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Topics: Reconnecting to our divine selves, pulling yourself out of a downward spiral, and Kim Michaels’s new book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

March 3, 2014 

Parthenia:  Alright.  Thank you for joining us once again on Divine Love Talk.  I’m very excited to introduce to you today my special guest, Daniel the Healer.  And he’s going to talk to us about how we can reconnect to our divine selves, which is very powerful in terms of pulling us out of any type of downward spiral that we might be in.  I, also, have joining us from Estonia, my co-host, Kim Michaels Michaels.  Kim Michaels, I read you two-part article about pulling yourself out of a downward spiral and I cannot tell you how amazing that article is and how helpful it was for me in clarifying how I can go to the next level in terms of my healing.  But, it also showed me how similar Daniel’s philosophy and his work is to the work that you’re doing.  So, welcome, Kim Michaels Michaels, joining us from Estonia.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:Daniel, today you are going to talk to us about how we can move out of duality and into oneness with the Divine by actually imitating some of the aspects of the Divine.

Daniel:Yes, yes indeed.  Well, first of all, hello to everybody.  This is a great pleasure to be with you on radio today.  

Parthenia:Well, we’re very excited to have you here.  I’ve been doing some work with you and I’ve been getting tremendous results.  You’re multi-talented and you’ve trained in quantum touch and so many different kinds of modalities.  I was trained in India at Oneness University and the Oneness Blessing and I understand that you, also, have had that training and Reiki training.  I have been sending people to you and getting wonderful results.  And I’m just so excited to share people with you.  You can check out Daniel’s work at http://www.danielthehealer.com/  So, let’s go right into how we can imitate the Divine through touch and love.

Daniel:Well, (laughter) just a little complicated, but anyway.  When you think of the Divine, of the god and goddess; then you wonder: Well, what are they doing all day long?  And there’s three major things that they’re basically doing.  And if you are getting into doing the same things, then you can kind of experience this same divine energy within yourself.

Parthenia:Which are?

Daniel:So, the first thing is the touch, love, heal – that you allow to touch, that you allow to heal, and that you love.  And, also, that you allow to be loved, and be touched and be healed.  And you do that with your Presence, you do that by radiating love.  And I understand that we are going to talk a little bit later about how we best run our energies.  And heal.  We kind of do it automatically.  If we run our energies right, we do heal everybody we get in touch with.

(Touch experiments with babies.  Hugging.  How important it is to be present to receiving.)

Parthenia:OK, Kim Michaels, can you talk to us about how we can be more receptive to the positive light and energy from the Divine, because I think Daniel is right.  We do shut ourselves off and separate ourselves from the Divine.

Kim Michaels: Yeah, I totally agree with that.  I mean we have been so conditioned by the world.  And we’ve talked about this before on this show.  We’ve been brought up with conditional love.  And we basically think that we can’t give love unless other people live up to certain conditions.  And we think we don’t deserve love unless we live up to certain conditions.  And I think Daniel would agree that we can receive love from our divine parents at any time.  It’s just a matter of us opening ourselves up to it.  And a big part of that, I think, really is to look at: What conditions do you have that makes you think you are unworthy of God’s love?

Parthenia:Go ahead, Daniel.

Daniel: Yes, you see, basically it works like this.  You’re born.  You’re this cute little baby and … and then you are two or three years old.  And then, all of a sudden the love that you get is conditional.  You have to walk or you have to behave a certain way.  And then a lot of us make this kind of decision that we say: Oh, this is very difficult and I prefer not to receive this love.  And so, I’m going to, rather, deal with the frustration of not being loved, than the frustration of receiving conditional love.  … 

Parthenia:… We’re taught that we have to earn God’s love.  And I know, Kim Michaels, you right about that a lot in your teachings.

