War and Peace from a Spiritual Perspective

March 25, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guests: Jan

Topics: The cause of war and the solution from a spiritual perspective.  The possibility of perpetual world peace. 

Parthenia: We are going to be talking about the cause of war and the solution from a spiritual perspective.  There has not been a time in the recorded history of humanity where we have not had war.  And so, there is a tendency to believe that it’s just inevitable.  We don’t even question it anymore.  And so today we have an author, Jan, who posed some questions on war, and also offered some solutions toward world peace. … 

(Jan speaks.  War is a declared division or separation between two parties that are forced to become opponents and destroy each other.)

Pathenia:…Kim, I’d like to bring you in on the discussion, because I know you have a lot to add to it.

Kim Michaels:  Sarah talked about growing up in Pakistan and the threat of war and I grew up in Denmark during the cold war.  I was not very old before it dawned on me that if some general in the Soviet Union had pushed the buttons, it would take eight minutes for nuclear rockets to reach Denmark and we would be obliterated.  And I really don’t see how any child should have to grow up with that kind of threat hanging over their heads.  It’s just completely unnecessary in this day and age.  We pride ourselves that we are the most sophisticated civilization ever.  But, I think in the future, future civilizations would look back at us and thing that were incredibly arrogant for believing that when there is war in the world.  How can that be a sign of sophistication, that we can kill everybody on the planet at the push of a button?

(Parthenia repeats Jan’s definition of war and gives her childhood perspective.  Dr. Sarah mentions children on anxiety pills and having panic attacks.  Jan begins to speak about video games and war heroes, but technical difficulties cause his connection for the radio broadcast to get lost.)

Parthenia:Kim, now I’d like to bring you in on the psychological foundation and implications of engaging your mind on topics about war, movies and video games.

Kim Michaels:  From a spiritual perspective almost all religions and spiritual teachings contain this very simply teaching that you also find in Christianity about doing unto others what you want them do to you.  And I think I’ve said it before on this show that if you really look at that from a neutral perspective, it really shows that the universe is a mirror.  And whatever you are sending out with the power of your mind is what the universe will mirror back to you.  And so we can’t deny the fact that one of the main reasons we have war on this planet in the physical, is because people have such a state of war in their minds.  I mean Jesus talked about the warring in the members.  He said you can’t serve two masters and you can’t be a house divided against yourself.  So if we are honest, we will say that the universal mirror is mirroring back to us that we need to go into our own minds and get rid of this conflict there.

(Jan is back and talks about people being programmed from young ages.)


(Mica, a high school caller feels limitations from the mindset expressed through video games and joining the military.  It seems to encourage people to view each other as enemies.  He and Sara thank Kim for putting another perspective out there to be looked at.)


(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah discuss young people in the military and fear based reactions.  Jan describes how not to buy into a state of mind that is attacking.  One can just stand firm in peace.)

Parthenia:Well Kim, I’d like to bring you in on the discussion, because this is a very difficult one for a fear based person to process.  Because they really believe that if they are under attack, that the only thing that they can do is attack back.  How would you address that?

Kim Michaels:  From an overall perspective I would say that America normally sees itself as a Christian nation, so just take what Jesus actually said.  He said: ‘Resist not evil.  Do unto others.  Turn the other cheek.  He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.’  So the question is: ‘Who would you rather have protect you, Christ or the military?’  But you can’t have both.  Because if you are in the state of consciousness where you think you have to fight somebody, you have neutralized Christ protection.  Because, as I have been saying, the universe is a mirror.  But now look at it from another perspective.  We were given these teachings by Jesus 2000 years ago.  We obviously have still not found out how to live those teachings, but what has happened in the meantime is that we have built up our technological capacity.  And what is the universe trying to tell us?  It is trying to tell us that if you don’t learn to turn the other cheek, if you keep striking back; the consequences of striking back will be more and more devastating, because you can unleash a war that will kill everybody.  

