Creative Genius Within

July 29, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guest: Benjamin Stewart, filmmaker, writer, singer, lyricist.

Topics: Documentary, Music video - Infinity, author David Ike, the creative genius within.

Parthenia:Kim, I’m so happy to have you back.  And I’m just thrilled to introduce you to this young man, who actually has done amazing work in spreading the word out there about the ego not being your amigo.  So, welcome back Kim Michaels and say hello to Ben Stewart.

Kim Michaels:  Thank you and hello Ben.  I looked at your documentary and it looks very, very good.  I like it a lot.

Parthenia:Now, Kim Michaels, could I bring you in?  When I was listening to that song, it reminded me of the love of the divine and how we are loved into infinity.  And I’m just so excited to have a young voice out there, being the change that he wants to see in the world and who is captivating young people.  So, Kim could I get your comment on the song?

Kim Michaels:  You’re saying I’m not young anymore?

Parthenia:Well, you and I are both old school.

Kim Michaels:  Old school, huh?  OK.  No, I like song and I like what I’ve seen of Ben’s work, so far.  I mean, it is, as you said, it’s the young people that are going to carry the revolution in thought; because too many of the older people are so stuck in their ways that they’re just not likely to change their minds in this lifetime.  And so I very much am excited when I see young people who have understand the message that is coming across in the movie, also.  That it’s all about oneness and going beyond the dualistic mindset.  And I think that is very well (portrayed?) in the movie.

(Discussion about David Ike’s new show called The People’s Voice.  The sole intention of awakening people, so waking people up to their own potential, waking people up to the fact that they are the artist of their own life and we’re not scripted by somebody else or something else.)

Parthenia:Well, Kim, one of the things that I love about your work and Ben’s work is that theme about how our ego uses fear as the adrenaline to keep us in a reactive mode and in a blame mode.  And that’s what I’ve been learning from the voluminous amount of work that you have, Kim, and the work that I’ve been doing in not being reactive when you get attacked by what I call – Kim calls it the power elite and I think that’s a very good term.  But Kim, can you very quickly elucidate on fear and how we can – what we can do to help not be so reactive when we’re being attacked?

Kim Michaels:  Well, we can realize that fear is the primary means that is being used, whether you want to see it as something outside yourself or something inside yourself, to keep you in line with what you’ve been doing before.  Now, Ben said it very well: every day we have the opportunity to decide what do we want to paint on the canvas of life today.  And the most important thing about the spiritual teachings is that they make it very clear that you are not bound by what happened yesterday, or what you did 10 days ago or 10 years ago or 10 lifetimes ago.  You can actually remake yourself every day.  But that is precisely what your ego doesn’t want you to do.  And that’s also what the power elite doesn’t want you to do.  Because they want to control you, both the ego and power elite.  And they can only control what’s predictable.  And you are only predictable if you keep doing today what you’ve done in the past.  That’s how they get you.


(Parthenia and Ben talk.)


Parthenia:And Kim, we were talking about the creative process and how we tap in.  So, in this segment I want to talk about that.  And also, Kim you’re very good about the four lower bodies and the importance of balancing them and integrating them into one whole.  And what I’m very impressed with Ben about is the fact that he gets it. … Kim, let’s talk about your process as you are tapping into the creative flow of things.  But before I do, you said something beautiful on commercial break about the strain.

Ben: Oh, well, you were mentioning how Kim can do that effortlessly, without exerting himself.  And I just said it sounds like the flow of a river.  You know, when you’re floating down a river, it’s effortless.  It’s only when you’re trying to control where you go on that river that you’re really exerting yourself.  So we are the receivers of life.  We’re not controlling it.  We’re here to witness it.

Parthenia:Wow, that’s beautiful.  So, Kim, could you share a part of your creative process with us and move into balancing the four lower bodies?

Kim Michaels:  For me all art and creativity builds on one basic fact, that is we are spiritual beings.  We have taken on these very physical bodies, which on planet earth they are very dense.  Planet earth is a very dense planet.  And if you want a visual illustration, think about one of these old time diving suits, this big rubber suit with this big brass helmet.  There is only a little round window on the front.  And when you are wearing that helmet, you are under the water and feeling the pressure of the water.  That’s what we go through when our spirit comes into embodiment.  We have such a narrow perspective while we are in embodiment.  We see only a very narrow window of reality.  And many times we forget that we are spiritual beings.  So to me creativity and art is about reminding us that we are still spiritual beings.  And that there is something more, just like Ben said, that stream of life that’s constantly flowing.  

