Freedom and Raw Foods

February 3, 2014 Divine Love Talk

Guest: Benjamin Stewart, Barbara Mol

Topics: Kymatica, Raw Foods, Freedom Summit in Australia

Parthenia:… Kim Michaels is joining us from Estonia.  Kim?

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, I’m here.

Parthenia: OK, welcome, Kim.  We’ve got Benjamin Stewart back in the house and I know you watched his documentary, Kymatica.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah.

Parthenia: We’re looking today at all of the areas in our lives, especially in America, where freedom is under attack.  …  Barbara, I wanted you to start out …

Parthenia: … And, Ben, what would you add to the whole discussion about freedom and America being the least - I feel like it’s the most controlled country in the world; because we have the illusion of freedom with all the restrictions here.

Benjamin: Well, I think you’re right on that.  I mean, to me freedom is never more under attack than in our own minds, actually.  I believe that we, as a culture, we police ourselves. …

Parthenia: … (11:00) Kim, I wannna bring you in on the discussion, because on a spiritual level I know that your teachings talk about: We are here to be co-creators.  And freedom is very much under attack.

Kim Michaels: Yeah.  I really like what Benjamin said, that freedom starts in our own mind.  And that very much ties in with the ascended masters, what they are saying about who we are and what they’re saying about the ego.  Because what we have all been programmed with for a very, very long time on this planet is that we have been programmed to ignore our own minds.  And this started with traditional religions, including Christianity, that programmed us to actually ignore the teachings Jesus gave about looking at the beam in our own eye and finding the kingdom within us.  But it’s been continued today by materialism, which also says the mind is not important, the mind is just subjective, ignore the mind and go for what you can prove materially.  So, none of us have been brought up to realize that we actually have the potential to take control over our own minds and control our own minds.  And that’s what Benjamin was talking about.  This is what’s happening in the New Age movement, in the spiritual movement, the mystical movement, whatever you want to call it, is that people are actually saying: “I won’t follow this programming.  I’m going to study the mind.  I going to figure out how my mind works.  And I’m going to take command over my life by taking command over my mind.”

(They discuss the Freedom Summit.)


Parthenia: … Kim Michaels, what’s the name of your new book?  I didn’t get a chance to pick it up, yet; but I’m going to run out and get it.

Kim Michaels: Well, the latest one is How to Communicate from the Heart.

Parthenia: I love that title and I think that we are very much in need of learning how to do that; because I think it’s kind of scary for people to open up their heart. …

(They discuss raw foods.)

Benjamin:Well, I think even this, again, kinda goes back to policing yourself.  And I think that Barbara’s really right.  People know that these are healthy ways to live.  So, the one thing that kinda scares people away, mostly, is by looking at it.  Knowing that it’s probably something they should look at and it scares them, so they criticize it first.  They don’t want to recognize the truth.  And so, I think that’s another way of how we police ourselves away from what we intuitively know is probably the next path we’re going to have to start paying attention to.

Parthenia: OK.  And when we come back after commercial break, we’ll bring Kim in on the discussion about how we can go within and stop policing ourselves and open ourselves up to more divine guidance in our lives and intuition.  (She doesn’t do this.) …


(They talk about artists and entrepreneurs moving away from one system and into the new world.  Blazing new trails.)

Benjamin:… One thing that I really think is coming is people are coming into the recognition that they do create their own reality in whatever manner or magnitude they believe that.  We are the magicians, the artists, the scripters of our own lives.  And it’s actually beautiful once you come to that understanding; because then you start to think of the simpler, but more profound things in life.  Like, what am I actually going to do now that I’m on this planet? …

Parthenia:… And, Kim, I know you’ve got four websites, or more.  And you’re operating your business from Estonia in America and internationally.  But, what would you have to say about this movement into working for yourself?  Did you ever work in corporate America when you were here?

Kim Michaels: Yes, I did have several jobs and was a technical writer for several companies.  And I had jobs in Denmark, as well.  But, for the last  - what is it now? 10, 11 years? – I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve never known what the income’s going to be the next month.

Parthenia:It’s scary, right?

Kim Michaels:  It’s a little bit of a challenge.  But if you have the faith that if you serve selflessly, then the universe is going to find a way to reward you so you can keep doing your service; then, it can work out.  I wanted to just ping pong on something Ben said about we are creating our own reality.  And I think the basic mechanism of the ego is that it actually makes us look at the world in a very distorted way so that we think that the world is a scary place, where there is something outside of us that’s out to get us.  And that’s why what you were talking about earlier, Parthenia, where people are so reactionary and they’re so threatened by something new.  And that’s because the ego is constantly in this game of seeking to get some sense that I have control of my life.  And then, when somebody comes and says: Oh, but there’s a different way to live.  Like you yourself have been doing, then people’s egos feel threatened and the first thing they do is they label you that you are wrong and you are the problem and you are the enemy.  But like Ben was saying, what actually happens is that the ego is masking the deeper reality that the world is a mirror.  And if you are sending out the subconscious signal that there’s somebody out to get you, then that’s what the mirror will return to you.  But, as I was saying before, if you send out the signal, I’m just here to serve; then the world will return to you conditions where you can perform your service and continue to do so.

Parthenia:… The only solution I can see is people coming together in an entrepreneurial spirit. … I feel like the universe is kinda forcing us to do a paradigm shift.  So Kim, what do you think?

Kim Michaels: I think you are right.  I mean, there is definitely a change coming, because I think the financial crisis in 2008 should have opened people’s eyes to the fact that we can’t keep going on this bubble economy.  And I think there has to be a real economy that comes out.  And it is very much based on you’re giving a service to life.  It’s not about making money.  It’s not about a career.  It’s not about what we have been programmed to spend our whole lives working for this career and the safety and the security.  It’s actually about: Who am I?  What am I really here for?  Why did I choose to come to this planet?  What is the gift I want to give?  And then, we start - like many, many people have already done – we start a whole new movement, where we look at things differently.  And I mean it’s not – I can’t explain that in two minutes, but I think it is very much underway that so many people have already caught on to this, just like Ben was expressing.

Parthenia:OK.  Ben what are your thoughts on that?

Benjamin:I actually think one of the most brilliant things Kim just said was being able to ask that question sincerely.  What am I doing on this planet?  And recognizing that you can choose.  You can actually create that.  And one thing that I’ve lived by, that I think really - It empowers me.  – is realizing I’m not here to fall in line and do the best I can within a system or an order that has been put in place before me.  I love making an example by living the example of showing that you can survive outside of that order, that system. …

Parthenia:… And so, this paradigm really does need to shift.  You are listening to Divine Love Talk.  I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant with my guest, Ben Stewart.  Your website, Ben, again?

Parthenia:Barbara Mol, who is a raw food chef.  And Kim Michaels, joining us from  And his new book, How to Communicate from the Heart.  (Parthenia actually called it Communicating from the Heart.) …


Parthenia:… (47:56) Kim, the first time I saw a spiritual couple really supporting and loving each other and loving each other was you and your wife, Helen, when I met you guys in Australia.  And meeting Ben and his girlfriend, they remind me very much of you and Helen.  And I think that you guys are embodying what the relationships in the Aquarian Age look like.  Integrity, and love, and support for each other on your path.

(Barbara sums up.)

Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, what would you like to leave the audience with today?

Kim Michaels: Well, the purpose of life isn’t to work for corporate America for 40 years and retire with a gold watch.  You didn’t embody on this planet to do that.  You embodied because you want to give service to life, help raise the consciousness, and bring your special individual gift.  So tune into your heart and find that gift and give it.



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