Kim Michaels:Yes, that’s true.  I mean it is like you said.  We have been conditioned for thousands of years, especially in the West, by the Christian religion that God’s love is very, very conditional.  And that we must live up to these very strict conditions that, really, nobody can live up to, when it comes right down to it.  So, we have sort of been actually brought up with the unspoken message that we will never be worthy of God’s love, no matter what we do and no matter how good we are.  And it’s perfectly true, like Daniel said, our parents also bring us up - after a certain age we begin to have these conditions put upon us that you are going to be rewarded, if you do the right thing and punished if you don’t.  And we transfer that to God and think that God is the same way.  And, of course, the Christian religion has reinforced that image.  But, then I think we also have to beyond this lifetime to past lifetimes, where we have experienced so many times that love on earth is very conditional; because our parents are not perfect, our spouses are not perfect and we are not perfect.  And so, we have this very, very long history of believing that love is conditional.  And it takes work, it really takes work, to get beyond it.

Parthenia:So, Daniel, how can we learn to grow and expand and increase our awareness of the love that the divine has for us?

Daniel:Well, basically, every time you have a new experience, and I think this is really interesting; you add to the sum total of all experiences that are in the collective unconscious.  So, with every experience that you do have, you support the growth.  You know the divine is, also, still growing and expanding.  … (10:58) If you knew who you really were, it’d be no challenge whatsoever.  But you do want to have a challenge.  You do want to be in this life.  And you do want to learn something.  So, you set yourself up with certain obstacles.  And then, you put the blindfolders on and you start to run.  And, boom, you fall over the first hurdle.  So, you need to look at your patterns, the patterns of your experiences. …

Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, can you add more to that discussion about moving into oneness?  Because I read something very profound in your article last night about if we could switch our perception to putting the pursuit of consciousness first, that all of these other things that we’re looking for would be added to us.  Which works in with: “Seek first the kingdom of God, which is within you, and all of these other things will be added unto you.”  How can we do that?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, well, I think Daniel gave a very good description of the fact that we come into and take on these bodies and these outer minds.  And in terms of what we talked about with love being unconditional; we are actually unconditional beings before we come into embodiment on earth.  And what we do is, we take on an outer body and mind that is completely created from conditions.  And, as Daniel said, we do this because we want a certain experience.  And really, it is a matter of – you have to ask yourself: Have I had enough of the experience that I wanted?  This is what Daniel talked about with the patterns.  Have I had enough of the experience that I’m having?  If so, I need to look at the pattern that is giving me that experience and see what it is and give it up.

Parthenia:… Daniel, I would like for you to talk about how we can come into this realization or awareness that we are actually in charge of changing our lives.

Daniel:Alright.  Yes, I understand.  I’m going to put forth quite a thought here.  And the thought is we create our own reality.  And it’s really interesting, because this even allows you to think that you don’t create your own reality.  And therefore, you don’t think you do. … (19:12) Well, you do it with your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and attitudes, and your choices and decisions. …

Parthenia:Well Kim Michaels, you talk about that a lot, as well, about how with free we can choose to suffer as long as we want and then make the decision to change.  But there’s also this tendency to feel powerless, because of the power elite and the abuses of power.  How do we move beyond that feeling of powerlessness when you’re up against violence and oppression?

Kim Michaels:Well, Daniel said it really well.  We live in a free will universe and we are entitled to have any experience we want to have.  And Daniel said we create our own reality.  But, I would say that earth is a reality simulator.  And everything that happens on earth only happens in human experience.  It has no independent reality outside of human experience.  Quantum physics has actually hinted at the same thing.  So, earth is a planet where the collective consciousness is currently at such a low level; that most people are choosing to have the experience that they are powerless, because they are faced by external conditions that they think they have no control over.

And, as Daniel said, it’s a free will universe.  We are allowed to have that experience and, currently, most people want to have it.  You’ve told, Parthenia, on the show several times how you, as a child, were faced with some very, very difficult conditions.  And you, basically, had every excuse in the world to see yourself as a victim for the rest of your life.  But, you chose, instead, to climb out of that.  But, I can guarantee you that there are many people who would listen to your story, look at your story, and would be very angry with you; because you are proving them wrong that they think they are victims.  (Parthenia laughs.)  And don’t discount that, because some people will be jealous of that.

