May I Be Frank


March 2, 2015 Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Frank Ferrante

Topics: Documentary starring Frank Ferrante, May I Be Frank. Eating a raw food diet. Frank's life experiences in making his drastic life change.

Parthenia:OK. I'm so excited to be here today, having a special guest, Frank Ferrante, star of the award-winning documentary, May I Be Frank. Also, joining us is Kim Michaels, my co-host, who is the author of The Mystical Initiations of Loveand The Spiritual Road to Self-Esteem. Welcome, Frank Ferrante.

Frank:Thank you for inviting me.

Parthenia:It was a lot of fun when you were on the show a few years ago, talking about the documentary. Now a book of the same name as the documentary, May I Be Frank, has been released. And you're on tour back to having fun. And I'd like to catch the audience up on what the documentary was about. So, could you fill us in briefly on how that journey all started at Gratitude Cafe, an organic, raw food restaurant that we're so privileged here in LA to have two of them?

Frank:OK. Let's see. Ten years in nine words or less. (Parthenia laughs.)

Parthenia:Start with the day you walked into the restaurant and how you felt, because I'd like to focus on the journey back to love.

Frank:The day I walked into the restaurant I was pre-diabetic, 300 pounds, more or less, very depressed and felt stuck. I knew that something needed to shift in my life. And people who have experienced addiction are very well aware that there are worse things than dying. ... “Hey Frankie, you know that movie, Supersize Me?” I said: “Yeah. It's where that young guy eats and eats fast food for a month and gets really sick.” He says: “Yeah. Yeah. Well, we want to do something similar. We want to take a guy, who's not well.” Which was a rather generous definition for my condition at the time. “And we want to feed him this food (organic raw food) and then take him to a list of health practitioners and cleanses and colonics. And we want to film it. And we want you to be guy.” I looked at him and I said: “Sure. Why not? Whatever.” ...

Parthenia:Frank, looking back, that was a fortuitous moment that (Both laugh.) literally changed your life.

Frank:You're a master at understatement. OK?(Both laugh.) 

Parthenia:Aren't you glad you said yes?

Frank:Yeah. I certainly am. I wasn't always glad I said yes. …

Parthenia:Well, let's talk about that. Kim Michaels, the reason I wanted you to join us in this segment – 

Frank:Because she couldn't handle me by herself. She needs help, man.

Parthenia:(Laughs.) No. Kim.

Frank:She wants to survive this interview.

Parthenia:No. Listen, Frank. Kim, when I met him in Australia; I made raw vegetarian. And they were kind enough at his conference to offer vegetarian food, but it was cooked ... And Kim has said on the show that he could never survive on the kind of diet that I consume, because it would have him so un-grounded. So, I'd like for you to speak to that a little bit, just for Kim's edification.

Frank:First of all, I think that's a great question; because it precludes any notion of a dogmatic approach. There's no one size fits all. So, there are people that thrive on a Vedic diet. There are people that thrive on a variety of diets. I think, though, that raw food – I mean, if you can eat raw, it's a radical departure from what most people are used to.


Frank:But I find that part of it is, of course, in the preparation; which is true of all foods. But I have met raw food chefs that they make food that is so unbelievably delicious and satisfying that I could see myself pursuing that. That being said, there are times when my body calls for something other than that, other than raw food. ... Once in a while I need a piece of fish, or something like that. And I don't think you have to go to confession. (Parthenia laughs.) What I discovered is once I started cleaning up. And by the way, it's not just food; it's cleaning up every aspect of your life, as best you can, a day at a time. That then, your intuition actually becomes clearer. At least, my experience is that it's become clearer. And I can listen to my body.

(Parthenia tells her experience with raw food and clearing parasites.)

Frank:... I'm having really high, vibrational conversation. I'm in this. I'm deliberately cultivating a field of a higher vibration, because I'm around other people that are doing the same. And so, some might say when you call people back home: “Well, that's not real.” And my feeling is: “Who wrote the book on that?” Who determines what's real and what's not? Reality is one of the most illusive things in the world.

Parthenia:I would like to have Kim jump in about reality and illusiveness. Because Kim, I think you spend a lot of time in high vibrational, spiritual states.

Kim Michaels:Who says feeling lousy is real? And feeling good is bad? That has become almost a norm in our society. Get back to the real world, they say. And that means you're supposed to feel lousy. And I don't agree with that. I think reality is, to a large extent, what we make it. And if we want it to be positive, we certainly can make it a positive spiral.

