Creating Peace on Earth


August 24, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guests: Tapasyogi Nandhi (Nandhiji), also Jose Munoz

Ascended Master: St. Germain

Topics: Peace from cooperation through honoring.

Parthenia:OK. I am so excited and honored to have three masters on the show today. Kim Michaels, joining us via Skype.

Kim Michaels:Hello.

Parthenia:Kim Michaels. Hello and thank you for joining us.

Kim Michaels:Hi.

Parthenia:And we have Nandhiji. Kim, you've met him on the show before.

Kim Michaels:Right.

Parthenia:He wrote the book, Mastery of Consciousness. And he's going to give us a little tip today on how we can master our consciousness. And, of course, back today is the Mayan mystic, Jose Munoz, who is going to open up the show today. Jose, with a glyph for today?

(Jose gives the glyph.)

Parthenia:Wow. Speaking of peace, love and harmony, that's the theme of the show today is how you can individually begin the process of creating peace on earth. We do – Billions of people around the planet, who are Christians pray the Lord's Prayer, asking that thy will be done on Earth as it is on Heaven. And yet, I think very, very few people on the planet right now actually can wrap their head around the possibility that we could actually have peace on this planet. So, today I'd like to discuss how we can do that from three different perspectives, the Mayan, the Hindu, and, of course, the Christian perspective with Kim Michaels. So, Nandhiji, would you like to start out with a little tidbit from your book, Mastery of Consciousness, on how we can raise our consciousness.

(Nandhiji reads a Sutra from his book.)

Parthenia:Well, I love that. Thank you so much, Nandhiji. So, if people want to pick up your book, Mastery of Consciousness, it's available on Amazon?

Nandhiji:Yes, it is.

Parthenia:OK. And your website? I love that. That's a wonderful title. Kim Michaels, I'd like to now turn to you with a thought on how we or each individual can begin the process of co-creating peace on this planet.

Kim Michaels:Just like Nandhiji was saying, we have to start realizing that what is happening on earth is not simply a matter of God's will. It is also very much a matter of our state of consciousness, because we have precipitated most of the things that are happening on earth. And we need to realize that if things are to change, we have to be willing to change ourselves and our consciousness. We can't just pray to a remote God. We have to see ourselves as part of the process of creating something new.

Parthenia:I agree with you 100%. … Jose, from the Mayan perspective, how would you share that perspective of bringing peace to the planet, based on the Mayan belief system?

Jose: One of the messages that I am carrying from all the Mayan tribes, wherever I go around the world, is to unite. So, we acknowledge that we can do wonderful work for peace, love and harmony, individually; but if we unite (sound was lost)

Parthenia:… Nandhi, what were your thoughts?

Nandhiji:I would say you can simply say we are consciousness. It's the power of the we. What our brother, Jose, says is carrying a lot of meaning. For instance, today, if we want to be successful at anything that we do; it is the power of one, the power of union. And that would be ideally represented as in the form of the flower of life. And once we think of it from this pattern, everything that's new will happen. And the old paradigm has to fall. It's time for it to fade away. And for the new paradigm to come. And the new paradigm is unity.

Parthenia:I agree 100%. Kim, what do you have to add to that?

Kim Michaels:Again, I think it's wonderful that we can come together and talk like human beings, or as spiritual beings. And you were saying you have three masters on the show, but don't discount yourself, Parthenia. (Parthenia and Kim laugh.)

Parthenia:OK. I'm the female master.

Kim Michaels:I don't know if you want to put a label on yourself. And I think that's what we have to stop doing is not putting these labels on ourselves, because, obviously, we can represent different traditions. But I think all four of us are able to see that we are more than any tradition we come from and culturally come from, because we have something in common that transcends anything on earth.

Parthenia:Absolutely. Well, thank you for honoring that, Kim. I always tend to forget myself. (Parthenia and Kim laugh.) Which isn't a bad thing, but we do want to be all-inclusive. Jose, it looked you had something to add to the discussion.

Jose: It has been said from all of us in the ancestral tribal nations that it is the time of the female nation to step up and deliver us into peace, inter-galactic peace, not even world peace anymore. It's inter-galactic peace. So, that acknowledgment from all the ancestors brought here into the radio to acknowledge you as a representative of female nation.

Parthenia:Oh. Thank you so much for that, Jose. I'm honored to actually be a recipient of that blessing from you and that acknowledgment. And I so believe that it is time for women to stop giving their power away and to embrace all that we, all the gifts that we bring to the planet. And see ourselves as equal to the men on the planet who have been running everything for the past 6000 years of written history. Kim.