There is only one solution to this.  No, no, there are two ways we can go.  Either it keeps escalating and it keeps getting a bigger and bigger threat that if we have a third world war, it will be more devastating than the second world war.  So we either keep going in that direction, or we say we have to do something different.  And that is precisely what Jesus was trying to tell us 2000 years ago.  Maybe it’s time we start listening.

(Dr. Sarah – grievances bring turmoil, while communication brings peace.  Jan speaks more on the actual cause of war.)

Parthenia:And so Kim, I’d like to move the discussion into how, from a spiritual perspective – OK, so we’ve got the Christ teachings, so how do we apply them in real life situations?  Dr. Sarah talked about we’ve got to communicate and have some dialog rather than being reactive.  What else would you add to that discussion?

Kim Michaels:  Well, that is a very important question and I know that in the United States that’s a very sensitive topic, because a lot of Americans feel that we have a right to defend ourselves and after 911 we have the right to defend ourselves.  And I’m not saying we don’t have that, because it is a delicate balance to move to a higher state of consciousness.  But, if you again look at exactly what Jesus was telling us.   He was telling us if someone hits you in the face, turn the other cheek.  He also said forgive 70x7.  So he said keep turning the other check.  And I know it is a delicate balance, but if we are to move out of this consciousness of hitting back whenever somebody hits; somebody has to take the first step and somebody has to send a different signal into the universe.  We no longer want to be in this consciousness, where we are constantly threatened and we are constantly ready to strike back.  And who is going to take that?

Dr. Sarah: … Offer kindness, rather than being rightness …

Parthenia: And so Kim, I think another problem that we run into is that – OK turning the other cheek – so if that means that you have the big bad bully, who is taking away people’s life and liberty and imprisoning them – it’s very difficult to sell that to people.  OK, just let them keep doing this to you.  Kim, I’d like for you to address that one.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, I would recommend that people who are thinking about this issue would watch an old movie called Gandhi.  It talks about India became free from the British Empire.And the way they did it is exactly what we are talking about here.  Like Jan was saying earlier, Gandhi refused to buy into the British mindset; because if he had done that, he would have organized an armed rebellion and tried to kick the British out by force.  Instead, he adopted the philosophy of ahimsa, non-violence.  And what that philosophy did was, it showed the British their own inhumanity and it came to a point where they could no longer do what they were doing in India and maintain their illusion that they were the most civilized country in the world.  Now there is, however, a very interesting passage in the end of the movie where Gandhi is interviewed and is asked: ‘Well, how would that have worked against Hitler?’  And he admits that it would have required immensely greater suffering to do this.  But, nevertheless, he still believed it could have been done.  And quite frankly, the second world war killed 50 million people.  That was also a lot of suffering.

(… It is interesting to see that the British Empire no longer exists.  We need to bring in the perspective of the third person.  Why is so much of the world feel that the United States is the aggressor?  Economies based on peace.)


(Jan’s intention – understanding and transcension for self and then sharing.)

Leonardo (caller): If we the United States and the western countries change our thinking and become the open doors for God, can other countries who hate us surrender the mindset of war against us?  How much longer will it take until the rest of the world surrenders all war and come back into oneness with God?

Parthenia:All right, we don’t have much time.  Those are great questions.  Kim.

Kim Michaels:  The second person first.  When you have surrendered all war in your being, the rest of the world will have done the same.  Because that is problem.  We are always projecting that the problem is out there.  And the other thing is that we can’t really expect that other people will change as we change.  And that’s why I think the United States needs to keep a military for some time, but it doesn’t need to have the biggest defense budget in the entire world.  And I think that a Christian nation, the US needs to start raising awareness.  Because that is what has made the United States as great a nation as it is, is that it has raised awareness about many different issues, starting with the US Constitution, which is still an incredible awareness raising document.  And if Americans continue on that a lot of things can happen.



Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels


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