Open the GATE to Creativity

February 4, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guests: Brian Reeves

Topics: Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE); merging the world of entertainment and spirituality; telling stories

Parthenia:  Today we are talking about merging the world of entertainment and spirituality.  Now, I want to bring Kim Michaels in on the discussion; because we’re talking about storytelling and when you look at the great spiritual teachers, they have always used parables and stories.  And their lives and the stories that they told thousands of years ago – we’re still repeating them, because of the stories.  And Kim, you’ve been listening to us go on and on.  And I know you have something that you can interject on the spiritual aspect of this.

Kim Michaels: Yes.  And you know what hits me is that, as you said yourself, in the old days they knew the importance of storytelling and they really tried to tell spirituality through stories.  But I think what has happened in the modern world is something we don’t realize, even as spiritual people – is how much we have actually been affected by this rational, intellectual linear mindset that is a consequence of science.  I actually heard a couple years ago (The recording skipped here and something might have been missed.)  Yeah, you know the British author, Karen Armstrong, has written quite a number of books.  And she wrote a book recently called, A Case for God, which I just read not very long ago.  And it’s a very scholarly book, but it’s very well documented and researched.  I actually heard her one time on Larry King, I think it was, make the point that Christian Fundamentalism, which we normally consider anti-science, is actually a consequence of the scientific mindset.  Because they are applying the scientific mindset through the Bible, meaning that the Bible has to be literally true and there is only one way to interpret it.  But before the scientific mindset, nobody interpreted spiritual text that way.  Nobody said there is only one truth and there is only one way to interpret it.  So when people heard a story like the Odyssey, there could be many different ways to interpret what that means.  And I think really one of the problems we have in the spiritual or New Age movement, whatever you want to call it today, is that we are still so trapped or affected by this linear mindset – that there has to be one objective truth floating around out there, which means there has to be one organization that’s the highest one, there has to be one guru who has it right and all the others have it wrong.  And I think as long as we are trapped in that mindset, we can’t really blend spirituality and entertainment.  Because I think entertainment and storytelling – there’s got to be room for more than one interpretation.  It’s just absolutely essential.

(Discussion about movers and shakers in Hollywood and their caring about the world in a deeper way.)

Parthenia:  Oh, and that congressman, what was his name?

Dr. Sarah:  Tim Ryan.

Brian: Congressman Tim Ryan.  I call him the meditating congressman.

Dr. Sarah:  He’s bringing meditation to the classrooms.

Brian: And mindfulness and awareness.

Parthenia:  Well Kim, what do you think about that - bringing meditation into the classrooms, with all this violence in America in the classrooms?

Kim Michaels: Well, there’s no doubt it’s a good idea.  I’ve been saying before on this show that the biggest lack in our present culture is we don’t teach children about the mind.  You know it’s the one thing we all need to know how to use - the power of the mind and how it works and how to avoid being trapped in these dysfunctional emotional patterns so that every generation repeats the same dysfunctional patterns as the previous one.  You know, that’s how the sins of their fathers are inherited through the third and fourth generation is through this psychological pattern that we keep repeating.  And I think it’s great.  Anything that breaks that is just wonderful.


Parthenia:  Kim, let me start out – we’ve got a lot we want to cover in this segment – but let me start out with you.  I’m going to go back to – I feel that I actually feel a transition.  You know, we made it through 2012.  We’re into 2013.  We’re in a new millennia, now.  We’re officially in what has been named the Golden Age of Aquarius.  Even though we look around us, we see a lot of darkness, we see a lot of chaos, we see a lot of craziness, we see backlash from the dark – you know the old status quo, that doesn’t want the new to come in – but I see hope.  And this weekend seeing all of these visionaries in one place, these movers and shakers. The World Inner Faith Harmony Film Festival coming up.  I’m so excited to be a part of that and to be promoting that.  What’s your pulse on this?  About where we are right now and should I really be hopeful?  Help me out here.

Kim Michaels: I think you should.  And I think all of us should.  I think 2012 was kind of a – to me it was the last gasp of, the really big gasp of, the fear based approach to religion and spirituality.  Because I think what we were dealing with in the Age of Pisces was very much that fear was such an integral part of basically all three monotheistic religions, but in the western world, especially Christianity.  You know, we were just so scared of a hell and brimstone and fire and eternal punishment that that was the main motivation for being religious.  And that just doesn’t work in Aquarius, because Aquarius is a love based.  And so, I think what’s actually happening right now is that because the change has started to happen – it’s almost like if you take a room that’s in complete darkness, you can’t see anything.  And then there comes a period where you have a twilight where everything is kind of grey and there’s no contrast.  But then as the light increases, what starts happening is the contrast between shaded areas and lighted areas becomes greater.  And that’s what we are going through right now.  So we see a lot of manifestations that are still the old fear based approach.  I mean, why are people fighting in Syria?  Why are they fighting everywhere - is fear.  And so what happens is, as the light increases; people have to become more and more extreme in their expressions of the old views in order to hold on to them.  And that’s why I think we are going through some turbulent times.  And there will be still some turbulent years.  But, we have definitely turned the corner.  I don’t believe there’s anything that can reverse the upward trend.  So I think there is a lot of reasons to have hope.

