The Shadow Side


October 19, 2015 Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Heather Powers and Jason Michael

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: The Shadow Side

(The first half of the program, the audio was not broadcast, nor available on TIKI. This included Kim's Ascended Master segment, but I got Kim's file. I informed Parthenia and asked her to rebroadcast, at least the dictation.)

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I would like to speak on the topic you have chosen for today's show about the shadow side. But, I would like to relate it to the topic I have discoursed on several times of men and women. 

Now, I said last time that it is essential for men and women to realize that you are truly a universal spiritual being and you are beyond the sex of the body you are wearing right now. But, you also need to step back and realize that you have come to look at the roles of men and women through the roles that have been defined by society in a patriarchal culture for thousands of years.

So, you need to recognize here that the godhead has a masculine and a feminine side. But, this is far beyond the limited roles that you have defined on earth. So, you need to recognize that whether you are a man or a woman; you have in your higher being, what many call your soul, masculine and feminine qualities that are the original qualities of God. These qualities can never be in opposition to each other, can never be mutually exclusive. They will supplement, compliment, each other. And they are both necessary in order to create a sustainable creation.

Therefore, in order to create a sustainable society; it is necessary that a critical mass of men and women in that society have found a personal balance, where they allow both the masculine and the feminine qualities of God to be expressed through them. This, of course, is what has not been allowed in a patriarchal culture. And, as I have hinted at before, this is a deliberate ploy of dark forces to prevent men and women from reaching their personal goals and to prevent society from going into a golden age.

Now, what you need to realize here is that anything that is denied becomes part of your shadow side. So, when a man denies the divine feminine qualities in his being; then there is a perversion of those qualities and it becomes part of his ego, or shadow, or whatever you want to call it. Of course, when a women denies her divine masculine qualities; the same thing happens.

And so, what is denied becomes something that lies underneath. It lies in the subconscious mind. And it often sabotages you. And it is one reason why so many spiritual people have become aware of what you call the dark night of the soul. It is simply that you have not found that balance.

So, what I submit to you is that you all have an ego. And yes, it is important to have the concept of an ego and to deal with the ego. But, part of the ego is not necessarily something that is bad or evil and should not be there. Part of what you call the ego is the suppressed divine masculine or divine feminine qualities. And it is not a matter of getting rid of them, or somehow throwing them out or destroying them. It is actually a matter of looking at them, recognizing the reality behind the perverted role, and then allowing yourself to express that quality so that you can be whole and have your own individual, personal, masculine/feminine creative polarity.

This is the key to your personal growth, to your personal fulfillment, and to your personal Christhood, as we have often called it. It is very important to realize this; but it is definitely a higher teaching than we have given before, where we have not really differentiated the different aspects of the ego. So, I thank you for this opportunity to introduce this concept.


Parthenia:OK, we’re back with Divine Love Talk. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And joining me in this discussion is Kim Michaels. Kim, that dictation that Mother Mary gave was – It's so on the money, right?

Heather:Oh, my gosh! Thank you!

Parthenia:Thank you for that.

Kim Michaels:That was pretty amazing. It was, quite frankly, concepts I had never ever thought about before.

Heather:Oh. We had alchemy going on here with us. (Laughter.)

Parthenia:Totally. And we were talking before the show about how the universe has put me together with this amazing couple. And remember when we were talking on the phone last week, you were saying that a couple has to be able to embody this balance of the divine feminine, which you and Jason are doing and expressing that. Sort of creating a new blueprint?


Parthenia:For the Aquarian Age. So could you, Heather, could you speak on that for a second?

Heather:Yeah. We always say that what we're experiencing with each other is only a reflection of the work that we're doing inside.


Heather:And so, we have the blessing – And I think we all have this opportunity to have reflected to us which areas of our masculine or feminine are out of balance. And when we begin to bring those in balance – We were just saying before we went back on the air. The way through those imbalances are really facing them head on. And they're often areas, roots of pain, that we don't want to look at. So, as we do that, we are able to demonstrate that on the outward; which really becomes the foundation of how this planet begins to shift. And, Kim, thank you so much; because you've encapsulated our heart cry of what we want to carry for, not only couples, but for people in general with their own beloved relationship with the divine, first.

Parthenia:Yeah, with ourselves and the divine.

Heather:And then, they can manifest it in the face of another.

