Testimonials about events with Kim Michaels

This page contains testimonials from people who have attended a conference with Kim Michaels and the ascended masters.

If you would like to give your own testimopnial, please email it to: kim(at)morepublish.com


L.A. Conference July 2015.

I had the opportunity to attend the Ascended Master conference in Los Angeles. This was the second conference that I had the privilege of attending. The first was in Melbourne Australia. I had an amazing experience, to be in the presence of the masters and to be able to listen to them speaking through the messenger Kim Michaels was beyond words. To hear the dictations live is an experience that I will not forget, there is an energy and power that is tangible. 

I met many people who I had not known before who came from all different locations on the planet. Many new friendships were made and we  now all keep in touch through the internet on Facebook and email. 

We received many dictations and gave invocations. We could also ask questions to which one or another of the ascended masters gave answers. This was invaluable as people could ask questions relevant to the area of the planet they came from. There was lots of smiling and joy in being in the presence of like minded individuals. I hope to attend more conferences in the future and look forward to seeing old faces and new as we walk the path together, with the masters walking beside us to show us the way. 

Love to all 


Although I have been following the Ascended Master’s teachings for eight years now, it is always a special experience for me to participate in a conference.  So far I have attended three conferences in different locations, and each one of them touched me differently.  In the beginning after studying the teachings on the internet for a while I was very desperate to be present on a conference.  The first available for me was organized in Lourdes.  Once arriving I felt inner peace to be there.   I also appreciated the relaxed atmosphere that was a great relief for me.  Even the masters warned us not to be too serious about the path, let the joy flow through us.  I also had some peak experiences.  

During the second conference I was touched first by Sanat Kumara’s introductory message.  The whole conference had a specialty by the location in Almaty, close to the master’s beloved Shamballa.  It was sublime to be among the Tien Shan Mountains.

During the Holland conference in Vorden, I experienced a very high level of oneness with the masters, with the messenger, and with the participants.  We touched the heaven for a short time.  After that experience it was very difficult to adapt to the everyday life back home.

I am grateful for having a chance to participate in these events.


The last year Pentecost Conference in Zutphen has been my first conference with Kim Michaels although I am connected to his work for several years via internet.

Walking my spiritual path has always been my primary intention and I went through many different experiences finding my way through - what ist real and what is unreal.


Since I have found Kim`s website  I am completely confident with the path of the Ascended Masters and I am so grateful for this gift. I also felt a strong desire to get together with people to focus on solution for these many imbalances on Earth. The last Conference has been the first gathering, I have ever experienced, which has fulfilled my wish - being together with open-minded people for a higher purpose - completely, without any kind of disappointment. I am so happy that there will be the next chance to do it again.

Thank you with all my LOVE





Last year we joined the Pentacost conference in Holland with Kim Michaels. It was a life transforming experience. Yes, we had read teachings of the Ascended Masters, but we had not yet heard them directly speaking through a messenger. The dictations were profound and touched us deeply. Sometimes we could even feel the radiation of the Masters. We are longing to hear the Masters again on the Pentacost conference 2016 in Holland.




The Pentecost conference last year was my first ever conference with the Ascended masters, and it came after only having been introduced to the teachings a year and a half before that.

While i did take to the teachings like a "duck to water” , ( i was ready to receive them) the Conference to me was a different thing altogether !

I was anticipating not being able to take it all in, too much, too advanced,, everyone is further than me on the path..  feeling.

But i Must say the experience exceeded all my expectations , the direct honest and clear transmission, through the Messenger Kim Michaels, blew me away, as soon as the first dictation started of, Mother Mary, i felt moved to tears, as it felt like she was talking directly to me… but as i later found out ,more people felt the same !!

As the dictations continued over the 5 days, each and every one was accurate and precisely what we needed to hear, and as a group we became more one as time went on, there was  a great feeling of connection with all.

At the end of the 5 days, i nearly didn’t want to leave the lovely atmosphere and go back to my daily routine.

But it was like the vibration of the conference and dictations resonated and continued for a long time afterwards, and the inner processing  has continued even until this day. 

To say that the conference was profound for me is an understatement, but i have no other words to describe it.

I am Grateful and feel blessed  to have been part of it, and also for the opportunity to have organised it, together with Roeland, and  to be able to do it again this year is amazing. 

Thanks to all , Love and Light,





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