Soul Memory Re-discovery

August 19, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guest: Ellen Kaufman Dosick and Rabbi Wayne Dosick.

Topics: process of soul memory and healing, book – The Real Name of God, book – Empowering Your Indigo Child.  Websites - and

Parthenia:… Kim, I’m hoping you’ll remember when Rabbi was here.

Kim Michaels:  Yes, I do.

Parthenia:Today I wanted to go into the God of the Old Testament and how we can reconcile this vindictive, angry, murderous, wrathful god with the God of love.  And I was going to share you insights from an ascended master perspective and Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s perspective on that.  And hopefully we can come to the middle on the show.  So, welcome everybody.  Welcome, Kim.

Kim Michaels:  Thank you.

Parthenia:Reverend, let’s start back with you.  Not Reverend, Rabbi.  I’m sorry.  Would you remind the audience of what the real name of God is, why it matters and what invoking that name can – how it can benefit us.

Rabbi Dosick:First, let me say hello to Dr. Kim.  Hi, Dr. Kim.  How are you?

Kim Michaels:  I’m good.  Thank you.  But, I’m not a doctor, actually.

Rabbi Dosick:Well, it’s nice to speak with you.  My question was how does the one perfect God have so many different names.  And how does the one perfect, loving, compassionate God behave, as you just described, in such really horrific ways in so many times.  So, my conclusion was that of all the names that we have forgotten, the hundreds, thousands of names that we have forgotten; none is the real name of God.  Each one is an aspect or attribute of God. …

Parthenia:  The I AM.

Rabbi Dosick:It is in many ways the I AM, but it is even higher and greater than the I AM.  The I AM is what God told Moses to tell the people, but God spoke to Moses through the name, Anochi.  It means the I-ness of God, the wholeness, the completeness, the totality of God.  And so, in answer to your question, the attributes of God that we don’t like in the early Bible are there actually for two reasons.  One, historically, the Bible is trying to establish the power of the God that the Bible calls Yahweh, YHWH. …  But, it’s only one aspect of Anochi.  …

Parthenia:OK.  Now, Kim, I’d like to turn this over to you and get your perspective on this vindictive, wrathful, murderous aspect of God that is pictured in the Old Testament.  …  So, Kim, if you could give an ascended master perspective on this, I’d like to share that with the audience.

Kim Michaels:  I, personally, would say that from my perspective, the wrathful god of the Old Testament – I don’t agree that this is an aspect of god that’s a true aspect of God.  I think, actually, it’s a man-made god, who is made to justify man’s aggression.  And I think we see that, not only in the Old Testament, we see that in many religions where people want justification.  And the ultimate act you can commit as a human being is to kill another human being, and therefore, you need ultimate justification for that.  And what more ultimate justification is there that God wants you to smite your enemies and kill all the men, women and children of the tribe you have conquered, because you wanted their land.

And so, personally, I think we can’t just sweep that under the rug and say this is one aspect of God; because it can’t be an aspect of a loving God.  There’s just no way you can reconcile that.  Some of these things that are described in Deuteronomy, you can’t reconcile that with a loving God.  And in my opinion, you can’t reconcile that with Jesus’ God.

(Parthenia turns it back over to the Rabbi.  It’s very possible according to politics that it is written by human beings.  However, and this is where we would disagree, God is the everything of the everything.  And if is everything of everything, in God there is good and evil.)

Parthenia:OK, now, I would say – and I’m going to turn it over to Kim – is there a possibility that this whole aspect of evil could simply be the entrance of the ego and the whole metaphor of the Garden of Eden, where there’s the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and that’s where we bring in duality and that maybe evil is an illusion that the ego has brought in to the picture and that it actually has nothing to do with God, but an aspect of duality that when we were told not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that – exactly what you were saying – that God really wanted us to choose the light and to choose good.  But when he gave us free will, he could not stop us from being exposed to evil.  But we could choose good.  I’m just asking is that a possibility?

Kim Michaels:  Yes.  I mean the only really way I have found to reconcile these very, very deep questions is actually the teachings given by the ascended masters.  And they are, of course, pretty complex and vast; so it’s hard to condense them.  But, nevertheless, you are exactly right.  I don’t see evil as a part of God.  Evil is a consequence of the fact that God gave us free will.  And, therefore, we have the option to choose to go outside of God’s Oneness.

And that’s essentially what the ego does.  It makes it seems believable that we are outside of Oneness, we are separate beings.  And therefore, when we go into that illusion of duality and separation, that’s when we start doing what we would normally call evil, such as killing other people and that kind of thing.  But it’s not – I wouldn’t say, in my terminology, that this is part of the totality of God.  In a sense, I understand what the Rabbi is saying.  If you come right down to it, there is only God and God’s being.

But, nevertheless, there are things that are not created by God, but are created through the free will of self-aware beings, not all human beings, but also disembodied beings.  And they have created the deception – and I think it is a deception that is found in some gnostic teachings also – that God has a dual aspect.  And that God and the devil are two aspects of the same thing and that evil is necessary.  And that’s not the way I see it.  And that’s not what the ascended masters say.


(Ellen and the books)


(Ellen - not only do our bodies hold memories, but also our auric fields hold memories, even of past embodiments.  Access these memories through establishing sacred space.  Find origins and release.)

Pathenia:Well, what I liked is that you are tapping into spiritual guidance and you create a sacred space for this healing to take place.  And, Kim, it reminded me of the work that you are doing with the ascended masters.  And all of the ascended master teachings are encouraging us to use the different modalities of healing in psychology and psychotherapy, because we are so wounded.  So, Kim, if you have a second to share something there.

Kim Michaels:  Well, I think that’s perfectly true.  And, of course, I can’t speak from experience.  I haven’t been to Anna’s program, but I would, if I was close enough.  It is perfectly true.  We need to look beyond this lifetime; because, if we look at history, this is a very, very rough planet.  And you just cannot embody here without being exposed to some kind of trauma.  And I have over the past 30+ years gone through deeper and deeper levels of trauma.  And I think I have gone back to when I first came to this planet.  

And many spiritual people that I have met on the path have that same feeling that we came here to bring love and light.  And we were brutally rejected.  And this has, for most of us, left a trauma.  And until we deal with that, we won’t really be free to do what Jesus said.  Be as little children.  We have actually lost our innocence.  But our innocence has been stolen.  And that is - a primary way of healing would be to recapture that innocence.

(Ellen talks about how.)

Ellen: But it can happen that in those moments of severe trauma, the density is so tremendous that we lose the Oneness.  We forget that we and God are really one.  And if we lose that connection and forget that we and God are one, and we move into that illusion of separation; then whatever is going on around us registers as trauma on a cellular level.  

(Ellen, the Rabbi and Parthenia talk some more about this.  Then they go into the 17 games that can be played with children to life off specific emotional wounds.)


Rabbi Dosick:Well first I want to tell you that the soul memory session can be done in person.  Of it can be done by telephone.

Rabbi Dosick:Right. So Kim, there in Estonia, if you really would like a session with Ellen; it will be our gift to you.  So please give her a call.

Parthenia:Or you can skype in.

Ellen: Yeah.

Parthenia:Well, you can offer me one.

Rabbi Dosick:You got it.

(More discussion about working with indigo children.)



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