(Parthenia and Frank talk about a raw food restaurant in Cancun and then start to go into Frank's human experience.)


Parthenia:OK. We're back with more of Divine Love Talk. I'm interviewing my guest, Frank Ferrante, author of May I Be Frank and star of the documentary, May I Be Frank. Frank, I would like to have you focus in this segment on the experience and the changes that you went through, as you were eating this organic raw food that actually detoxifies the body and juicing and going through the cleansing process. And how that helped you find this you that you had lost.

(Parthenia and Frank talk about Frank's human experience.)

Parthenia:And also, Frank, I remember from the film and the book, you had a lot of forgiveness that you needed to work on in your relationships with your daughter and your ex-wife, which I would like to go into in the next segment after commercial break. And I would like to bring Kim in on that discussion about the ego and how it gets in the way of the forgiveness process. Because Kim is our resident expert on the ego. You're listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I'm so delighted to have Frank Ferrante back to talk to us about his journey back to self-love through Gratitude Cafe. You're listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant, with my co-host, Kim Michaels, at You can find all of his books.


Parthenia:OK. We're back, continuing our discussion with my guest, Frank Ferrante, star of the documentary, May I Be Frank. Frank, I wanted to focus on the journey back to forgiveness and self-love in this segment. And your battle with the ego. Kim, I'd like to open up with your comment on how the ego gets in the way of our journey back to love and forgiveness.

Kim Michaels:The ego wants us, like Frank said, to stay with it's status quo. And what often happens is that something happens in our lives that challenges that status quo. And then, in order to maintain its control, the ego has to come up with some more complicated or more convoluted scheme to make us stay there. And it sounds to me like Frank was a good example of that with what he was talking about with the negative view of himself and the way he was talking about himself all the time. I think that's very typical of how the ego backs us into this downward spiral, where everything becomes more and more negative, more and more convoluted. And we spend so much time and energy just defending this that eventually we just can't do it anymore. And that sounds like what Frank experienced. That he was ready for something, because his life was just such a mess that he couldn't deal with it.

Parthenia:Exactly. And I remember the meltdown scene that you had in the film, Frank. So, I'll turn it over to you.

Frank:The meltdown scene is, I think typical of people – There are different ways of expressing it. But I think it's typical of people that have unresolved wounds.

Parthenia:Yes. And who doesn't?

Frank:Right. And who doesn't? Right. And that's one of the big discoveries of my life was the joy and the pain of discovering that I'm just like everybody else. I wanted to be so special. I wanted to have a rare blood type. (Parthenia laughs.) I mean, I was really invested in being special.

Parthenia:Well, wait. Kim, isn't that one of the hallmarks of the ego?

Kim Michaels:Oh, definitely. Yes.

Frank:You know what else is funny about the ego? The moment we talk about it, it's in the room.

Parthenia:Of course. (Laughs.) Vying for attention.

Frank:It's there. We're talking about it. It's in the room. And I don't subscribe to the notion that I hear often outside about destroying the ego or eliminating it. I think the best that I'm going to be able to do is mitigate. ...

Parthenia:Kim, could I get you to comment on what he just said about not being able to get rid of the ego.

Kim Michaels:I think that's a really, really good insight. I don't think you can destroy the ego. Because, like Frank said, the more you talk about it, the more attention you give it, the more you actually reinforce it; it just hides from you. But I think what you can do is become aware that: “I'm not the ego. I'm more than that.” And then, you start distancing yourself from it. And I think that is truly a life-time process.


Frank:And daily. I would say professor, that it's daily.


Frank:Sometimes, the fantasy of arriving at that vibration, where you no longer have to do anymore work?

Parthenia:Yeah. Not gonna happen. (Both laugh.)

Kim Michaels:No. That's the ego that wants that.

Frank:That's the ego, too, right there. (Parthenia and Frank laughing.)

Kim Michaels:It wants you to believe that now you finally nailed it, so you can stop looking for your ego. And then, it can hide from you the rest of your life.

Frank:Then the ego can relax.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

(Parthenia and Frank talk about doing your best and 12 step programs.)

Parthenia:Kim, could you just say something about the power of gratitude and the healing process?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I think, first of all, it helps to get out of that negativity. You feel like you're always behind, when you're in a negative spiral. And the ego wants to reinforce that. And if you can somehow find that gratitude for anything; you kind of break that spell.