Kim Michaels:Certainly, most of the wars are created by men.

Parthenia:Thank you.

Kim Michaels:And so, I sincerely doubt that we can uncreate it. We certainly can't do it alone.

Parthenia:Thank you for reminding us of that. Because I think a lot of women, because we're the nurturers and the caretakers of our children; we've never really wanted to send our babies off to war.

Nandhiji:You know compassion, empathy, all these attributes are very feminine in nature. And that's what the world is missing. And what Kim said is so right. It's for too long have been the masculine belief systems. And that's the cause of war. That's the cause of so much of human – the curse of human ignorance begins from here. And it's time for the woman to rise, the divine feminine to rise. And that is going to uplift humanity.

Parthenia:Oh, and I think for that to happen the perspective that has to be released from the masculine end is the fear that the woman is going to rise up and dominate the male and do to men what patriarchy has done to women. And I think at this point in our journey I know I'm not interested in that. I'm much more interested in partnership between men and women, versus domination.

Nandhiji:Where consciousness is, leadership is. … And so, the divine feminine awakening means that more consciousness. And with more divine feminine awakening; there is going to be more of that consciousness rising for humanity.

Parthenia:Well, Kim, I know you have something to add to that.

Kim Michaels:I think it is really, really important, also, that we get beyond these outer labels, the masculine and the feminine. But also, different traditions. Like I was thinking that here we are, as you said, we represent three or four different traditions; but I don't feel any competition here.


Kim Michaels:And I know that for myself, just a few years ago; I probably would have felt some competition with people from other traditions. And I just don't feel it anymore. And I think part of it is the show, that you and I have discussed and we have met with so many different other people that it has just helped me get over this sense that – I don't need to compare myself to others. I don't need to compete with others. I bring forth what I'm here to bring forth and then I honor and take joy in meeting other people who do the same thing.

Parthenia:I'm so grateful, Kim, that you have been so gracious about me bringing on rabbis, and people from every walk of life. Because I do honor and hold every tradition on the planet as sacred, because I've learned from all of them. And it has always been my dream that we would all come together. Jose, I can see something.

Jose: Welcome to the new world. This is what we are co-creating. It started on December 21, 2012. This is the new beautiful world that we all co-creating circles around the world. We just need to bring that same message to the eight billion people that we have on the planet. We have to find a way to get it done as fast as we can.

(A little bit of discussion.)

Parthenia:Alright, well we're going to have more of this after commercial break. And coming up is Kim Michaels' message from the ascended masters, which we are so honored to be able to deliver this to the world every week right here on Divine Love Talk. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Thank you all for joining us. Back after commercial break.


Parthenia:Oh, we're back with more Divine Love Talk on CRN. And next, we are so honored and privileged to have Kim Michaels deliver a message directly from an ascended master. Kim Michaels, I'm turning it over to you.

St. Germain through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master St. Germain and I would like you to consider the quote: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Surely, I will agree with you that God’s will is being done in heaven; but is it being done on earth, my beloved?

Do you think war is God’s will? Do you think poverty is God’s will? Do you think the manipulation of the stock market, such as you have seen today, and in the last days, is God’s will? Do you really think that all of the things that are happening on earth are God’s will? Then, if they are not God’s will, how can they be happening? Because what is manifest on earth is not a matter of God’s will; it is a matter of the free will of all of the 7+ billions that are embodying on earth.

You have collectively co-created the current conditions and only you can uncreate them. As long as you believe that there is some external force that must or will correct current conditions; then they will not be corrected. You will be condemned to repeating history in worse and worse and more and more intense conditions until you finally wake up and take responsibility for your own state of consciousness and for the fact that it is your state of consciousness that precipitates physical, material conditions.

I am the ascended master who is the hierarch for the next 2000 year cycle of Aquarius. It is my plan to create a golden age on earth and that golden age will not have room for war, for poverty, for manipulation, for the mistreatment of peoples such as you see in so many places on earth. But, I cannot bring this about alone. I can only co-create with those of you in embodiment who are willing to co-create with me.

And in order for you to be willing to co-create with me, you need to realize that there are traditions on earth. Some would call them religions. I will not mention them, because you all know them. But, there are traditions on earth that have only one purpose. And it is to pacify you, so that you do not exercise your co-creative abilities. You do not recognize that you are a spiritual being who has the potential to co-create with the spiritual beings of the ascended masters.

This needs to change, if we are to manifest a golden age. I am 100% determined to manifest that golden age. I am asking you, are you equally determined? If not, are you willing to step up and manifest that determination? We have given so many tools, available for free on our websites whereby you can overcome the downward pull of the mass consciousness that is pulling you into taking a passive approach and simply watching what is happening without thinking you can do anything about it. We have given so many tools that you can use.

