Relationships and Loving Yourself


February 1, 2016  Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-hosts: Kim Michaels and Dr. Sarah Larson

Guests: Dr. James Beard and Zarathustra

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Relationships and loving yourself. Kim’s book, The Mystical Initiations of Love, is mentioned.

Parthenia:Oh, I'm so excited to present this dynamic and fun pre-Valentine show today. We've got a house full with starting with Dr. James Beard, who has the most successful anger management program in the world and who teaches men compassion. That your recidivism rate is zero, pretty much.

James:It's a beautiful thing.

Parthenia:And he brings spirituality into it. So, he's an incredible relationship expert. Today, we've also got Zarathustra, who is a fifth dimensional quantum healer. And he does workshops all over the world on heart awakening, self-love, and self-acceptance. And we've got Kim Michaels joining us, who has an amazing book that is called The Mystical Initiations of Love. And then, of course, we've got Dr. Sarah Larson and myself. And so we've got an amazing team here today to talk about what men and women in a relationship want and need. And how you can open up your heart and love yourself enough to be able to receive and give that love. … So, do we have Kim Michaels on the line?

Kim Michaels:Yes. I'm here.

Parthenia:OK. Welcome, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

(They start out with James highlighting three things men need. Then, Zarathustra talks about heart awakenings in men.)

Parthenia:Fascinating. We're already going into commercial break. Kim Michaels is coming up with his message from the ascended masters. And then, we will continue this fascinating discussion on heart awakening, self-love and self-acceptance. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. That was Zarathustra at Dr. James Beard on facebook. Dr. Sarah Larson coming up. And Kim Michaels at And I'm at


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Kim Michaels and his weekly message from the ascended masters. Kim Michaels.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I am happy for this opportunity to speak about the relationship between men and women. As I have said before in greater depth, there is nothing more important on earth than to harmonize and make more aware the relationship between men and women. That is precisely why the dark forces have done everything they could think of to complicate and dis-harmonize that relationship.

Now, I want you to be aware, as spiritual people, that there are different levels. And that human kind is engaged in a process of becoming more aware of the differences and the similarities between men and women. It is perfectly valid and very necessary to go through the process of making more and more people aware of what men need, what women need, in order to feel fulfilled in a relationship. This is perfectly valid and necessary.

But you, as the spiritual people, can do yourself a favor by thinking a little bit beyond what is commonly available in society. It is not just a matter of knowing what men and women need. It is actually important for you, as spiritual people, to realize that you are not a man or a woman, just because you are in a body of a particular sex. As you become more awakened on the spiritual path; you begin to become more and more dis-identified with your physical body and with the sex of that body, which is not only anchored in the physical body, but also in the emotional, mental and identity body.

It is therefore, important for you realize that if you are in a male body; you will not become fully complete without discovering and harmonizing with the femininity in your own being. Likewise, of course, if you are in a female body; you need to harmonize with the masculine aspect of your being. You cannot become fully whole while denying the opposite of the sex of your body, the opposite polarity of the sex of your body.

You need to realize here that you are a spiritual being. You have embodied many times on earth. You have not always been in a male body, or in a female body. Therefore, you have gone back and forth and you have experienced, so to speak, both sides of the coin. If you are in a female body, it is not a matter of behaving like a man like you see many women do in the business world, in order to be successful there. If you are in a male body, it is not a matter of doing many of the tasks that women have traditionally done in the home or with the children. This is not enough. It is a step in the right direction. But for you as the spiritual people, you need to go beyond this and realize that you cannot be fully whole; unless you connect to the higher identity that is neither male nor female, but transcends both.

The conscious you that is the core of your being is neither male nor female. It can play both the male and the female role. And it has done so in many past lives. When you begin to realize this, you can stop identifying yourself with the role of man and woman that have been defined on this earth and reinforced over many thousands of years. Do you see why, even though it is helpful to know the different roles and the different needs; if you focus too much attention on them, you will actually cement yourself in those roles. And that is not leading to the ultimate spiritual growth.

