  Because we are literally, as we also talked about earlier – we are being exposed to an awful lot of negative information.  And we have an information pollution, I think.

Parthenia:  Yeah.

Kim Michaels:  But, I actually would like to just reach back to what you were talking about.  Because when I was a child, I had a very similar experience to you – that there were certain things I just knew I could not partake of, because I knew I had a purpose in life.  I didn’t have any clue what it was.

Parthenia:  I didn’t either.

Kim Michaels:  I had no idea.  But I just knew that I couldn’t, at a young age, ruin my life.  And I see so many teenagers who do this, because they don’t have a sense of that purpose.  And so, they think it doesn’t really matter.  But, already, in your teenage years, or even earlier, you can have your life set on a track that prevents you from fulfilling your mission.

Parthenia:  Absolutely.  

Kim Michaels:  And you see these kids like Roam, who at 8 years old, knows he has a mission in life.  Well, we all have that potential.  We all have a mission in life.  We all have a purpose.  And we all have a potential to help bring our society forward, but also to bring ourselves forward in consciousness.  And I remember, you know, when I was very young my father said to me:  “You know if you drink one beer, you kill a thousand brain cells.”  And then he said:  “For a guy with as big a brain as mine, that’s not really a problem.  But in your case, I’d be worried.”

(Laughter from all.)

Kim Michaels:  And I thought, well, there’s some truth here.  I definitely did not want to kill brain cells.  So you couldn’t force me to drink, you know.  Because, I just knew that, as you said, the physical body – I know I’m a spiritual being, but I need a physical body to express myself in this world.

Parthenia:  Yes.

Kim Michaels:  And part of my mission is to express myself in this world.  And if I destroy the body’s ability to be a vehicle for my spiritual mission, and for my mind, I can’t fulfill that mission.

Parthenia:  Oh, thank you.

Kim Michaels:  And I just couldn’t let that happen.

Parthenia:  Thank you, so much for affirming that, Kim.  Because I’m always saying that I run across – you know because I hang in the spiritual circles and I run across these people that are very, very spiritual and they are very, very focused on their spirituality.  And they will just eat the worst diets.  And they’ll have all kinds of diseases and pains.  And there’s just absolutely no balance there.  And then I run in the circles with the people that are just extreme about the food and the purification of the body and then no balance over here with the spirituality.  And so my whole thing is just trying to bring people back to the middle.  And that’s one of my real passions on Divine Love Talk is to bring people into some sort of awareness that there is a middle ground.  And that there are things that you can do. …

Parthenia: Before we leave, let me go over very quickly the things that you can do.  Now, to get rid of the GMOs in your gut - So first of all you have to stop eating more genetically modified food.  And the only way you are going to know is to help as get Prop 37 passed.  Even if it doesn’t pass, we do have Trader Joe’s that does label the food.  And we do have Fresh and Easy.

Dr. Sarah:  Fresh and Easy.  And then Farmer’s Markets, connecting with the farmers, one on one.

Parthenia:  And the Farmer’s Markets.  And you can, also, grow your own food.  I met some people at the event.  They have these big hydroponic gardens that you can put on your patio.  OK.  And you grow, like, 450 pounds of food.  So, there are a lot of alternatives.  And there’s community gardening.  So you absolutely have to stop eating the GMOs.  And then, start eating organic foods.  And the other thing that I’m doing is, I’m using bentonite clay with psyllium, with fiber, with organic fiber.  And the bentonite clay actually has a negative charge and it attaches itself to everything that’s positive, which is bad for you.  And it pulls the intestinal plaque, because that’s where these little GMO critters like to hide, in your gut.  And your gut is your secondary immune system.  So that’s the most important thing to clean out.  And then your gut also has your endocrine system, which runs and regulates every organ in your body.  So there’s nothing more important than cleaning your gut out.  So there’s the bentonite clay with the psyllium and you take it on an empty stomach in the mornings.  See how simple it is.  It really isn’t that difficult, but you gotta go organic.  … Now for the fluoride.  OK.  You gotta get out in the sun.  Ok.  And what I’ve been doing is at the crack of dawn I’ve been getting up – and it’s really only safe to look at the sun the first hour of sunrise and the hour of sunset.  So sunrise, sunset.