And they will direct negative energy at you, because they want to continue to have the experience that they are victims.  And we just have to respect that.  And that’s why I think we have to work with the people who are ready to start moving out of that experience.  And that, to me, sounds like exactly what Daniel is doing.

Parthenia:Well, OK, that a very cogent point that you brought forth in your article about moving out a downward spiral.  That we have to stop taking on responsibility for thinking that we have to save the world.  We really need to focus our energy on trying to save ourselves.  Daniel, how would you respond to that?

Daniel:Well, it’s really interesting though; because for you not to be a victim, you need to be empowered.  And how are you going to take your power back?  Well, one way to take your power back is to arbitrarily decide that you are responsible for something.

Parthenia:OK.  Especially yourself.

Daniel:Well, yourself and if you want to extend it on a large scale, I’m responsible for the war in Iraq.  (Parthenia laughs.)  Yeah.  I mean it sounds ridiculous.

Parthenia:It’s your choice.

Daniel:But, it’s my choice and I can expand the level of my responsibility as far as want.

Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, I am just always so grateful and so amazed at the body of work that you put out.  I downloaded your book on healing the chakras.  But, what’s the name of that one?

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Parthenia:Yeah.  That’s some pretty amazing stuff, too.  I’m literally about half way through it and just so excited to have all of these tools to help me in my process of taking personal responsibility for pulling myself out of this downward spiral that I found myself in by resisting all of the darkness at the campus where I’ve been teaching.  And wanting to heal myself from all of this negative energy.  And I’m just so grateful for those tools.  And I’m very, very grateful to you, Daniel for the work that I’ve been doing with you, in terms of clearing my energy field and helping me feel less burdened with all of this negative energy.

Daniel:Yeah, and I do want to say that clearing the chakras is vitally, vitally important.  Whatever system you are using, do it.  Do it on a regular basis.  It allowed me to – by having my chakras cleared on a regular basis, it allowed me to create and learn my perceptions that I have now see subtle energies.  And where I can perceive way, way better; which I never could do.  It allowed me to feel free in my solar plexus, which was just filled with rage and anger.  And I just worked on this.  Every day I would clean out my chakras.  So it was very, very important.

Parthenia:Well, thank you for pointing that out.  Kim Michaels, in your book you pointed out that the aura is an energy field and that the chakras are – can you explain that?  They’re an aspect, they’re subtle energy fields within the body?

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  Within the energy body.  And they are basically - what I describe in the book is that they are openings, whereby the energy from your spiritual self enters your lower being, your four lower bodies, as I call them.  And they are meant to be openings that actually go both ways.  But, this is how you receive energy from your higher self.  And if one of your chakras, or all of your chakras (cut off.)

Parthenia:OK.  We lost Kim Michaels.

Daniel:  There you are.

Parthenia:Kim Michaels? Are you back?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, can you hear me now?

Parthenia:OK.  You blanked out.  Go ahead.

Kim Michaels:OK.  So, the chakras are meant to be openings whereby the spiritual energies from your spiritual self enters your four lower bodies.  And they can be blocked by what we talked about earlier, these beliefs that we have that limit us.  And, also, by the energy that accumulates over time when we go into a fear-based reaction.  So it is, like Daniel also said, very important to open the chakras; because that gives us the creative energy.  And without that energy, we can’t really solve any problems or issues we have in our lives.

Daniel:Well, we exchange all our energies with the Divine through our chakras.  It’s kind of the portal between our personal energies and the universal energies.  And so you have some situation in a chakra that is like –twisted.  And here go to pray to the Divine or pray to God: Please, Lord, I’d like this and that and that and the other and help me with this, that, that and the other.  And somehow it’s garbled in there and so what comes out is something totally else.  And the Divine will not hear what you are saying, because your chakras aren’t clear.