And I tell you it will be a difficult work for most people to pull themselves beyond the downward drag, the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness. But, it can be done, as many people have already proven. And as I, certainly, have proven myself by being in embodiment on earth and still winning my ascension. As Jesus, as Mother Mary, as thousands of other people and beings have manifested that ascension, even though they were in embodiment in the dense conditions on earth. And I tell you there have been periods in the past where the conditions have been even more intense. Because thanks to the work of so many spiritual people around the world, we have actually made progress on this planet.

We are much closer to manifesting a golden age than most of you think. This golden age will not manifest in one step. It will, as we have explained, manifest in several steps; because it needs to be brought down through the four levels of the material universe. But, in some aspects the golden age is right there ready to burst forth into the (Eight seconds of audio damaged.) … a tidal wave that cannot be stopped by the mass consciousness or the forces who are seeking to stop the progress because they do not want to lose control.

And so, therefore, my beloved, will you consider that I have a vision and that I am willing to give that vision to you, whereby we can overcome the conditions you see and that you are all concerned about, that you all know are not right and should not be happening? Will you co-create the golden age with me?

Parthenia:Amen. Yes.

Jose: We will.

Parthenia:I am there. Thank you so much, Kim Michaels, for that very, very cogent, very, very timely message that ties in with us individually deciding that we want to usher in peace on this planet. You are listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Joining me is Nandhiji and Mayan timekeeper, Jose Munoz and Kim Michaels. We'll be back with more after commercial break.


Parthenia:OK. We're back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. You can like us on facebook at Divine Love Talk. And I'm so honored to have Nandhiji in the studio with his book, Mastery of Consciousness. Kim Michaels just delivering that powerful message from St. Germain. And Mayan timekeeper, Jose Munoz. Jose was sharing something about St. Germain on commercial break, Kim, that I wanted him to share.

Jose: Yes. We were talking about manifesting peace and how and why we can do this individually; but, of course better when we unite. We were part of a sound bath experience yesterday right here in downtown Los Angeles, in west LA. And that is some powerful prayers that we put for peace. Not just here in the United States, but across the world. And it reminds me of – doesn't matter how small the group is or how large it is. … 

Parthenia:And you were saying that last night with the sound bath St. Germain came in?

Jose: Yes. Talk about sacrednicity.

Parthenia:Sacrednicity. (Laughs.)

Jose: We call it sacrednicity when something happens here and then something else happens over there and then somewhere else something else happens and it's all related.


Jose: So, last night, as we are being blessed with the sound waves of peace, love and harmony; we have this sister, Amy (?), she was downloaded messages from St. Germain. And it was a timely manner that our brother, Kim, was talking about St. Germain. So, I have his color here.

Parthenia:Alright. Violet. His folder is purple. So, Kim, I just never know who's gonna show up. But I thought it was so appropriate when I was told this morning that that's what we needed to talk about is how we could usher in peace on earth and that St. Germain would show up, with him being the hierarch for the golden Age of Aquarius. Could you, for the audience who are not familiar at all with St. Germain; because Nandhi said he knew just a little bit about him, but not much – could you elaborate a little bit on St. Germain and what it means to be a hierarch for a particular eon of 2000 years? Oh, is Kim still there? Hello?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I'm here.

Parthenia:OK. There you go. Alright.

Kim Michaels:So, most people who are open to the existence of ascended masters are familiar with the progression of cycles. And it's something that we also have from the Hindu tradition and, obviously, from the Mayan tradition, as well. And so, it's simply matter that there is one ascended master who is kind of like the main leader or overseer of a particular spiritual cycle. And each cycle is kind of an initiation for the planet and for the collective consciousness. And so, very much in line with what both Nandhiji and Jose have been saying that the cycle we are moving into is one of unity and community and the flow of the spirit, rather than us using the human intellect to try to solve our problems.

Parthenia:Wow. Yes. That is so true. And your email is what, Jose?

Jose: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parthenia:… And thank you, Kim, for explaining that; because I think most people don't understand the word hierarch; but they do understand leader. In the same way that Jesus was the leader of the previous Age of Pisces, we now have St. Germain as the leader for the Aquarian Age. I was trying to think of another word that people would understand, other than hierarch. So, thank you for that.

Kim Michaels:And hierarch is kind of the official title, you could say. And you are right. Most people are not familiar with it. And we should also mention here that there is, obviously, no competition among ascended masters. And I know many Christians are offended when you say that Jesus is no longer the leader. But ascended masters just don't think that way. And that's the beauty of ascended masters is they are beyond all of these ego games that we play on earth. And in order to really lock into the masters, you have to be willing to look beyond some of the more obvious ego games. Which it's an ego game that you think there's only one religion.