Dr. Sarah:  And to do it slowly.  Start by having your eyes closed and then slowly, a few seconds at a time.

Parthenia:  But you can pretty easily get up to 10 minutes at a time.  I now can do the whole hour and just closing my eyes and opening them back up.  But you have the (sulphonic?) rays of the sun and they literally feed your body.  And so everything is the full spectrum light that you’re getting from the sun that time of morning.  And then you also turn around – and make sure you don’t have a hat on – and the base of your skull – you want to make sure that the sun is shining on that, as well.  So there’s the sunlight.  Then you want to detox your liver.  And make sure you use milk thistle and dandelion.  There is vitamin D3, which will enhance and rebuild your immune system.  And there is this oil from the Russian Skate fish, which prevents-

Dr. Sarah:  Skate oil, oh.

Parthenia:  Oh yeah, that’s some good stuff.  And you can buy it under


Parthenia:  And Dr. Sarah, you had a really beautiful closing.

Dr. Sarah:  We were just talking that the body recreates itself every few years.  Every cell in your body, right now, is re-multiplying.  And so love is the antidote to all that is.  Whatever is coming up for you, the more you can love what is, the more you activate your heart and the stem cells that live in your heart.

Parthenia:  And also to think no matter how bad or how dark the situation is.  I look at it now and I say: “OK, thank you for showing up to let me know that I thought I had mastered that.  That is something else that I really need to work on.  So I honor you and I thank you for that.”  And when people do thing to me that upset me, you know, I react for a second and then I go:  “OK, thank you for showing me that I’m still sensitive – OK - When I really shouldn’t be.”  And Daniel, you had a beautiful comment that you wanted to share.

Daniel:You were saying earlier that – you were referring to foods that we eat, but you could stretch this to everything – there is never a moment where you can’t change or turn things around.

Parthenia:  Right.

Daniel:One thing that just sticks out to me – every passing second of your life is another chance to turn things around.  And once you become educated of what you are doing wrong or the things that are wrong in your life, you’re no longer ignorant; and you have to make that change.

Parthenia:  Alright!  Absolutely!  That was very, very beautiful and Daniel, I thank you so much for being here.

Daniel:Thank you guys.  Thank you for inviting me here.  I’ve had a good time.

Parthenia:  And for showing up in my classes and sharing your incredible work with me and with the world.  And, Kim, I want to say this to you.  My daughter’s not here tonight, but on the way here she said to me, she said:  “Mom, I just want you to know how important those invocations are that you shared with me from Kim Michaels.”  It’s really turning her life around in terms of – she is severely overweight.  She found out that she had gout, she got really, really sick from it.  And just having to fall down to get up and having the will power to lose the weight, to gain her health back.  She said, Kim, that she wouldn’t be able to do this without those invocations.  And she gets up, by herself now, in the morning and does them, before I do them.

(Laughter from Dr. Sarah and Daniel.)

Kim Michaels:  Well, that’s wonderful to hear.

Parthenia:  So I wanted to share that with you.  And I know that you have a closing remark for the audience before we leave them tonight.

Kim Michaels: Well, I was really moved when I, many years ago, read that each cell in our body is renewed every seven years.  And you think about that and you think – why do we age, why do we get sick?  And the reason for this is, that the cells are not recreated themselves in the pure form.  They are recreating themselves based on the information that they have, which is partly stored in our DNA, as we know that’s the carrier for the information; but it’s also stored in our minds and energy fields.  So really the only way to avoid these diseases and age, is to be very conscious of the information we have in our minds.

Parthenia:  Yes.  Well, Kim, thank you so much for joining us, for waking up at 4:30 in the morning in Estonia.

Kim Michaels:  Thank you.




Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels


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