Parthenia:Right. So, Jason, how do you, as a male, hold that space for Heather with her healing? And the same for you, Heather, in terms of encouraging Jason to open up and do his work? So, Jason.

Jason:I think first and foremost is that there is a unified agreement that the beloved lives within each of us and that we're not seeking that outward expression with each other. It's really – We were just talking about this on the way here. – that to love God, God as the mother/father within myself, wholly. I mean w h. Integrating those aspects of myself. We've been taught that it's not OK to get angry with God. So, we suppress our anger. We suppress our resentment. I've always loved that part in the Bible where he talks about: “I wrestled with God. You will bless me.”

Parthenia:Oh. Wow!. (Laughs.)

Jason:I love that whole God within myself, so that I can love this whole being here.

Parthenia:… So, how do you hold that space for him?

Heather:We take turns. It's really an amazing dance that we do. What's so beautiful about having a mirror is that often our wounding, either one of our wounding, is the exact trigger for the other's that's required in order to bring those roots up. We have areas of wounding ourself, that it's our sexuality, rather it's abandonment issues. They appropriately trigger the other so we can now in truth, in authenticity, look at why those are there.

Parthenia:That's the word. Yeah, authenticity and truth. And that's so rare in any individual, to meet anyone who literally embraces the truth, no matter how difficult or dark or ugly it is; but, who is also authentic within themselves. In the sense that I feel that authenticity is just being who you are in whatever moment and not feeling that you have to be something for someone else, that you have to put on a mask.

Heather:Absolutely. And I honestly – It's not until we get a certain kind of mirror sometimes in front of us that we realize where our pockets of in-authenticity are still left.


Heather:And for those of us who are leaders, who are external, who have a persona of some kind; we need someone to reflect where we are not being authentic and where we still need to bring a sense of vulnerability and just nakedness.

Parthenia:Yes. And you have to be absolutely vulnerable. Kim, what would you like to add to this discussion about balancing and embracing the shadow side of ourselves in relationship to others?

Kim Michaels:I think it's very true that whatever relationships we have, the other person often triggers, does something that really triggers in ourselves what we need to look at. And I have always tried to do that, because I realized many years ago that my goal in life was really to make my ascension and get over the human ego. And the only way to do that was to look at it. So, I actually was fortunate to get to a point where I said to myself: “OK. I'm willing to look at anything.”

(Some laughter.)


Kim Michaels:But, the reason why I came to that point – Because that was actually very tricky to come to that point. It was scary, because you never know what's going to come up.

Heather:Yes! That's so true.

Parthenia:And how ugly it's going be. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:But, I think the way I came to that point was probably that I had a mystical experience, where I experienced the presence of God. And after processing that, I realized that God loves me unconditionally.

Heather:Yes. Right. Yeah. 

Parthenia:No matter what.

Kim Michaels:So it didn't matter what came up. Because I was more than whatever could come up from the subconscious. I'm not my subconscious.

Jason:… We spend so much time projecting it on to the world outside of ourselves and judging it. Our wholeness is so important for us to look at all of that and go: I am all of that.

Parthenia:Yes. I studied Religious Science. I started out in Unity and then Science of Mind. And all of that was so foundational in validating who I am. Kim, what do you have to add to that?

Kim Michaels:I think it is important to own the shadow. It is also important to realize we're MORE than that. It's OK to say I am that. But, I've always been careful about not affirming a negative after the words I AM, because it is so, it's so – It's part of our identity.

Parthenia:Yes. Yes. Excellent point.

Heather:Yes. Right. Yeah.

Kim Michaels:But, it is true, we have to find that way to own the shadow. Because it's like until you actually look it in the eye, you can't see that it has no power over you.



Kim Michaels:It's only what you deny that has power over you.

Parthenia:And Kim, I think you just hit on something, because I think a lot of the new age movement, the reason why they would deny the shadow side is because they understand the power of I AM.


Parthenia:And so they think when they say I am that; they mean that they're stuck and that they're not more than that or a composite of all that, Jason.

Jason:Yes. That's a point. I appreciate you saying that, Kim. Because it's just that place on my journey, where you try to put the good face on, be the good boy. … the wounded feminine, just as much as the wounded masculine. The wounded feminine that is rising; but it needs integration, as well.


Parthenia:I agree. Kim, what do you think about that?