You only get that growth by transcending the roles. And this is a very big challenge in the current climate on earth, where these roles have been so locked for so long. That is why you who are the spiritual people are the true spiritual pioneers for forging a new way to look at yourselves and to relate to those of the, so-called, opposite sex. But the way to do this is to realize there is no opposite sex, for they are two sides of the same divine.

Parthenia:Alright. Thank you so much, Kim Michaels and Mother Mary. That is something to definitely work towards as we are struggling here to deal with our identities in the physical body. So, we're not there yet; but that gives me something to aspire to. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. That's my co-host, Kim Michaels. ...


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Divine Love Talk. Wow. That dictation from Mother Mary raised the bar, didn't it?

James:Yes. Absolutely.

Zarathustra:Yes, it did.

Parthenia:So, Kim, very quickly, in The Mystical Initiations of Love, one of the things that Paul, the Venetian talked about was the need for men and women, who are attracted to each other, to learn how to have relationships with each other without them necessarily being sexual or intimate. Not that there's anything wrong with sex. But sometimes you might be in a relationship and it might not be appropriate. So, could you speak to that right quick?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. That's another traditional thing that has always been put upon us that if you're attracted to a person of the “opposite” sex; you have to have sex with them. And why? Why can't you find a new way to relate where you can be friendly? And part of the reason why he said is that many times your are actually attracted to a person because you have some karma from a past life or you have some psychology to work out with that person. And it might be much easier for you to work that out without having an intimate relationship, especially if you are already in a relationship, of course.

(Parthenia and James discuss how they met and shifted their mutual attraction into a friendship.)

Kim Michaels:But see, it's actually very important, this topic, because if you had gone into a sexual relationship; it probably would have ended with a crash.



Kim Michaels:Where now you have a relationship, a friendship that can last the rest of your lives.

Parthenia and James in unison:Absolutely.

James:Isn't that wonderful?

(Sarah chimes in. James talks about what he teaches men. Zarathustra adds what he teaches.)

Parthenia:So, Kim Michaels, I'm going to bring you in on the discussion, because I know you have something to add to everything we've been saying. Kim, are you there?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Is there anything particular you want me to comment on?

Parthenia:Well, no. I know that you listen really well and I'm sure you have something. I can feel your brain ticking. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:You can (Kim, Parthenia and Sarah all laughing. Then everyone laughing.)

James:That was funny.

Kim Michaels:I don't have a comeback for that one. (More laughter.)

Parthenia:I know you have something to say. (Music starts for commercial break.) Uh-oh. Well, there we go.

Kim Michaels:Have faith.

Parthenia:OK. We're going into commercial break. And this has been a wonderful gathering of beautiful souls here at Divine Love Talk on CRN. …


Parthenia:Oh, this went really fast. OK. Kim, I'd like to open back up with you to give a closing statement for today's show on love.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I was really struggling. I wrote down the seven points that James mentioned (Parthenia and James laugh.) And you know what I realized. I just felt more and more overwhelmed as he progressed. (Parthenia and James still laughing.) And I think there's something about we need to recognize about men is we can't deal with seven points. (Parthenia and James practically burst.)

James:I love that, Kim. (How are you?) (Not sure if this is what James said. Too much laughter for transcriber to discern.)

Kim Michaels:I mean, keep it simple.

James:I'll break it down. That's what I'll do for my book.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. But it has to be fewer than seven points.

James:OK. (Parthenia still busting a gut.)

Kim Michaels:It can't have more than that. We can't deal with it.

James:That's perfect!

Parthenia:That's a valid point, Kim. See. I heard his brain ticking.

Zarathustra:Kim, you're lucky it's not 21 points. (Everyone laughing.)

Sarah:She's worth it. She's worth it. She is worth 21 and she's worth 7. She's worth it.

James:That's right.

Parthenia:Well thank you for that, Kim.

(Zarathustra, James and Sarah give their closing comments. Then, Parthenia closes the show.)



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