Parthenia:...What were you going to say, Nandhiji?

Nandhiji:Kim, I love the message that you had and more important were the blessings you gave through the message, which was powerful. And one aspect struck to me and that was: Freedom.


Nandhiji:That it's time for everyone to wake up to their own freedom. Ultimately, if we are free, free mean whole and complete; then we are able to know what love really means. And then, from here we are able to see everything from the higher picture. And so, the method you gave was powerful blessing. Gratitude for sharing it.

Parthenia:And thank you for picking up on the fact that St. Germain is on the seventh ray of freedom, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom. So you tapped in and tuned in to that.

Nandhiji:If anyone asked me what my religion is, I would say I'm liberated. (Parthenia and Nandhiji laugh.) Because ultimately, once we've lit our own lamp for ourselves and we understand ourselves to be the WE; then we cannot be put into any box. And in this WE is all the masters and just one word: Consciousness. We are one.

Parthenia:No separation. I feel you. Jose, you were going to say something.

Jose: Yes. It brings me back to the reason why we came to this planet and the tools that we have to find out what is it that we came to do on this planet. And that's where we bring the ancient calendars into play to assist people in finding out what is it that they came to do on this planet. And that continues to be a tool to liberate from ancestral contracts, liberating ourselves from past, present and future contracts will give us a clean slate so we can do a better job at manifesting peace inter-galactically.

Parthenia:And I think a lot of people are not even aware that that is a possibility to be liberated from these previous contracts. And I think that there is not even an awareness that a lot of the problems and challenges that we're facing is because of contracts that we made in previous lifetimes. And I think for the very fact that many religions won't even acknowledge that there are other lifetimes. And specifically, mostly, the Christian religion. I know Hindus definitely acknowledge previous lives. Correct, Nandhiji?

Nandhiji:You know that Hinduism is a very broad, broad stream. And the thought process that encourages thinking. The newer, the vaster, the clearer the consciousness; the more we seek to expand ourselves. And then, we are beyond, as you said Kim, beyond being labeled in any which way.

Parthenia:I love that. So, Kim, I know you have something to add to this.

Kim Michaels:I think it is so important to realize how we have been tied in by these past contracts, as Jose was saying. And as you were saying, Nandhiji, I love that that it's a broad stream. Because really, what is religion meant to do to us? It's meant to set us free from the bonds we have here on earth. But unfortunately, as St. Germain was saying in the message, so many religious traditions have been used to bind us.

Parthenia:Thank you for that, Kim. Jose.

Jose: Religion in our tradition is just a Latin word that means reconnect.


Jose: So, religarry, reconnect, however you want to say it. Us, individuals that have choice and free will to be liberated, to be reclaim our sovereignty; we never lost our connection to source. So, we invite everyone to claim sovereignty from the binding contracts that you've been carrying and reclaim your freedom.

Parthenia:And reconnect. I love that. Thank, Jose, for that. Nandhi.

Nandhiji:See, having reconnected, having understood oneness in our consciousness needs to be empowered. And this empowerment really is now from the state of clarity, having focus. Then, we are very much like the eagle that glides; but yet, has focus. It's happy for its freedom. And yet, it is a doer. It shifts humanity. That brings Kim's beautiful benediction of St. Germain back over here, where we say: “Now, consciousness will be empowered.” And its within each one of us, we do.

Parthenia:I love the fact that you pointed out focus, because there's so many distractions in today's society that pull us away from focus. And that's the very thing that I think that we need is to focus our intention on being peace, first as an individual, being peaceful inside. Kim, what would you add to that?

Kim Michaels:I think it is really so important that we don't let religions divide us. And we have seen in the past how the approach that has been taken has been: “We have the only true religion. We need to eradicate all the others or convert everybody to our religion.” And that is not the Aquarian model that St. Germain is talking about. Because he is actually talking about us honoring all traditions or all religions by seeing that they actually all lead us in the same direction, if we use them correctly. If we use them as tools for self-transcendence; rather tools for the ego to elevate itself and make itself better than others.

Jose: … The eagle steps outside the box. It flies really high and can see a much broader vision, as the condor sees the future. So, I'm comparing the condor to those visionaries, luminaries, who are working for peace around the clock, around the globe. They have the vision. They've seen that peace is already here. We just need to bring the rest of the world to it.