See when we are in the body, we have this perspective.  We think that this planet is real, it has some kind of substance, some kind of solidity, some kind of permanence.  But it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t constantly being sustained by a flow of energy from the spiritual realm.  And so those of us who are able to tap into that flow, we are what I would call creative people.  And we remind ourselves and we remind others that that flow is the backdrop.  No matter how solid things seem in this world, it’s just like the set pieces in the theatre.  None of it is real.  None of it has real permanence.  And we have the potential to tap into that creative stream all the time.  And the way we do that, of course, is not some kind of magic or hocus pocus.

We have, as you said Parthenia - we have four levels of the mind or four lower bodies.  There is a physical level of the mind that basically runs the body.  And we don’t need to be consciously aware of what makes our heart beat and those kinds of things.  But then there is the emotional mind, where a lot of people have accumulated a lot of low frequency energy, anger, fear.  We talked about fear earlier.  And science has shown us that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  So, when we go into anger or fear, some of that energy accumulates in the emotional body.  And it blocks our connection to our spiritual selves.  It causes us to forget.  And it also causes us to go into, what we talked about earlier with the reactionary patterns; because we think that whatever negative energy is directed at us in this world, we have to somehow respond to it.

And you were describing it, yourself, how you have come to that conclusion that I think all spiritual people have come to, that we don’t actually have to respond emotionally to everything that is thrown at us.  And that is when you can come to that point where you just say: “Oh well, so what.  I don’t need to respond to this.”  And then we have the thought body, or the mental body, where we accumulate a lot of beliefs and ideas about the world and what the world is like and what we can do, especially what we can’t do.  And that’s, again, something that we clear out by studying a variety of things, including spiritual teachings.  So I’m rambling on here.

But the most important of the bodies, is actually the highest one, which is the identity body.  And that’s where – because the four bodies form like a hierarchical structure.  And the identity body is the first one that the energy from our spiritual selves enters.  And so, if you believe that you are nothing but a human being, you are an evolved monkey, or you are a sinner by nature; that sets the tone for everything that happens in your thought processes and in your feelings.  And that’s why so many people believe they can’t break out of the mold, they can’t start a new life.  And that’s why they spend their whole lives responding to these negative emotional projections that are coming at us from all sides.  And people are just prisoners of their emotional and mental bodies, because they haven’t really look at: “Who am I?”  Just like Ben was saying, and it was beautifully described, you know.  Do I want to spend the rest of my life in the military doing something I ultimately have no control over?  Or do I want to tap into my creative drive?  And that’s the potential we all have.

(Parthenia and Ben discuss intent.)

Parthenia:And Kim, I know that a lot of your work is about pure intent.  So, maybe you have something to say about that.

Kim Michaels:  Well, it’s perfectly true, because the ego is so good at putting up conflicts and perceived conflicts.  Where you have, just like Ben was saying – you have some kind of agenda, moral judgment, or some other kind of judgment you are imposing upon yourself.  And you’re not really living that way.  And that’s what the ego does.  It forces us into these reactionary patterns.  Really, what I have always felt is exactly what Ben was saying.  We need to connect to that genuine aspect inside ourselves.  And that’s the spirit.  And when I write or when I take the messages I take from the ascended masters; I just step into a neutral state of mind.  And I’m sort of just watching the process happen.

And we just had a recent conference here in Novosibirsk, Russia and in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  You go up on the stage in front of a hundred people and you are taking a message from an ascended master; but I have absolutely no idea what is going to be said.  And the message lasts for 45 minutes.  And as you said, Parthenia, I’m more energized after standing up talking, projecting my voice for 45 minutes than I was before.  And it’s just not something you can produce with the outer mind.  It’s not something mechanical.  And that to me is the beauty.  That’s art.  That is just such a wonderful feeling, of feeling that flow of energy and spirit.


Parthenia:… And Kim, I would like for you to – before I let Ben wrap this up – share a closing remark about creativity and the artist within, or whatever you want to lead the audience with.

Kim Michaels:  Well, the thought that came to me during break here was – there is this Star Wars movie where Luke Skywalker is being taught by Yoda.  And Yoda makes this wonderful remark: “You must unlearn what you have learned.”  And what came to me was: you can’t teach the flow of the spirit, which is the essence of creativity; but you can un-teach, you can un-learn what blocks the flow of the spirit.



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