Parthenia:  Thank you, because I am definitely feeling that.  I’m holding on to that.  And that is what I’m all about here at Divine Love Talk, is promoting the love and the vision.

Kim Michaels: Well, yeah, you know, I’ve met so many people where if you say to them: you’re being a pessimistic, aren’t you?  And the standard answer there is: I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.  But the fact is that in today’s age, if you’re a realist; you have to be an optimist.  Because that’s just – we are in a new age.

Brian: Every story of transformation involves going through the shadow. …

Dr. Sarah:Transformation happens with exposing and connecting with the shadows, with the dark part.  It’s the cracking or the pain that allows us to really feel and connect and value life and those relationships and those experiences.  And it’s connecting with the lead, or someone on the screen, or part of the art, or part of the song – feeling yourself in that that allows you to open up – to go through the changes that a person on the screen, or in a song, or in a piece of art, go through.

Parthenia:And reach that catharsis. …

Brian: The number one thing is, again, if you put positive great messages inside of bad entertainment, no one’s going to watch it. … 

Parthenia:And originality, how about that?

Brian: … there’s only 30, or 100, or whatever it is, actual stories that we can tell …

Brian: … continue to work on your craft, do not give up; thinking that you can skimp on the art because you have something important to say …

Parthenia: … if you’re working on a dissertation - that you must make an original contribution to your field …

Brian: … Number two is simply being endlessly curious.  I mean, this is the spiritual dream.  And spiritual dream is inquiry. … (finding your truth, not someone else’s) … And then the third one is, be true to that voice.

Dr. Sarah:…You came in with a purpose that is unique to you. 

Parthenia:And most young people have no clue that they are so unique.  …  So why do you act like you’re not amazing, you’re not incredible, you’re not unique and that you’re not important to the fabric of society and the fabric of the world.  And what makes you think you don’t have something grand?

Brian: And I’d like to go even bigger, a bigger scale.  We descended from the stars.  We’re conscious stardust.  I mean, who are we to say that we are not already whole and brilliant and amazing?

Dr. Sarah:And perfect and complete?

Brian: We came from the stars, for God’s sake.  Right?

PartheniaWell I want to bring Kim in on that one, on our greatness, and our god-self and our magnificence.

Kim Michaels: Well I just want to go back to something Brian said earlier about there are only so many stories to tell.  But the thing is, we collectively are engaged in a process of raising our consciousness.  And as we raise our consciousness, we can actually grasp stories that could not be grasped with the old consciousness.  I mean, I don’t want to toot my own horn, here; but I have for the past 35 years been engaged in studying this phenomenon, which you might call progressive revelation, where we are being given new and more advanced truths that we simply couldn’t grasp a generation, or ten generations ago.  I mean I have one of my books called, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, which gives a completely new story of how we have fallen to a lower state of consciousness and why that happened, why there’s evil in the world, where it came from.  And I believe there are many other revelations that are being taken by other people from a higher realm, from a higher level of consciousness, however you want to see it.  But we are actually receiving new stories all the time.  And it’s really just a matter of people in the entertainment industry tuning into this and seeing what’s out there and then crafting a story around this.

Parthenia:  Well, Kim, thank you for mentioning that, because I did read that book. And it was so liberating for me, because it filled in the gaps of a lifetime of a spiritual journey and a spiritual quest for me with every religion in the world – being a real student of Joseph Campbell, I’ve studied everything.  And I wasn’t getting the answers.  You know there were so many missing pieces to that.  And that book of yours, among other books – I was just, like, thank the universe.  OK, I knew there were answers out there and they resonated.  And you’re so right, there are these stories that have not been told, that you are telling and people like you are telling.  And they need to be shared on a quantum level, I believe.

Dr. Sarah:  I think it is so important to be on the cutting edge of yourself.  What makes you a little bit uncomfortable is expanding you, sharing a part of yourself, or a part of your story that you normally would hide away, the shadow of yourself.  Make efforts to share that in a way that contributes to the person that is listening.  And allow yourself to receive back, imagining there is nothing but this beautiful conversation happening.  You’ll get better and better on sharing yourself and sharing your stories.

Parthenia:  Now Kim, what would you like to remind the audience about today’s show that you’d like for them to take home?

Kim Michaels: Well, just that we are living in an incredibly exciting age where there is so much new information that’s coming into our sphere of influence, because we can just receive so much more today.  And I think that we collectively are actually re-writing the story of humanity.  And we have a chance to make it a beautiful story.



Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels


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