Kim Michaels:I think that's a very good concept. I think it was interesting what Mother Mary said there about what we deny becomes part of the shadow. And so, as a man, I have denied, obviously, my feminine; because I was brought up that way.

Parthenia:Of course.

Kim Michaels:And I was also thinking when you think about reincarnation, we're not always in a male body or a female body.

Heather:That's right.

Kim Michaels:And so, I was thinking that if you have had several embodiments in, for example, a female body; and then you switch to a male. And then, you're in a society where boys are really pounded on to deny their femininity. It's no wonder we have a lot of people today who are confused about their sexuality. But, I am also thinking that perhaps it's very courageous that there are some people who won't deny the feminine aspects, for example, and be open about. And that that's probably a necessary phase for society.

Parthenia:It's like the pendulum. We go out of balance, in order to get back into balance.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Heather:That's a topic that we talk about a lot, because there is a huge rise in the feminine at this point. And there is a lot of rallying with the sisterhood, which is so important; because, it's a safe place to heal. … But, I think we have to be cautious that we don't let the pendulum swing so far to the other side. Our desire is to bring balance, is to bring reciprocity, where both are seen, both are heard, both are healed together. Then, we have a shift.

Parthenia:I think we've had enough throughout the history of patriarchy, with the pendulum being SO extreme on either side. And I would certainly like to see us come back to the middle, sooner, than later. Kim?

Kim Michaels:I think, Parthenia, also it's very important, as you and I have talked about, that the way that both the dark forces and the ego keeps us trapped is that it first gets us to go to one extreme and then it gets to swing to other and stay there. And we need to stop the pendulum swing before we cross the middle and stay on that middle place.

Heather:When we're swinging to the outside, I think it's a demonstration that we're looking to solve it on the outside. Because the balance is within us. We're healing both sides within us.

(Heather sings a song, Walking in the Light. But is interrupted by commercial break.)

Parthenia:That was Heather Powers and that one is on itunes.

Heather:No. That one is on youtube.


(Heather finishes her song.)

Parthenia:… Thank you so much for that, Heather. Kim, in terms of us integrating the shadow side and walking more in the light. Can you address that?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I wouldn't say we have to integrate the shadow side. I think we have to see it. And then, recognize that we are more than that. We are not the shadow. But, it is important, I think to recognize that we will always have an aspect of the ego or the shadow as long as we are in embodiment. And I think we have to come to a point where we actually accept that. We make peace with that. It doesn't mean that we're not looking to expose the shadow, but we just don't feel bad about it. Because you go through a phase where when you start seeing your shadow; there's a part of you that doesn't want to acknowledge it. And then, when you are forced to acknowledge it; you feel so bad about it. Because we've also been programmed you have to feel guilty for not being perfect. And so, you have to come to that acceptance where it's OK I'm not perfect and I don't have to be perfect.

Parthenia:It is. But what did you mean by you don't need to integrate, just acknowledge that it's there?

Kim Michaels:To me, in my whole understanding, the shadow is not real.

Parthenia:Oh, right. Right.

Kim Michaels:And you are real. So, you can't integrate something that's not real. You have to come to see that it's unreal. And then, it has no power over you. But, in order to come to that point, you have to be willing to look at it.

Parthenia:OK. So, Heather, what your thought?

Heather:OK. So, I hear, specifically, that one of the biggest shadow aspects of all of us coming up is dealing with our sexuality and the repression of our sexuality and the wounding of our sexuality. And you and I have had this conversation.

Parthenia:Yeah. Oh, for sure. That has to be healed.

Heather:And so, when you're talking about that shadow, especially as it relates to women. Looking at our deepest fears. Going into those fears so that we are liberated to integrate the full embodiment of our sexuality in it's wholeness, where it does become part of us. Because those things that have been perverted are a part of us, not in their perversion, but in their wholeness they are. Right?

Parthenia:Yeah. And patriarchy has made women feel that being sexy or being sensual or being sexual, that's it's bad.


Parthenia:Because men have been told that they can't control themselves or that women have power over them.


Parthenia:So, next week we will have Lucifer's Game, the author of Lucifer's Game, Will Schneider. Thank you so much, Heather Powers and Jason Michaels. And Kim Michaels, it always such a blessing to have you.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:And be sure and tune in next week as we tell you how to outwit the devil.



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels


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