(Frank gives some examples.)

Frank:Ain't life grand, honey. (Both laugh.) 

Parthenia:It is. And all you gotta do is be grateful. And you know what I love about Gratitude Cafe – And Kim Michaels is finally coming to the United States, after years, to do a conference with us. So, Kim, I'm going to take you to Gratitude Cafe.

Kim Michaels:That's sounds good.

Parthenia:… I also can relate to something you said in your book about how being on tour, you feel like you have to live up to this image that people have of you that has formed from the video and how you struggle with that everyday. And I find that to be the case with almost everyone who is in the public eye. Kim, have you ever felt yourself struggling with that at all?

Kim Michaels:I haven't been famous enough (Parthenia laughs.) to have it be a major problem. (All talk at once.)

Parthenia:But you do have a following.

Kim Michaels:But any time you have a group of people who know you, they have a mental image of you. It can be your family. It can be your spouse. It can be your children. It can be any group. They want you to live up to that. They want you to stay within the boundaries they've defined for you.


Frank:Well, actually, what I remember – The challenge that I had on tour wasn't exactly that. It was that there were aspects of my life that were in disarray. And then, when I would go up on stage and talk about the mind, body, spirit connection to health and wellness, etc; I would feel like an impostor, because I had these parts of my life that were not in harmony.


Frank:And so, one day a friend said to me: “Frankie, don't let your mess get confused with your message.”

Parthenia:(Laughs.) I love that.

(They discuss this some more.)

Frank:… Because we're all a work in progress.

Parthenia:That's true.

Frank:And the funny thing is that when I tell people I'm not an expert, they tend to ask me more questions. (Parthenia belly laughs.)

Parthenia:Kim is the same way. He's very humble. Although, he is an expert, after having written 40 books. But I love that humility. And I like that comment you just made about not confusing your message with your mess. And it's funny. I named the opening chapter in my new book, The Blessing in My Mess. Because Kim's work has helped me understand that as long as you're on planet earth, you're going to be dealing with some type of challenge, some type of growth opportunity. And that's kind of how I see the messes in my life, as opportunities to grow. And I don't feel like I need to be perfect, because I just have to work on this one particular area. And if I succeed in that, I know that there's another area that I need to clean up. And there will always be another one. So, that kind of took the pressure off of me. And I thank you, Kim, for those insights. And thank you, Frank, for sharing that insight.

Frank:And you can count on it. You want to get a hit from the universe? Tell it that you got it together and now everything's behind you. You'll get a knock on the door in a second. (Laughs.)

Parthenia:Right?! Kim, I know you have something to say on that.

Kim Michaels:I can certainly relate to that. And anytime you are in a position, as a teacher, people want you to be the perfect human being. And woe unto you, if you're not. (Parthenia laughs.) I mean people love building up an idol and then tearing it down afterwards. That's one of the primary past times of the ego, I think. (Kim might have said: “And the media.” But Parthenia spoke at the same time.)

Parthenia:Especially in America.

(Parthenia and Frank discuss.)


Parthenia:OK, Frank, We're back, wrapping this up, talking about your new book, May I Be Frank. So, what I'd like to know is: “Have you been able to maintain the weight loss and all of the other wonderful things that you gained from your experience with Gratitude Cafe?” And if so, how have you been able to do that?

Frank:Well, I have maintained it; because if I get fat, I lose my job.

(Parthenia and Frank continue.)

Parthenia:And Kim, I want to close with you and a quick comment on joyfulness and playfulness.

Kim Michaels:Actually, I would like to comment on what Frank said about when do you get over your parents and your past, in general. And the answer is when you stop defining yourself in relation to them.

Parthenia:Oh. Wonderful. Thank you both for joining me today and sharing these insights. And Frank, you keep up the good work. And I'd love to see you again. Are you in the LA area, now?

Frank:Yes, Santa Monica. Beautiful Santa Monica.

Parthenia:Alright. We're gonna have to meet at Gratitude Cafe in Venice, pretty soon.

Frank:Yes. And if you'd like, I can give you the website where you can get in touch with me or get my book and retreats that I do.

Parthenia:Oh, please. Give that website, quickly.

Frank:My website is mayispeakfrankly.comand also

Parthenia:Wonderful. Thank you, for joining us, Frank Ferrante.

Frank:Thank you.



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