Parthenia:Yes. That's what I was feeling this morning when I said: “What are we going to talk about with these three masters that I have on the show, and myself included? What is the greatest vision that we can give to the planet? And I just think it's way past time for us to start talking about ushering in peace. Because if we don't talk about it and get that consciousness, that wave of consciousness out there; then people are still gonna believe that it's just not possible. Nandhi.

Nandhiji:One of the most beautiful gifts we can gift ourselves really is a mind that is meditative, a mind where we are the spirit having a human experience. And yet, as a spirit having a human experience; now, here we are with the blessings of all the masters. And when we look into it from here with every single thought of us being important, it makes all the difference. Now, imagine every one of us who are thinking from this place. The Golden Age is here.

Parthenia:Right. OK. Yeah. I feel it. Kim, what about you? What do you have to add to that?

Kim Michaels:I think that's really, really profound. Because it's like I was saying, we have to find a way to look beyond so religions don't divide us. And I think the only way to really do that is to realize that all true spiritual traditions are meant to give us an experience of a higher state of consciousness. And when we have that, we realize that whether we are Hindu or Mayan or Christian or whatever; these are just different ways to describe the same experience. But the experience transcends any words we could put on it.

Parthenia:And any religion.


(Jose moves into giving a reading for Nandhi.)

Parthenia:… I don't see differences. I just see what we have in common. Kim?

Kim Michaels:So, I'd like to have my reading, too. Now that you ask.

Parthenia:Alright, Kim. (Laughs.) Thank you. You're birthday is when?

Kim Michaels:December 16, 1957.

Parthenia:OK. We'll be back with Kim's reading after commercial break.


Parthenia:OK. We're back with Divine Love Talk and Jose has the reading for Kim Michaels. Let's make sure we got the birth date right, Kim. What was it again?

Kim Michaels:1957. December 16.

Parthenia:We got it right? OK. We got it right. OK. Jose is ready.

Jose: So, what we have here, dear brother, is that you are what we call transformation.

Parthenia:Oooo. There's the skull he's holding up. The crystal skull.

Jose: The power of transforming. There is nothing new that I will say to you, other than we acknowledge past, present and future lives. And that is the goal of this reading is to allow people to honor themselves from the time they are a child to the present time to the future lifetimes. And as a transformer, why we call transformation, or (chamiseeme?) or death. Not necessarily in a physical way; but in a spiritual way also that we do every time we go to sleep, we transform every day. So, when you have the power to transform, dear brother, you can do some extreme beautiful work. Especially, when we are manifesting peace. You can definitely help humanity transform it into a more peaceful world. And we have that your helpers. There are helpers. It says here that you were as a child what we call a medicine man. And it shows here that by being a medicine man when you are a child, it shows that in your past lives you were helping inter-galactic space and time travelers to heal. So, it's a very, a day like to day of the condor. It help me see that you have the vision of the future, the vision of the condor. As a transformer, I can see that you are already have been for thousands of years helping humanity transform into peace. You are one of the inter-galactic beings that have been there all along, for as long as my memory says, 66,000 years. So, thank you for all the work you've done and continue to do for humanity.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:Wow! Well, that didn't shock me, Kim. (Kim and Parthenia laugh.) You're definitely transforming the planet as we speak right here on Divine Love Talk, being willing to share these messages from the ascended masters. So, I thank you for transforming my life and transforming this show.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:Continued blessings on that. I see Nandhi's going to say something else.

Nandhiji:It's beautiful. It's beautiful that we come together. It's beautiful that here we are as one consciousness, reminding each that we are not just in this moment the sum total of our body. It's beyond it. The wake up is happening. And it's beautiful to be reminded that each one of us are ancient beings in this moment, now. Waking up.

Parthenia:And that we're children of the cosmos. And inter-galactic beings. So, Jose, thank you for reminding of us that.

Jose: I just wanted to add to dear bother Kim that we are the master adapters, the (?), the (?), and we are here to service each other. With transformers, we'll together, collectively deliver that world into an inter-galactic world peace, love and harmony.

Parthenia:I believe that. So, Kim is also a master adapter, of course. Thank you all for joining us today on Divine Love Talk. Thank you, Nandhiji, for showing up in studio and sharing that blessing from the Mastery of Consciousness. And thank you so much for sharing this month with us, Jose. So, please email him if you want to get a personal reading to?

Jose: unitylovepeace33@gmail … 

Parthenia:… Divine Love Talk facebook page. So, we'll be back next week with more messages from the ascended masters. And from here on out, Jose and Nandhi will be joining us each week to do a reading from the Mayan calendar and sharing how we can expand our consciousness. So, we've got a masterful trio here.



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