Parthenia:I certainly can understand that.  And, in particular, the solar plexus chakra takes a lot of hits.  … 

Daniel:Well, the solar plexus is where you hold power.  The solar plexus is, also, for the love that you do in your heart.  It, also, deals with all of the other emotions.  And so somebody’s a little heavy handed on you energetically; that’s where you are going to feel it.

(Parthenia makes some statements on accepting responsibility for healing self.)

Daniel:Yes, yes.  Now, when you look at responsibility.  Originally, it’s really funny.  You go to school.  You do a prank.  The teacher comes in and says: Who is responsible for this?  And that’s not really true.  It’s not a matter of responsibility, it’s a matter of blame.  Who’s to blame for this?  And so, we tend to equate responsibility with blame.  And, of course, they are two different words.  They are totally two different meanings.  The true sense of responsibility is ability to respond, response ability.

Parthenia:OK.  Very good.

Daniel:And if you are able to respond to something, you become responsible.  It ‘s not like: Oh my God, what did I do?  I’m such a bad person.  There’s no blame involved in responsibility.

Parthenia:OK.  OK.  The ability to respond.

Daniel:The ability to respond.  Now, many times you are not able to respond.  If you give your power away, then you are waiting for somebody else to decide.  You’re not able to respond.  And so, of course, the idea is for you to gradually and slowly, over time, take on more and more responsibility for your life; which means you’re slowly becoming more empowered.

(They discuss school systems and getting punished for responding.  Society doesn’t like self-determined people.)

Parthenia:And, you become a threat, if you take you own personal power.  Because, a lot of the abuse of power has to do with people in positions of power wanting to subvert your free will or to control free will.  I know, Kim Michaels, you talked about that a lot in your article about interfering with other people’s free will.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, there’s something here, what you’re talking about here is that in order to get us to conform to the norms of society and even to family or relationships; other people are constantly trying to get us to respond a certain way.  And I agree with Daniel’s definition of responsibility; but I would take it one step further and say it’s actually your ability to choose a response, regardless of what you are being exposed to from the outside.  So, I have always looked at it the way that when I’m in a certain situation that causes an emotional reaction in me, I know I’m giving away my power by that emotional reaction.  So, it’s not a matter of actually removing myself from the situation or controlling other people so they don’t upset me; it’s actually a matter of me coming to the point where I can be in that situation and not choose a fear-based response.  I can choose a love-based response.  And that’s what I see as my supreme responsibility as a spiritual person in embodiment.

Parthenia:Well, that is ideal, Kim Michaels. And certainly I would love to get to that place.

Daniel:Yeah, and so well put, I must say.  Because it’s true.  If you want to wealthy because you are afraid of poverty, then that’s not really an empowered choice.  It’s a fear choice.

Parthenia:And Kim Michaels talks a lot about choosing love no matter what situation you are in, choosing to be compassionate, choosing to be understanding, regardless of what other people say to you or do to you.  And my goodness, that certainly is a supreme –

Daniel:Yeah, your power definitely has to be tempered with your love.  It has to.  It has to.  You do have to look at it from a loving point of view.  I mean, our society is really messed up in the regard that there is these sociopaths, i.e. the heads of large corporations that have come up - 

Parthenia:And government.

Daniel:And governments that have come up this incredible odds of reaching the top of their pyramid.  And everybody reveres them.  But, by the mere fact that they had to go through what they went, they are so totally distorted and they do not have love anymore.  And so, we all admire people, who basically are not very loving and we think it’s the coolest thing.

Parthenia:Yeah, Kim Michaels, would you address that?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, I mean, that’s again a consequence of the fact of what we’ve talked about that there are so many people who want to feel like victims, like they have no power.  And in order for the majority of the people to feel that way, there has to be a small elite, who plays the role of abusing power and wanting to do anything to get power.  And so, you have this sort of unspoken alliance between those who want to feel disempowered and those who want to have power.  And this can go on forever, until people get tired of it.

 And I think what we, as spiritual people, need to do is to say:  We’ve had enough of this.  And Jesus gave us the way, the thought, where he said turn the other cheek.  No matter what the power elite or other people do to you, turn the other cheek.  And he was basically saying: Choose a love-based response.  But, in order to turn the other cheek – this is what Christianity has overlooked – in order to turn the other cheek; we have to take total responsibility and choose a love-based response, no matter what other people do to us.  And I realize that’s not easy.  

And I was saying before that this is my ideal.  I’m not saying I can live up to it all the time.  But, at least I know that when I don’t live up to it; it’s because there is some disempowering belief in myself that I haven’t, yet, uncovered.  And if I continue digging until I uncover it, I will be free of it eventually.

Parthenia:And that is the work that we have to do.  And I know, Daniel, you are teaching people how to heal themselves.  In addition to doing the healing work.  I know your work has been very helpful to me in pointing out the areas in my chakras and in my physical body that I need to work on.  And what was interesting is that you told me the same thing that I read in Kim Michaels’s work, that I take too much responsibility for other people.  And in Kim Michaels’s work he talks about how you can’t take on responsibility for the whole world.

Daniel:That is correct.  And, also, if I remember well; we also talked about empowerment.  And I pointed out where you gave you power away and I taught you how to take it back.  The: “Power, return to me.  Power, return to me.”

Parthenia:And that’s a powerful visualization.  I have been doing it.

Daniel:You face that which you know you give your power away and you get it back to you and the other part, then, fades away.  And that’s one of the ways that you start taking your power back.

(Energy techniques and learning modalities and going to teachers that help.  Figuring out your temperament.)

Parthenia:… You do want to check out his new book.  What is it, again, Kim Michaels?

Kim Michaels:Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

(Connections of chakras, with body pains and disease.)

Parthenia:…   Kim Michaels, what would you like to leave the audience with in terms  of pulling themselves out of a downward spiral so that they can connect to the Divine within them.  In your article you had some nice little bullet points on what people could do.  http://www.askrealjesus.com/spiritual-path/exposing-the-ego-dramas/348-how-to-free-yourself-from-a-downward-spiral-part-1


Kim Michaels:Yeah.  Are you going to post the link, by the way, on the facebook page?  https://www.facebook.com/parthenia.grant 

Parthenia:I did.  Already, Last night.  

Kim Michaels.  OK.  So people can read the article there that we are talking about.  Well, the main thing really, first of all, that we identify that we are in downward spiral; because that’s always the hardest thing, I feel.  We slide into it so gradually and it’s something that we almost come to think it’s normal to be reacting the way we are reacting.  So, actually the most important thing is to identify that there is a problem here.  It’s a pattern I’m repeating over and over again in my life.  I continually attract these negative people to me.  And then we have to admit that this is because there is something in me that is attracting this situation.  And then, you can start looking at that and there are many tools you can use to then identify what the pattern is and start breaking it.  But, you have to see that there is a pattern first.

Parthenia:OK.  And I do have the link on facebook.  I’m already getting comments about it, Kim Michaels.  And Daniel, what would you like to leave the audience with in terms of enhancing their relationship to the Divine within.

Daniel:Well, mainly, I want to say: You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  And you need to touch back into who you are as a spiritual being.  You need to give yourself.  And that is a gift to yourself and it is an expression of your love for yourself.  You need to give yourself time every day, where you go and explore yourself, where you quiet down and you go inside.  You go into your heart.  You feel your heart.  You feel your connection with your soul, which is in your heart.  And you become aware of that which you are, not just in the physical.  But, that that you are as an energy being.

Parthenia:…  Kim Michaels, I know you have a lot of tools on transcendencetoolbox. And Daniel, do you have any suggestions on your website that we can refer them to?

Daniel:No.  Not in particular, no.  I’m building that still. …


Copyright © 2014 by Kim Michaels


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